War Among the Gods: Birth of a God, Part 2


For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. ~Romans 13:4


What we are going to say here are based on facts written within the mysteries of old Egypt, the land of the pyramids. However, Alkebulan was the first name giving to the entire Continent of Africa where Egypt is. Alkebulan means “Mother of Mankind, or the Garden of Eden.” Apparently, Alkebulan was the name giving to the entire earth as well, during the Anubian Dynasty that was the first dynasty and or first government ever to exists here on earth, established by divine gods and the first humans for this round of creation. During the Anubian Dynasty there it was only one world government and one universal language. The Anubian Dynasty lasted almost twelve thousand years before it came the time for drastic changes. This is part 2 of 2 series. We advise that it is very important for our readers to read part 1 on next link /http://wetheonepeople.com/easter-the-sun-and-the-gods-of-fertility/ before you navigate part 2 for a very comprehensive and exciting journey. Get ready to navigate one of the most exciting reading in your life! Try to read it in sections for better mind blowing.

War Among the Gods: Birth of a God, Part 2

After Isis being so heartbroken by leaving Osiris died again for the second time in the hands of Seth, the only thing to look forward was the child within her womb that is the son of Osiris, the god of love, restoration, and vitality.

She promised herself that she would raise her child where all the gods would be proud of him. But then as well, there was something very troublesome that worries her. If Osiris is in the Underworld, who would take his place as the god of restoration within upper Eden? How would nature be restored without Osiris? How would the food for mankind survival be restored?

And Isis looked up the sky as if looking for an answer from AmonRa.

Thoth directed Isis to a safe place where her child would be born. This place was way out in the middle of the endlessly desert where no god, except Thoth knew of its existence. This place was name by Thoth Kemis, and or Chem, or Kem. Kemis was in truth a forest in the desert, or should we say, an oasis, and immediately that Isis arrived there, she knew Kemis was a magical forest. Isis was pleased, and for sure Kemis would help her gain all her lost energy that she needs for when her child is born. Thoth also told Isis to summon him whenever she needs too, and especially after her son is born.

Isis was surprise that Thoth knew she is having a son. And she asked him how he knew that? Thoth only gave her the sign of silent for an answer.

Until now all gods created by Atum, and or AmonRa are instantly manifests, as well as instantly grown up. And instantly as well, giving them a purpose to fulfill in life. However, this is about to change.

And after being rested enough at Kemis, the time came for Isis gives birth to a brand new baby boy that she name Horus. However, Horus was born with some distinctive characteristics. For one, he was born like a regular baby boy as that of mankind. This mean he will grow up to be an adult, and then, then he will find his own purpose in life as he was born without one.

But there was something more astonishing about Horus. Although his body was that of a regular human, his head was that of a hawk! Further, on top of his head was a bloom of light just like that of AmonRa! Isis was moved as this mean her son is a god? But what if… What if he chooses a path unbecoming of a god? Isis asked. This worry her somewhat but then she promised herself never allow that to happen. She would teach her child all about magic and all about the gods, and when he grows up he can make his own decision of what his destiny would be. Of what his real purpose would be with the life giving to him.

Further, and right after that Horus was born, Isis is having some very serious challenges around and inside her home. She and baby Horus, and for what she can assess are having an invasion of poisonous snakes! Terrified, Isis takes quick measures protecting the baby, but the challenges are only getting worse. Snakes are coming down from all directions, and even from the sky! It seems the snakes are on a mission looking to kill her and Horus. Horus is in real danger and she fears for his life.

And the worse happened.

A snake had bitten baby Horus, and faster than the speed of light, Isis extract the poison from the tiny body with her magical healing capabilities.

Heartbroken, and with tears, she is feeling the pain her son is going through, and diligently she is watching and counting every breath baby Horus takes. And silently she prays to the heavens for his son’s life.

And as time passed, and with the watchful eyes from his loving mother, young Horus is very healthy, and growing fast! And Isis thanks the gods for both their health and protection.

And strange as it seems, his mother had no choice but teaching Horus how to defend himself from the venous snakes all ways.

