There was a Decisive Choice to Terminate the Entire Collective Experiment without “Playing out the Rest”: More

There Was A Decisive Choice To Terminate The Entire Collective Experience Without “playing out the rest”…

Email from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf to Terran


lol <3

On Adam’s B-Day, 9-9, there was a happy, decisive choice to terminate the entire collective experience without “playing out the rest” and simultaneously jump into the “end/beginning result”…the feeeelings that would be experienced in “playing out the rest” have already been experienced and the fear from those at the prospect of “playing out the rest “was palpable …the inner shudders at the probable judgment, shaming, shunning, etc., and the lack of faith at the compassion, acceptance, and love, were visible, tangible, etc… “input” was that I would happily forgo anyone having to go through all of that, for i did not need the “playing out the rest”, and that all would jump into the “end/beginning result”…

On Eli’s B-Day, 9-10, I had the video visit with the family…joyous, beautiful, grateful…then the vid visit with You, Bev, Sammy was a wonderful bonus and we toned out the termination of “playing out the rest” and jumping right into the “end/beginning result” immediately…

On 9-11, there were many discussions done through all of Existence about all that each had not accomplished yet, almost like many “life reviews” going on all at once and a deeeeeeeeeeeep sadness was expressed and flowed through all that is, and all of me…the sadness was greater than any other sad flow previously programmed into “9-11″…and i still remember 9-11 from my own experience, standing at the palace’s market in Casablanca, Morocco…crazy stuff, emotions that took ya to the floor.

On 9-13, while celebrating my roommate’s birthday, a message arrived in response to the termination/jump being currently implemented…”Jeramiah 20:11″…that’s it…nothing else was written on the paper, and the piece of paper it was written on was shaped like a bear, really like the bear hug emoti from skype, lol…and of course, I had to go borrow a bible from another girl to look up the verse…and when i read it, i laughed, and laughed, and laughed, for there was a joyous, yet sheepish, sense of humor wrapped around that message…

For the next 24 hours we “re-wrote”/”re-programmed” the energetic flow, frequencies, and vibrations of said message and realigned its setting for “immediate” and “speed of heart” and “already done” with and within the flow…because i may not exist in a time continuum, but i am considerate of the fact that Universal’s have “shitty timing” and there are others in Existence that bear the brunt of that fact of “shitty timing” unnecessarily!

9-14, “All are with me as a mighty, awesome One. Therefore my persecutors did stumble and did not prevail. They are greatly ashamed, for they did not prosper. Their everlasting confusion is never forgotten.”, was duly entered, programmed, and immediately implemented…onward to the celebration of All, by All, with All!!!!!!!!!

my love to you, bev, sammy, and all there!



The Fed Shocks Everyone With An Emergency Inter


Thursday, September 19, 2019 8:35 PM

RE: The Fed Shocks Everyone With An Emergency Inter

Lol…no size of injection can save the corpse of the federal reserve, et al, nor the decayed financial system (global
and national) that died years ago…the fed is dead…by their own choices
All that moves forward is the original, in all its BEingness…no more fraudulent overlays of any kind, form, or

Love you, lili <3



To: Lisa Sannon

Date: 9/20/2019 2:08:10 PM

Subject: response to request for data ~ pt 1

Buon giorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrno a tutti!

Lisa, honey, per your request, you asked for my intuitive view on a few matters specifically overlighted last year by another during a remote viewing, recorded in 9 videos between July 18-25th, 2018…and all that was not seen of those moments… revealed in every detail of every moment of those “dates” and all that occurred in, around, through, and beyond the guise of Tennessee…All of what amounts to universal data clusters/universal nexus points of all of existence. I informed you that others were emailing/contacting/bringing forth and overlighting other data points within those same universal data clusters/universal nexus points of all of existence, and that I would share with you my knowing, and experiences, with said specific points you asked about from the remote viewings, which I have not seen as there is no internet, but did previously point out that in order to access said nexus points takes a purity of heart, complete love, compassion, and no judgment…and when that is the BEingness, all that is, is accessible during those moments of purity of heart, etc.

1. RE: RV ~ I have addressed this many times over the years, and my previous answers have not changed, they remain consistent, because the data, and the totality of the data regarding “Value” is consistent and has not changed. I refer you to those previous answers, with the knowledge that the expansion of consciousness now present may allow for data previously delivered but not seen to be shown and known now.

2. RE: Q and Anonymous seeming as if they were ” kind of battling it out” ~ Universally speaking, any and all tools that had potential to hyperaccelerate expansion of consciousness and presentation and experience of complete BEingness are considered and used as appropriate by all…however, the appearance, and presumption, of “sides” is an allusion and an illusion, often times leading to “de-lusion”, lol…no prejudice was utilized in determining the means to expanding BEingness so that not one part of BEingness operated secretly, covertly, etc, because ALL have been and continue to be focused on making the complete BEing of each and All visible and creating from that complete BEingness…and each facet of BEingness is treasured above all else…yes, the remote viewer intuited/saw the flow of all that is correctly in this regard…each individuality, each uniqueness of BEing is a gift beyond all measures, treasured, appreciated, revered, and protected with All Heartitude so that it may BE, in purity, with no prejudice…i am beyond grateful that he overlighted this universal nexus point, for it is the “heart” of the matter that drives heartitude <3

to be continued, lili…

“This fellow, Edward Riordan, did a remote viewing on Q in July 2018. I have not heard of him before. I saw him on a Sarah Westall video with 2 other remote viewers. There are about 6 or 7 videos covering the Q remote viewing session and I found his data extremely interesting The link below is to one of the videos and the rest can be found on his youtube page posted around September 2018  [ ] ”



