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And we quote: A society that failed protecting its younger generation, is a dying society.


It is very difficult speaking about this disgusting: horrific subject that has been the cause of millions deaths of our children+ millions of victims that have been heart broken: mentally+ psychologically damaged do the abuse from those that are suppose be protecting the innocent. Child trafficking has been the most horrific crime+ the least talked about due the sensitivity of it. And sadly,  these crimes have been committed within the church [all cults]. the medical field. political affiliates. education. Hollywood= the movie+ music industry+ even Disney! Adoption agencies+ the STATE with its child protecting agencies,+ last but not least, the children parents!

This insanity must stop+ all perpetrators must be hold liable+ accountable+ responsible for such of violations against our future generation.

It is time for us all be responsible grownups. It is time for cleaning within us those demons that have taking control of our hearts+ our minds. It is time to die and be born again. It is time for wake. the. fuck. up.

It is Time for us all Knowing Below the Following:

Humans are by obligation protectors of children.

Children are protected by natural law; abdication of the responsibility to protect the well- being of a child is a criminal violation of natural law.

Child trafficking is a crime against humanity and violates natural law.

Sexualizing, objectifying or engaging in sexual activity with children in any way is a criminal perversion of natural law.

2- Exploiting children in any way is unlawful by natural law.

Incest is a perversion of natural law.

Child abandonment violates natural law.

Children are autonomous individuals; not property.

Forcing or coercing children to engage in spiritual practice violates natural law.

The use of nursery rhymes, children’s stories, songs, literature, etc. to deliver occulted messages violates natural law.

Producing or promoting media that supports, condones or celebrates child abuse violates natural law.


Take time watching these videos that are profound.+ you might want checking the videos host for more of his research on this topic. Please do not jump to conclusion judging the messenger. This is a very serious subject that we all must be on the alert for ending this infestation of criminals that aim has been destroying our children all. ways. always. while we were asleep! Keep in mind that like him there are others that are doing the same thing exposing these criminals that we are most certain will be taking down one way or another.

Video 2

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