And without fear, Horus learned quickly how to chase snakes as if they were toys he was playing with.

Thoth visited often, and together with Isis and the most qualified teachers, and magicians ever known by Thoth in all Eden, they began home schooling for Horus, where the curriculum included all about universal laws, the art of healing, numerology, astrology, anatomy, and very important as well, said Thoth, Horus needs be trained  with the sword. Thoth told Isis that no matter what, Horus must excel using the sword.

Then long after, and testing one of the magicians that are Horus’s teachers, Isis asked if he could enter the place where Seth and her sister Nefte are living, and deliver her sister a message. The magician responded to Isis, It will be done!

Isis knew that her sister would do anything to get away from Seth, and more so if she is giving the opportunity helping raising her own nephew. In the message she sent Nefte, Isis instructed her where Kemis is.

And it was not too long when Nefte arrived at Kemis. She told Isis that she is sure none of Seth’s assistants followed her, but it would not be long before Seth finds out she is missing.

Nefte was more than happy helping raising her own nephew as she loves Horus dearly. Both Nefte and Isis could not get enough loving Horus, and he was so much fun being around with enjoying his playfulness, and his free will. They were amaze with his sweet innocence. They were both full of joy!

The love of a child is beyond blessings, they both would say to each other. However, Nefte was very upset at the same time after hearing all about the horrible snakes stories from both Isis and Horus.

How can anyone would want causing any harm to an innocent child? To an innocent creature that is not harming anyone! Nefte would scream.

What do you mean? Asked Isis. Nefte then told Isis and Horus that she has no doubt that all those snakes that are looking to kill her and Horus, are agents from Seth!

Jaws dropped, fears started overtaking Isis and Horus, and now do the seriousness from the snakes threats, Horus is not allow to leave Kemis any time soon, and neither is Isis.

Then Isis and Nefte took on guarding and protecting Horus to another level, and as well making sure he would get the best education while watching him becoming a great god.

And as time passed by quickly, Horus is a great student that loves learning so much wonders about nature, the universe, the gods specific missions, and the creation. And he is as well becoming the best sword warrior in all Eden. Further, he was learning despising Seth.

Isis and Nefte told him how his father Osiris was kill by Seth twice without mercy. They also told him how Isis has no choice but living in hiding because of the threats from Seth. And further, they told him how Seth almost destroyed the entire creation when he summoned the strongest storms that created massive floods, and massive changes across the entire planet. Seth’s storms replaced an entire mass of land with an ocean!+ and creating as well scattered lakes where there were none, and displacing rivers and streams! Seth summoned the storms when he found out Nefte was helping Isis resurrect Osiris from the dead.

They also told him that resurrecting Osiris was vital for mankind, as when Osiris was kill by Seth the first time, AmonRa’s sun ship was gone from the sky after he got lost in the Underworld looking for the soul of Osiris. The force that moves everything in the universe stopped moving after the death of Osiris, thus a very dark age was upon Eden when he died. Further, they told Horus that without the breath of life, and the sun light coming from AmonRa’s sun ship, life could not exists.

There was not a single day ever since Horus can remember that he did not hear something terrible about Seth. These stories and warnings of Seth left a heavy impression on Horus. Many times he longs exploring Eden but he was not allow because of the shadow name Seth that looms over his head ever since he was born. Seth was the root cause for his entrapment in the magical forest of Kemis.

And as time flew by, Horus has become a fine young man. Strong, educated, the best sword warrior, and most important, full of vitality. And whenever he saw a snake, and like magic he stroke them dead on the spot!


One day while Thoth was visiting, Horus gathered everyone to tell them what he intends to do with the life it has been giving to him.

The elements of fire are sacred to the gods, thus for this occasion they lit one. Not for the scenery or the atmosphere, but for whatever Horus has to say, it would signal the end of one side of the world’s evolution, and then begin the next phase.

Before I confess my decision, I want to thanks all of you. I understand how hard my upbringing must of had been a burden, and I am beyond grateful for this to each one of you. I have thought long and hard about my future, and status as a god. Yet I had made my determination, and I will see it through no matter what the cause may be, Horus confessed to the small congregation around the camp fire that is of Thoth, Isis, and Nefte.

