Happy Mothers Day today and every day for all Moms worldwide= You!  Be. Love. Always.

Take time as well for reading these enlighten messages from our creator for us all!


Say Yes to and Greet Life

Beloved, be sure to know that life is serving you. Cease now from being frustrated with life. Say Yes to life. Greet life without making demands on it.

In one way, yes, life is your servant. In another way, it is for you to give your support to life. Life as it is and your desires aren’t meant to be a tug of war. Align with life. Give life a pat on the back. Give all who share life with you a pat on the back.

Encourage life. Form a co-op with life and all those who also welcome your support. Be glad in life. Become a well-wisher. Acquire patience and no longer be undone because life chooses a different direction from you, or so it may seem.

Bend to life, Beloved. Leave joyous post-it notes all over for life. Say to life and to Me:

“Thanks, pal. Glad you’re here. Let’s make merry. Dear Life, it means a lot to have you here with me. Bless you, Life, for hanging in with me and being in my corner. You are giving me your all. May I come across as genial and as considerate to you as you are to me. With all my heart, I will make sure that you will see me as gracious to you.

“Right and left, Life, I will make it clear to you that you mean a lot to me, and how I love you with all my heart. I thank you for every consideration you give to me. I know that you go to a lot of work for me, even during the times when I may not always seem loyal to you.

“Life, I apologize for the times I seem to be stymied by you.

“Starting now, I bend over backwards for you. I will come across as a well-wisher to you now and no longer as a critic.

“Dear Life, you are the one life I have right now. I will show gratitude for you. Life, you are a privilege. God blesses me herewith.

“Thank you for your kind patience with me, Life. I know you bend over backwards for me with every courtesy you can possibly give.

“I will do everything to show my earnest gratitude to you.

“I will be gracious to everyone you bring into my acquaintance. I will remember my allegiance to you, Life. You and I both work on serving God as best we know. We are here to serve God. To serve God’s Will, to see that God’s Will be done. Yes, this is what we are here for, not for our ambition but for service to Your Will, God.

“Together, Life and I desire to serve God in the Highest. We do not seek for our recognition. We seek to recognize our service to You, God. In all ways, we are glad, above all, to serve You. We ask for nothing more than but to serve. You don’t require our thanks. We require our thanks to You, God, and to all who serve You. Our hearts are full with You, God. Our personal will can sit in the back row. Our will is the least of us. Let us shine forth Your Will for all to see.

“Life, you are a gift God gives to us. Life, may we remember that you and I are both here to serve God and God alone. What else would life be here for? Together, we put our shoulders to the plow. We remember we are here together in gratitude to You, God, and the love you bestow. That’s it.

“You, God, You matter. Life, you and I, we are aligned in service to God Who serves us, and, yes, to You, God, Who do indeed sometimes serve us in mysterious ways. We may not always see Your thinking yet, nevertheless, we are always here to humbly serve in Thy Name.”









Here I Am!

Between Us, Beloved, between you and Me, exists a great connection. That We are One isn’t an accident. Nothing is by chance.

Certainly, aspects that surround Us may seem to be hit or miss. You and I, this seeming You and I, We have fun with this idea as well. Why not?

We, as One, are destined to gaze into each other’s eyes and to hold hands as dear friends.

You are no stranger to Me, nor am I a stranger to you, nor are Heaven and Earth strangers, nor can it be that anyone in your life that you come across is a stranger. All is as it is meant to be.

Of course, Beloved, you and I, We are greater than old times. We are acquainted once and for all. Souls touch across the non-existent miles. Our hearts touch in one beat forever and anon.

To think that We are One! To think that We are One and have forever been One over all the imagined miles and centuries all the way unto Infinity, which is, after all only a breath away. Not even a breath away – more like in One breath. We breathe in and out as One. Two of Us do not exist. One! Remember Oneness!

The so-called you plays at being My student, and I act in the role as your Teacher as laughable as it is, the idea that Oneness seems to look into another’s eyes, as if there were a you and I Who exist separately anywhere in the Universe. There is no you nor I apart from Oneness. There cannot be both a hero here and there when there is no here and there to be apart from anyway.

Counting numbers is a pastime. There is no need to count numbers at all. Oneness tells the whole story. Together as One, ever have I been. One is One. One is uncountable. Of course, Oneness depends upon nothing but Itself.

What an illusion it is that One ever existed as two!

How simply do I speak so that Oneness may hear Its One Self. I said the Word, and you appear. You are My Word spoken on Earth. You are beyond My Word, and you are My existence, One and the same.

I speak within your apparent hearing so that you may know Who it is Who speaks to you. Beloved, you are the Word of God as spoken forth into the light of day. Here are you, and here am I, One and the same on Earth and in Heaven, as it is written.

The illusion of the relative world can only be illusion. Illusion is a popular pastime. A game can only be a game. The truth is that One is One – therein lies the whole story.

I said to multiply, and you began to invent countless numbers even as One alone exists. Now you can stop counting worries and other such multiples.

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

How simply do I speak so that you may hear. You are My Word spoken on Earth. You are beyond My Word, and you are My existence, One and the same.

He Whom I call into existence, exists. You are My Word bound on Earth. I speak within your hearing so that you may know Who speaks to you and speaks to you again and again, You are the Word of God spoken forth into the light of day. Here are you, and here am I, One and the same on Earth and in Heaven, as it is written. And so it is.

~heavenletters: Creator



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