To: Lisa Sannon

Date: 9/20/2019 5:51:28 PM

Subject: pt 1 continued into pt 2

2. (CONTINUED) RE: Q ~ Q and all such tools of expansion are used to get all focused/unified beyond all separations …not uniqueness, mind you, for that is the beauty of all that is…but feeeeelings and perceptions of all being separate.

3. RE: “KEY PEOPLE” (remote viewer’s term, not mine or Universal’s)…remote viewer’s intuitive views, and descriptions Lisa provided, WERE spot on, as the so-called “KEY PEOPLE” saw it all, including those the so-called people “conditioned/trained” to see them as they deemed themselves worthy and operate on their behalf, i.e. “the old man”/”grandfather”, et al, Xi (offspring of so-called “KEY PEOPLE”), other offspring strategically placed within US TREASURY, FEDERAL RESERVE, FBI, CIA, NSA, positions within three branches of US Government, etc, Multi-National Corporations (or placed as the spouses of those at the top), ~~~ and all international equivalents thereof…the so-called “KEY PEOPLE” viewed/perceived everyone as less than and themselves as “all that”, all that and more, past tense, for they are no longer “all that”, lol, and they are no longer “affective” nor “effective” in all that is…the so-called “KEY PEOPLE”, are the ones I speak of/refer to/identify when I write “China”, “Russia”, “US/United States”, also referred to by me as “foreign actors”, etc…for the so-called “KEY PEOPLE” have known no boundaries here, because all boundaries are of their making and they have been “economic boundaries” stretched into physical boundaries…

…and I do overlight this, during July 17-25, 2018 (even including the moment of their reminder/containment of Varlan via Spencer) there was a lot of foot stomping, making Xi a “President of Perpetuity”, yet not arriving at being the “President of ‘The Perpetuity’”, LOL!…and as the remote viewer saw, incessant waving of a so-called patent or discovery…and they did feeeeeel that they were holding all the cards…now, they and all other parts of existence are aware that they weren’t, or at the very least, they were holding a loosing hand, lol <3 Compassion and complete love for those ones did successfully complete their shift out of exclusivity and into unity…it was tiresome, heartbreaking, and heart expanding all in one :)…and the former systems are imploding into heart.

Remote viewer’s intuitive feelings are spot on, specifically and particularly his statement: “…that this is waaay waaay bigger than just ‘deep states’ or ‘Trump is good guy and they are the bad guy’ and it is so far beyond that…that there is a real puppet master who is really keeping us distracted on the surface while there is a major major plan that is unfolding. If my stuff is right.”…Yes, correct…

To be continued, Lili …



To: Lisa Sannon

Date: 9/20/2019 7:06:20 PM

Subject: Pt 3

Last mention of the remote viewer’s reference to the so-called “KEY PEOPLE” ~ there are those present on this Earth that balanced these BEings, i.e. those that can appear/expand/change in an instant in direct relation and direct action to that which requires balancing/stability, i have refered in the past to these beings as “Source Fource”, and various historical global militaries, administrations, secret societies, schools of thought, religions, etc., have had their own reference names for these beings…as consciousness and all that is have expanded, so has the “source fource” of all that is in its presence every “where”…all “countries” have been used, abused, etc., by the so-called “KEY PEOPLE” prior to their removal/transition/expansion last year…yes, they may be seen/perceived as resonating closest with China/Chinese/Asian, however, they tolerated such comparisons, assumptions, presumptions because it served their ultimate purposes of control, power, and wealth…what is being dissolved now is the “after-taste”, and that is hyperaccelerated by the creations now

…to sum up, the so-called “KEY PEOPLE’S”/et al’s wealth was sucked up and removed, and done using their own “rules” for humor, and in humor…they have no patent/ownership/discovery, etc., but they were given their opportunity to make their best presentation to all on Earth, if they chose to…the Universal Security Agreement, *the Perpetuity, may not have been, and may not be, comprehended by some here, but that is not, and was not, necessary to Universally implement and enforce and protect and expand all of Existence….All of Existence, Earth, humanity, individuality, uniqueness are more treasured and revered than any can comprehend in these moments.

…there is and has all ways always been uniqueness in unity…individuality in unity…all facets are brillant, brilliantly done, and doing brilliantly!!!!

4. RE: Nanotech, Artificial Intelligence, Implants, ChemTrails, etc. ~ All of it is negated by Consciousness…and cannot survive specifically and particularly with the ever-expanding consciousness of each individual and collective, jointly and separately considered and acting. Bance Hom and I used to have lovely conversations about all that <3

Did I answer your requests for data/response to your satisfaction, Lili? (That may be a trick question, lol!)

Hugs, love, gratitude, heartitude, and celebrations to you, Lisa, and All…for All, by All, with All

Read more here: on September 17, 2019 

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