Horus then looked up the sky as if he is silently speaking to AmonRa before verbalizing what he has to say along with the bloom of light that is on top of his head that flares exactly the same as the sun in the sky.

He then looked at Isis, Nefte, and Thoth, and said, I am going to kill Seth. I will reclaim the throne that was stolen from my father, Osiris. This is what I choose to do with the life it has been giving to me.

Immediately, Isis and Nefte wanted to debate with Horus. In one hand they all want Seth to die, and on the other hand, killing Seth is almost an impossible task. Seth is pure destruction, and none of them knew how to conquer the force of destruction.

I can’t guarantee that he will succeed, but I can guarantee that he can succeed, Thoth said.

Thoth, the wisest of the gods knew something about Horus that Horus did not know about himself. Thoth then explained further, Horus, as we have told you before, your appearance resemble that of AmonRa, and this is no coincidence. All the gods and goddesses are the children of AmonRa, who is the child of Atum. The beam of light that rest upon your head is a proof that you are a direct descendant from the king of the gods. You are a reflection of the power of order that always has been battling against the forces of chaos.

Horus said nothing when he heard Thoth’s wise words. While growing up, he had heard enough of Thoth speeches to know that silently listening was the best course of action at all times.

Listen well Horus, Thoth continued. Seth is a god of chaos, destruction, storms, and wars. You, Horus are a god of order, creation, peace, and restoration. Yet there is something misunderstood between war and restoration.

There was silence among the gods, and everyone present knew that the words of Thoth were the words of Atum.

Thoth has kept silence when anyone asked before about Horus, but now that Horus came to a decision about his own purpose in life, the wisdom of Thoth was ready to speak.

War, said Thoth, then paused. He wanted the weight of the word to sink in.

War is deliberate destruction. Seth’s storms raked the land, and crumbled structures made by men. They do so indiscriminately. A war is always aim at specific people or location. While a storm is indiscriminately, a war is deliberate. Both of these manifestations of storms and wars serve the same purpose. They aim to remove something. Seth’s power of removal is necessary. If there was only growth and creation then eventually there would be no more room for anything else new to develop. For anything new to come down from Atum, all things that no longer serve their useful purpose must be destroy. This is why the power of storms was giving to Seth. Warfare was not originally part of Seth’s power. After mankind had been born, and after Seth had become too angry and jealous of Osiris, the art of warfare sprung unto this world. Yet as hard as this is to do, Seth can be blame for this. The way that he has carry himself as a god of destruction is not easy burden to bear. This might sound brutish but when come to Seth being the god of destruction, someone has to do it, and the severe responsibility was giving to Seth. To be honest, I am amaze that he lasted as long as he has after he spiraled away from the purpose bestowed upon him.

Isis, Nefte, and Horus continued listening. They are pondering every single word that Thoth was saying.

When Seth murdered Osiris he did so discriminately. That was the start of his downfall. Osiris has not outlived his usefulness yet when Seth removed him before his time. When the chance came for his child to be born, the usefulness of Osiris was passed down to his child. Osiris is now in the Underworld and serving a very important purpose. However, the purpose that he left behind on the mortal plane when Seth killed him, is now your purpose Horus, if you choose to accept it. Osiris once helped to grow the corn, and vines that gives food to the humans and animals of Eden. Whenever the food ran low, Osiris would restore the food. By giving the world food, Osiris was also restoring vitality+ and life for all Eden. This was the balance that has been decided by Atum and Appeb. Seth would remove what no longer need it, and Osiris would restore what still serve the useful purpose. After Osiris died the people started to forget about the restoration of Osiris, and themselves. That is why Eden has become falling into crimes and warfare. That is why the people have fallen out of balance with nature. If the balance of nature is not restored then it would only get worse from here. There would be more wars and less restoration from the destruction they bring. You Horus are Seth’s equal in almost every measure. Where Seth is a god of destruction or to word differently, unjust war, you Horus are the god of restoration or just war. Consider the sword of Seth be the one that strike down the innocent, and consider the sword of Horus be the one that strike down the wicked. And know that both are equally as important for maintaining the balance of the cosmos. Said Thoth.

