2023 March Equinox, New Moon and Solstices: The More you Know

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2023 March Equinox, New Moon and Solstices: The More you Know

Every year there it is a New Moon in the sign of Pisces. And every year there it is an Equinox in the sign of Pisces. A new moon is when the sun and the moon comes face to face. Equinox refers to a point Or moment in time when the earth is in complete balance on its axes, facing the sun. The word equinox means equal, and or even, and or on equal balance. Pisces is the zodiac sign where the Solar year ends and the New Solar year starts. Or for more clarity, Pisces gives the authority, and Or is the point in time where it turns the switch for the following sign that is Aries, starts His New Solar Year. Or His New Solar Calendar Year. Pisces is known for being the sign for the Alpha and the Omega, also known as the Beginning and the End.

Meaning that it is the astrological sign where all ends and all begins. When we say ALL, we are referring to the twelve zodiacal signs wheel from space, that all together define a Year for us, and as well, defining, and or working out all matters, and or all issues that have to do with the creation; that have to do with the continuation of the creation with its ups and down. And believe this or not, ALL cannot be possible without human consciousness.

So the Equinox in March is a point in time that signal Spring. According to the solar calendar, Spring start right after the Equinox, that this year of 2023 is on date of March 20-21. And just following, is a New Moon on the 21st.

And to make clear, in Western Astrology, this March New Moon of 2023, falls in Aries instead of Pisces. Well, we can say the New Moon is in Aries according to their reading, do you know why, because after the Moon being in Pisces on the 21st, with the company of Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury, discussing matters that concerns the New Solar Year, Equinox, and Spring, etc., she then, and faster than the speed of light, leaves Pisces for her next journey that is crossing the space between Pisces and Aries that is extremely dangerous. A space where there it is no bridge for the moon holding on. An enormous space fume with burning heat from water and fire. This come about from Pisces being a water sign, and Aries being a fire sign mixing together.

But regardless, the Moon is protected from all harm, and like a diplomat that she is, on the 22-23rd, she is already in Aries with the company of Venus, and the North Node discussing issues and or matters that concerns Aries New Solar Year journey through space, and the creation. And we are most certain they are also discussing the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, where we all know it should be a rollercoaster of a time. Pluto has no patience for fixed signs as it is Aquarius. Fixed signs tend being stubborn, meaning fixed signs do not like changes. And where there are no changes, all things get stagnant, and the power of abuse from authority flourish. Here is when Pluto comes along to fix, and or changing things that does not serve well the society; that does not serve well the creation and thus he would destroy it one way or another for something better.

We can factually say that everything starts in Aries. Well, Aries is the commander in chief when comes starting a New Solar Year and thus officially Spring= Easter. Aries is The I AM. He is the sparks that impregnates life. That impregnates nature. Happy Easter! The Christ is here. The Christ is born again bringing us a New Solar calendar Year.

And speaking of New Year, let us not confuse the beginning of the Astrological Solar New Year with the New Year as we celebrate in January after Christmas. Actually, what is taking place in here is concerns with the Solstice. But first, let us remind everyone that there are four points in time where we, and or the earth can keep track of the Sun, and those four points are call Solstices and Equinoxes. Imagine a cross that has four points as we know it does. Those four points lead us identifying two equinoxes, and two solstices during a twelve month period.

The first equinox is in March 19th and or 20th- 21st always. Here as we said, the New Solar Year starts. Here is also where the Sun is moving towards the highest sky of the Northern hemisphere. This means that in the Northern Hemisphere we would have Spring and Summer, while in the Southern Hemisphere there it is Fall and Winter. Then next, we have the second equinox that it is on September 22nd -23rd always. This means that the Sun crosses the earth Equator, moving towards the Southern Hemisphere. Here then, the Southern Hemisphere would have Spring and Summer, while the Northern Hemisphere would have Fall and Winter.

Now you might ask, and what is taking place during the solstices? Well, from our point of view, the Earth is flirting with the Sun by either within the Northern Hemisphere, or Southern Hemisphere, to the point where she tilts 23.5 degrees so she can get the most, and or maximum intensity from the sun’s rays. The Earth actually dance for the Sun, so she can absorb all that she can get from Him. This is very true. This is pure science. This is pure Astronomy.

So the first solstice is on June 21st- 22nd each year. And the second solstice is on December 21st- 22nd each year. Now what is taking place during December 21st -22nd Solstice, is that the Sun makes a wide turn towards the Northern Hemisphere, and then it stops. It stops for three days to rest, if you will and thus Jesus or the Christ died for three days, the people thought. Then on the 25th of December, the Sun starts a new journey to the North,= Merry Christmas! The Sun is alive, Christ is alive, everyone thought. Then the Sun has to go through some initiations with the Ancients of Days, that the Roman called, The God Janus. Janus oversees all other gods. He does have seniority among all stars; among all suns. Janus reside within the constellation Capricornus. Regardless, it is Janus that guarantee the Sun finishing up his Solar year’s journey, and start a new one in March after passing through Aquarius and Pisces, two feisty signs we must say. And it is also Janus that starts a New Year cycle for the mass starting in January first.= Happy New Year!

And the cycle of life must go On! It repeats itself.

And Very interesting, beside we having a Solar year calendar, are you aware that we also have a Lunar year calendar? Yes we do. And are you aware that we also have a Sirius star calendar?

Sirius star is the closest star to the Sun and the Earth, and thus it seems as the brightest. According to the ancients, the star Sirius appears every year in the middle of August right upon the Pyramid of Giza. It is here where the ancients were guided using the star Sirius for ending a year and starting a new one. However, according the position of the earth+ the sun, star Sirius appeared on different dates, lets say in Ireland, or Argentina, etc.

And so we hear, that starting in August of 2023, we are to begin using the Lunar calendar, and the Sirius star calendar as well! We hear also that we chose the August date as it appears at the Giza pyramid because the pyramids in Egypt are indeed concerns with the earth’s matrix.

We shall see. This should be fascinating as with the Lunar calendar along, we are most connected to the stars depending where the moon is at any giving moment.

For now, let our intentions be that for this New Solar Year starting today on this March 21st 2023, and with a New Moon upon us, be of great and wonderful things manifesting for us the people, and for all the creation, all ways, always. Let our intentions be that we achieve the highest of Christ Consciousness, the highest of wisdom, the highest of knowledge. Let our intentions be that we live upon this earth where there it is Zero politic. Zero religion. Zero tax. Zero poverty. Let our intentions be that by this time next year we All Be millionaires full of courage, bravery, health, and a heart bliss with joy.

Heart. Heart. Heart.

So Be It




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