The Domino Effect: Silicon Bank SVB

This article was published on March 12, 2023, however, do to technical issues we are making it public today date of April 2nd 2023 so our audience be aware of all that is taking place. All these still apply. Take all precautions. Enough said.


In case you are not aware of, Silicon Valley Bank,= SVB, one of the largest bank in the United States has collapsed this week. Meaning they have No Money; No funds.

But before we continue, this is not for anyone be scare of, as what is happening with banks collapsing, must take place in order for change occurs.

Silicon Valley Bank, was the bank that secured the fortune, as that of primarily big tech companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter, to name a few. Anyways, remember what happened in 2022 with FTX, the giant crypto “so called company” that suddenly collapsed, leaving the common people penniless within hours. Well, the same thing happened with SVB, only that this time, the people that are now penniless are the very rich and famous. Go ahead, name any wealthy person, and we assure you that his or her fortune was at SVB. Keep also in mind that Silicon Valley, is a place in California where no ordinary people walk upon. Only the wealthy do, so they thought.

What effect would this have on us the ordinary people? Well, the answer is that this would create most likely, a domino effect, where all the little banks that are left within neighborhoods throughout our country, will collapse as well. Collapsed here means, that your savings are/ would be gone. “Is not there. You have no money in your account. The bank have no money. It’s all gone!” Tellers would tell you. This also means that your ATM cards, and or bank cards; credits cards, would not work either.

We are NOT joking here. This is imminent.

The remedy here is, and playing it safe, go ahead and take some of your money; some of your savings and keep it within reach. Meaning you keep it at a safe place at home. You will need this to do your groceries, etc., until all these changes that we most certainly know will take place, pass. They say, this should lasts weeks, if not months for the new system be publicly functional. They also say that many people, if not everyone would be baffled with the changes at hands. Further, chances are that any money left in your account, it would be reimburse, and or recompense with currency from the new system. Or maybe, we all would have a big surprise! Maybe, just maybe all of the sudden, we start receiving lots of money, as if fallen from the sky, going direct deposit! Also, chances are that all our debts would be Zero out. Meaning, all our loans; mortgages, credit cards, car loans, students loans, and etc., etc., would be no more.

And do not panic if you are all of the sudden without a job. In many instances, this is imminent. We recommend for everyone help each other, especially family members; neighbors, friends, for the time being. And also keep in mind, and this is if you have a mortgage, that no bank is coming to take your home, and or your car, etc., etc. Banking as we have known until now, would be buried. Ceased and desist. Gone. Done with.

Further, be strong, be brave, have faith in your heart, and be very happy you are here in this lifetime now witnessing the liberation of our humanity that has been enslave for six thousand years! Also think that most of the evil doers, all across the planet, are gone, or a new financial system would be impossible manifesting right now. Think also that there are resources in this planet for everyone be wealthy. Debts was a scam in the first place. Keep calm, everyone would be taking cared for. Enough said.

Do your critical thinking. The minions that are left, we can deal with like a piece of cake- just take their blood money and they are done with. They do not deserve having money that they made killing our people; killing our precious jewels as are our children, and destroying our resources that are so vital for our survival. Human trafficking in any form, is Not negotiable.

F**k them. Ends all their Matrix, and let us now create our own matrix without the enslavement. We want liberation. We want freedom.

Are you Ready?

We are F****g ready. We are done with this S**t. Let the incoming Events roll on! They cannot be no more worse than all the events thrown at us all along.

We. Are. Here.

Peace. Prosperity. Health. Bravery. Wisdom. Expansion. Unity. Freedom. Heart.= Is all ours.

So be it!

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