Even after giving his explanation, the words of Thoth still confuse Isis, Nefte, and Horus. They all had many questions for him, and he no longer gave them the sign of silence for an answer. He repeated that Seth has lost his way. Seth original purpose was to destroy whatever has become redone done in the physical world. His destruction was a necessity for maintaining the order of the goddess Maat that was stablished by Atum. Yet his vices had overtaking his virtues, and now Atum had decide that another god equal to his power was need it. Horus was born to restore balance to the world that had been tipped of balance too far off course by Seth’s mistakes. Seth has become out of balance, and the rest of the world has been following his path. Meanwhile, Osiris was no longer around to restore the balance.

It was very wise of you to select the path that you had chosen Horus. You could had use the gift of life to take any direction but you have chosen correctly, said Thoth.

Seth is a god that remove what no longer need it, Nefte said and continuing after she begins to understand the truth of Thoth words. Now that Seth has made so many errors, he is no longer need it, but before Seth can be remove-

Isis finish her sister thought… A new god of removal is need it. Only a god can remove a god.

Exactly Isis, said Thoth.

But know this Horus, you not only have the power to destroy like Seth, you also have the power to restore like Osiris. That is why your godly power was always unknown to you and your mother. That is why we have to wait for you to make a decision on your own. That is why you have chosen to remove Seth and restore the throne of Eden. If you follow through on the determination you have decided upon, you will be invoking both the power of destruction and restoration, said Thoth.

Isis, and Nefte were not happy letting Horus embark on his chosen path but they knew that he has to go. He made his decision, and there it was nothing that they could teach him. The least that they could do was using their magic to teleport him to Seth’s palace, but Horus refused their offer.

I would walk there. I have lived my entire life in Kemis, and if I am to become the pharaoh of Eden, then I must become better yet acquaintance with the suns. I want to absorb as much light from AmonRa before going to battle with Seth. Said Horus.

Isis and Nefte understood Horus words and they both kissed him. And then say goodbye.

Isis then turned to Thoth and asked him if he knew how this battle would end, but Thoth only gave her the sign of silence for his answer.


Several weeks later Horus complete his journey to Seth’s palace.

While the land of Eden is cover with the sun of AmonRa, Seth’s sky above seems a complete different reality. Dark clouds linger above his palace. Thunders and bolts of lightning crack the sky, and feisty winds kicks up the sands sending them into typhoons. Horus feels his knees started shaking, and the pit of his stomach turned upside down. He only has his sword and even that is starting to slip from his fingers as he is getting closer and closer to Seth’s stormy territory.

This is my purpose. I must kill the god that has fallen from grace. I must avenge my father Osiris. I must win back the throne and restore the balance of nature. This fear that is trying to scare me will not win even if I die while battling Seth. I will drag him down to the underworld with me, Horus said to himself while battling the storm.

As he got closer to Seth’s Palace, the storm increased in intensity. The sand storm started to bombard his flesh and feathers alike. Lightning bolts begun to strike the ground he walked on, and a mixture of heavy rain, slit, and hail rained down upon him. The ferocity of the storm is threatening knocking him down off his feet and bury him underneath the sand. Horus knees buckled even more as his eyes are almost blinded by the furious elements.

The longer it takes me to get there, the stronger the storm becomes. If that be the case then I must get there faster, Horus said. Then he beg a final prayer to Isis, then he begun to run through the storm with all his might, and headed straight to the palace.

Meanwhile, from inside the mighty pharaoh’s palace, his servants saw a light coming closer to them. They did not know who Horus was, and never assumed that the light they saw rushing through the storm was actually that of a god,= the son of Osiris and Isis. They informed Seth that something odd is approaching his land, and to step outside to investigate what the moving source of light is.

Seth’s warriors blocked the bridge that led inside the palace. They waited for the light to get closer before raising their weapons but when they saw that the moving light had the body of a man, and the head of a bird, they begun to panic!

