How to Bless the World



I sing your name. I sing a litany of love to you, for you are My beloved. I have One Song. It is a love song, and I sing it to you. There is one you in all the world. That does not quite make sense to you as yet. It will. At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether this concept makes sense to you or not. The real thing is that Oneness be, and Oneness is.

Right now I speak of you, a human being, as one with all the other human beings blessing the world, even as the Reality is that there is no individual you. I speak of you as a convention. Of course, all We speak of are concepts, so right now We speak of you as a concept of individuals scattered upon the Earth.

So, in this framework, let’s look at the idea of your not being an individual but rather as all My beloved children being One unto themselves. It’s like this. Your grandmother is knitting a red sweater. It is a beautiful red sweater made of thousands of stitches. Consider the red sweater the contingent of My children. Each stitch is an individual. Many stitches, one sweater. Many individuals all connected. No man is an island, said a poet.

When a hand, let’s say, picks up the sweater, all the stitches go with it. When a hand puts the sweater down, all the stitches go down.

As children in the world, when the world goes up, you go up. That’s how it works. No exceptions. The Earth moves as a whole. And when the world goes down, you do go down.

Now the world is rising. When there is a blessing on one curve of the Earth, all the curves of the Earth are blessed. When there is fighting, let’s say, on one curve of Earth, all Earth feels the rumble of it.

The blessing, Peace to the World, is significant, for thoughts and words circle the Universe. Words of peace have a vibration of peace. Words of war have a vibration of war. Thoughts of peace and thoughts of war are impartially circulated everywhere. The thoughts you have emanate. Others’ thoughts in any part of the world emanate to you as well. You are a giver, and you are a receiver. As your thoughts go, so goes the world.

Whether you are the elevator of the world going up, or you are the elevator of the world going down, you are powerful. Your thoughts are powerful. Your emotions are powerful. You are responsible for yourself, and you are responsible for everyone and everything in the world.

When you complain about conditions in the world, you ignite and uphold the very conditions in the world you complain about. When you think of or speak of all the blessings in the world, you ignite and uphold the very blessings you extol.

Like the tide, the world is impartial. The world has no choice but to reflect you.

If you want to change the world, you will change the world with your thoughts and feelings about it. You are a link in a chain. You are vital, not incidental. You may think you have no say in the world. Your every thought and action contribute to the world. Your vote is counted.

Certainly, you reflect the world as well. No question. You have a choice as to what you get from the world just as you have a choice as to what to give to it.

You have free will. The world, on the other hand, can only follow orders. It is you who has free will.





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