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JAG Hangs Five 0

JAG Hangs Five

In what could set a precedent for JAG’s book of business, the entity tasked with enforcing justice against unrepentant Deep Staters simultaneously hanged to death five physicians convicted of coercing patients to get vaccinated...


Parents take NOTE

This woman from Utah, and that had a very lucrative YouTube channel, has been arrested for child abuse. Her channel was name 8 Passengers. YouTube took the channel off the air. You will need...


The Devil Interval

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Doctor Tenpenny

Doctor Tenpenny, a naturalist in medicine, has been an outspoken person against the medical establishment, that main goal has been doing harm instead of good. You can research about her. She is an angel...


Deep Diving

During the month of February, and part of March of this year 2023, it is a time for deep diving our deepest secrets, our deepest emotions; our deepest shadows. Take time for reflecting. Take...