We the People Command the Dismantling of Halloween Day: Alert






We are bringing to your attention that during Halloween many kidnappings+ murdering of our children happens, as Halloween is the Christmas celebration for the demons [SATAN] do their dirty work against our children. This means it is during Halloween that they do all kinds of humans sacrifices, especially children+ organs harvesting.

This has been a well kept secret by all perpetrators involve.

: We the people are commanding the dismantling of Halloween Day= bury. cease and desist. perpetuity.

AND very important, stay away from hospitals at all costs unless it is an extreme emergency! The hospitals are knowingly killing anyone just to harvest organs that then they can sells for lots of money! We know of many cases where a child went to the hospital for a simple cold, and then, oops, the child developed some kind of bacteria: desease, “and we could not do anything… ” This is one example of the excuses these demons, such as doctors+ nurses would say to the child parents. And do not let us get started at those children’s hospitals as Saint Jude+ Boston children’s Hospital that believe this or not, are portals for children harvesting= killing them any which way after they diagnose the children with fatal deseases as cancer, heart issues, diabetes! etc., etc.  Use discernment with these fuckwits that think very well, we the people are worth piece of shit. Yes, this is what they think, and specially if the people are from another country, or do not know very good English. Hard to believe is it not?

Now, we are not saying that you should not trust doctors or nurses, what we are saying is that avoid the hospital as much as possible, and under any circumstances you go to the hospital by yourself, or leave a dear one in the hospital over night by itself! And be aware of those very nice priests. pope. clergies. actors. singers. Disney park employees. politicians. schools employees. police. etc., etc.

It is time for knowing the enemies. It is time for protecting 24/7 our children!

It is time for working together within the community. Making gatherings for discussing subjects that matters for the community. This can also be practice within the family. Remember that the people are the power.  Enforce that energy for the greatest good+ keep on learning!

Drop the ignorant attitude, dude.

Drop the cell phone+ the television+ all the arrogance+ your believes+ your titles, and fucking sit-down and have a talk: chat with the family or friends about things that matter without creating a war. without ignoring the guests. I mean, if you are so fucking smart, we guess you can have a conversation without being a thug. a nut. a victim. a know it all. a stuck up bitch. a wine/beer holic. an eloquent queen/king full of gobbledygook. Can we all have a talk without the insulting judgements+ the defensive attitude?  WTF?  I mean, lets have some fun here!

Eyes open. The enemy is everywhere. And the only safe  fact for you and your family being safe, it is with your awareness+ we all working together! so be it!


Navigate some of these links so you can see: read we are on it catching up all pedovores wherever they are:

U.S. Army Sergeant at Ft. Bliss Sentenced to 60 Years in Federal Prison

Springfield Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Sexual Exploitation of a Child

Carbon County Man Sentenced To Over 22 Years In Prison For Sexual Exploitation Of Children +  much, much more!

https://www.charismamag.com/life/holidays/34154-former-satan-worshipper-i-m-shocked-christians-celebrate-halloween = intriguing!

You may also want to take time to watch these revealing videos here within this article: http://wetheonepeople.com/exposing-the-pedophiles-demons-victims/


Navigate: www.wetheonepeople.com

~ the people



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