Was Former President, John F. Kennedy Alive Until Recently?


So we just came across some pictures of John F. Kennedy, senior= the former president of the USA that supposedly died in Texas of a gun shot while riding in his vehicle with his wife Jacquelyn Kennedy and body guards. Anyways, someone was announcing on Youtube his departure from earth, meaning he died on February 1, 2021. He died of a stroke. And he was 103 years old!

Now our question is, what would happen now if all this time the former president was alive! Would the Kennedy family be judge by the American people?  And what was really the motive for this family hidden he has been alive all this time?

Further, and if we are not mistaken, they say that even, John F. Kennedy Junior is alive as well, and along his wife and his sister in law, that as we all heard that awful day, the three of them died in an airplane crash on July 15th of 1999.

Someone has some explaining to do here, and they better not wait too long to do it.

Picture below of former president, John F. Kennedy senior, that ideally died on February 1, 2021. It seems he continued his life of active duty until his death.DD082719-48F7-4437-8744-F97F0E566665

Here below is another take of former president, John F. Kennedy= senior at his old age with Donald J. Trump. Apparently, all along, the former president was part of the Q team! And we might add, whether is fact or a coincidence that the former president was born on May 29, 1917, alright then, and as some of us know, Q is identify with the number 17, which can lead too many other things, but regardless, some of us were scratching our heads with the number Q-17. We created magic matching up things with the number 17, but never, ever it occurred  to us look as far enough as the date that the former president was born, that relates indeed to the number 17! If the former president was still alive, and he was part, and or was indeed the Real Q, then all makes sense now. And as well, coincidence or not, the Q website was taking down just a little bit; maybe a week before the announce death of the former president.


Looking at these pictures is really heart breaking… so many things are crossing our minds. John F. Kennedy senior was indeed loved by the American people. We really cannot fathom that he was all this time alive, and looking at his fragile old self just saddened our hearts.

Or was this meant to be so he could safe our country from destruction as was his original intention when he was president, and along with all the patriots that joined him for this cause?

We pray this courageous, warrior soul, our Creator have mercy upon him. And we pray that his memory always reign within the hearts of the American people with love, liberty, and patriotism for our great country.

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