JAG Hangs Five

In what could set a precedent for JAG’s book of business, the entity tasked with enforcing justice against unrepentant Deep Staters simultaneously hanged to death five physicians convicted of coercing patients to get vaccinated and blacklisting those who refused. The synchronous executions took place at Camp Blaz on September 5, on five gallows erected to hasten sentencing for myriad Deep Staters found guilty of treason and crimes against humanity.

As reported previously, a military tribunal on August 27 condemned 10 practicing physicians to death based on what some commenters on this website called flimsy evidence. Real Raw News asked a JAG source whether Admiral Johnathon Stephens, who led the prosecution, thought the panel’s sentencing recommendation fit the crimes, to which he replied, “To the best of my knowledge, Adm. Stephens didn’t dispute or discuss the verdict. In this case, the compelling factor is that they [the doctors] collaboratively ran a network to deny care and pressured patients to get vaxxed—some got very ill or died. Adm. Stephens did his duty in court. He did his duty at the gallows.”

The latter responsibility included listening to the muffled screams of the five gagged and blindfolded physicians as they stood atop their respective platforms begging for mercy. Their pleas, however, went unanswered, for they had squandered earlier opportunities to submit statements of contrition or atone for their immoral, unlawful, and sinful cruelty. Like all Deep State adherents, they had extolled a universal mantra: “I did nothing wrong. I was doing my job. I was following orders.”

The gravity of their predicament hit them with the force of a hammer to the head once they stood single file and were marched at gunpoint to the sets of steps ascending to the apparatuses of their demise—the nooses awaiting their necks.

When blindfolded, they bawled and wept.

When gagged and roped, their ruddy cheeks puffed out; subdued screams cried out for leniency, for compassion.

If Adm. Stephens had kindness in his heart, it wasn’t on display.

He commanded the hangmen to press the buttons that triggered the swinging doors beneath the prisoners’ feet, and within a few minutes, their lives came to an end, justified or not.

In closing, we asked our source the fate of the other five.

“Their time’s up soon,” he said.

As of this writing, they may be dead.

By Michael Baxter, September 13, 2023




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