Is America Under A Judgement









I have been asked in recent days by many earnest people if America is under a judgment and if we are condemned by Heaven.

I want all the innocent victims of all this criminality and fraud to know that no, neither America nor Americans nor any other victims of crime are subject to any such judgment. Far from it. We are being upheld and guided and protected every step of the way.

The cause of the problem is a spiritual war— the last gasp of Lucifer and his minions trying to resist their own inevitable defeat and still misleading men to follow them and their lies into one more blood-letting debacle. Consider it a final test, like Examination Day. Do you know the right answers yet?

If you don’t there are plenty of politicians, bankers, and lawyers ready to lead you astray one more time, to try to cast off the blame for their sins on any scapegoat they can find.

Throughout our lives on Earth all the Children of God of every religion and faith are presented with two choices—- the Truth and the Lie.

The Truth is represented by a Small Voice. It’s humble and hard to hear in the push and shove of daily life, especially now when Mankind has been set on a treadmill of endless work without rest, and even Mothers have been separated from their children and made to work like beasts in the field. Under such brutal and unnatural conditions, it is harder than ever to hear this Small, Quiet Voice.

The Small Voice tells us the Truth, which often is strange to our ears and our thinking, because, first of all, we aren’t trained to listen for the Small Voice, so we tend to hear it in bits and snatches, and usually when for one reason or another our normal lives have been disrupted by a major event, like a death in our family, a move to a new home where we have no friends close by, or a traumatic illness or injury that leaves us stunned and silent—- suddenly listening, and therefore able to hear the Small Voice.

Sometimes we hear the Small Voice in our dreams and our dreams become visions. We reconnect to the world of the Small Voice for a brief time and awaken with renewed strength and peace and knowledge and purpose. This happens for all of us, but we forget, and then we forget to remember.

The Small Voice tells us —unapologetically– that we ARE mortal and that life is fleeting by, that the important things really are free, that we are loved and not alone, that we are completely surrounded by miracles every day of our lives. It tells us not to be afraid, to strive to know ourselves, and to assert our Truth, whatever that Truth may be. It urges us to value and care for ourselves and for others and to walk in humility, accepting our mistakes, and learning to see the humor in our condition.

The Small Voice tells us that we live in a world of endless abundance, and that there is nothing to fear, that we are very fortunate and blessed. It says we have gifts and skills and abilities aplenty. It says we are able to discipline ourselves and meet our goals and build our dreams. It says we can live at peace, that there is always enough to go around if we share with each other.

The Lie, on the other hand, is represented by a big, booming, constantly yammering Loud Voice. It jumps out at us at every opportunity—day and night— from radios and televisions and movie screens and now computers. It screams in headlines that frighten us with news of death and endless threats. It titillates our worst instincts and steadily demands that we buy, buy, buy. It preaches that we are immortal somehow, that we have endless time and that we need to be endlessly young.

The Loud Voice says we have to meet impossible standards of physical beauty, have to have the right house, the right car, the right husband or wife, even the right refrigerator. We have to be in style. We have to be thin. We have to speak in euphemisms. Most of all, we have to be rich. We have to guard our backs and be selfish and let the other guy sink or swim. We have to pull for “our side” and fight for every scrap. And no matter what we do, what we achieve, we will never be good enough.

Like a nasty, annoying, overbearing radio announcer snarling at you over breakfast, the Loud Voice spews an endless stream of drivel, restlessly proclaiming that you, yourself, your wants, your needs, your fears, your house, your job, your bank account are all that is important in the world, yet you are inadequate, incompetent, impotent, and no matter what, you are never rich enough. And you have to hide these facts from the neighbors at any cost.

It’s all about which Voice you listen to. It’s about who you are and what you think and what—in the final analysis– you value and believe.

There are two ways to look at Jesus on the Cross.

For a Christian, His Suffering is the ultimate Communion with all the rest of us. No matter how much we suffer, what we are called upon to endure, we know our Lord has gone before us and suffered all of it and worse. His Cross calls us to reflect on our own sins and failings and selfishness—not to despair, but to own them and repent like Peter, and rise up each morning more determined to follow Him, so that He is part of us and we are part of Him, even, yes, His Suffering.

For a Satanist, the Cross is an emblem of the Power of Lucifer, a dirty joke that never ceases to please, a reminder of Satan’s power over the flesh, his seemingly endless ability to deceive people and turn them against each other, his ability to conquer reason and decency with lust and greed, his half-truths and subtle words, his fat and easy ways to profit on the gullible, his ability to steer us off course, to marginalize and rationalize everything until we can no longer tell Truth from Falsehood.

Make the effort now to direct your attention to what is True and what is right. Ask and seek real discernment.

I think you will agree that the suffering people of America who have been defrauded and coerced and threatened for so long are the ones that God purposes to save, and that the murderous, lying, racketeers doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. and the Trustees of this bankrupt governmental services corporation are the ones under Judgment here.


~Judge Anna Von Ritz


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