It is AmonRa himself! Show reverence and kneel before the king of the gods! The soldiers shouted.

When Horus reached the foot of the palace, he saw the servants of his sworn enemy bowing before him! They remained on bended knee before him, and shouting a showing of reverence in unison.= Hail AmonRa! Hail the king of the gods! Hail the king of the gods! Hail the king of the gods!

Horus did not bother to correct them. He simply said, Out of my way! They all rise, and parted, giving Horus clear and easy access inside Seth’s palace.

Horus walked passed them, clenched his sword tightly in his hands, and open the palace door.

When he walked inside, he sees that the walls, and floor are crumbling. Large cracks lined the floor while stones are falling away from the walls. The ceiling above is leaking rainwater in, and an overwhelmed smell of mold filled Horus nostrils.

Seth, a god and pharaoh had allow his home to fall apart? Said Horus. It was just another sign that whatever Thoth has told him, had to be accurate. Seth has lost his way. First his home would crumble but remain in the world instead of being remove. If his home is not remove then the rest of Eden would follow the path of the Pharaoh, and then the rest of Eden would become desolate and barren.

Then he saw something else. Something that was far more unexpected. Seth, the deity whose head is a combination of several different beasts, is bowed in the middle of the palace floor all alone.

Hail AmonRa. Hail the king of the gods, said Seth.

Seth then lifted his head after honoring who he thought was AmonRa, but when he saw the figure before him, he raised a brow of confusion.

You are not AmonRa. What trickery is this? Seth asked.

Horus begun to approach him, and ready his sword for battle.

No. I am not AmonRa. I am the son of Isis and the brother that you have murdered, Osiris. My name is Horus, and I have come to kill you, Seth.

Seth then leaped to his feet, and unshift his own sword.

I was wondering when you would finally show up, son of Osiris! Seth said as he begun to walk along the long hall to meet his enemy. I even started to think that maybe Isis has died before giving birth to you. Yet here you are. And I can see that you are just as stupid as your father was.

Shut your vile mouth, Seth! Horus shouted, as the two gods were getting closer to each other.

Seth chuckled when he saw Horus angered.

He then mocked the youngest of the gods.

So my nephew thinks that he can kill me. Then come Horus, son of Osiris. Come and die like your father.

Seth then raised his sword and his voice, then said. My servants, listen and obey my command. This battle is to be between me and Horus. None of you may interfere.

Seth then looked directly at Horus, and said, Come at me and die.

Horus was more than ready to engage in battle but had one final question to ask Seth.

Tell me one thing Seth, if AmonRa did come to visit you, what would you have done?

I would have bowed before him. Honor him, and then kill him, Seth answered.

There was nothing else to say. The two gods met in the center of the palace, and then their swords clashed.

Almost immediately Seth went on the defensive. He had never been challenge before by someone that equal his might, and the strength of Horus shocked him.

Seth reel back while blocking all of Horus’s blow without being able to sneak in a single swipe of his own sword. Horus continue to smash his blade up and down, and left and right while desperately trying to smite Seth head off of his body.

Horus finally managed to unleash a blow that was to devastating for Seth to defend against, and the dark pharaoh felt down to his knees while holding down his sword as if it were a shield. Horus then swung his sword down again, and broke the weapon of Seth right in half.

His power is tremendous! Seth thought, as Horus was humbling him.

Horus then lifted his sword back up and went to remove Seth head but Seth scattered away and ditched the decisive blow. Horus lift up high into the air, pointed his weapon at Seth and plunged down like a comet. Yet he missed Seth again! Even worse, after he landed, Horus realized that his weapon was stolen from him!

Not only did Seth ditched his attack but he had manage to steal Horus’s sword in the process.

How he do that? Horus thought as he docked underneath his own sword that Seth had stolen from him. The legend was true, Seth is a warrior king.

Meanwhile, outside the halls of Seth’s palace, a storm began fest up throughout the sky of all Eden. The sky grew dark and violent, yet it was a light shining through the darkness. The elements were following the battle between Seth and Horus. Every time Seth was winning in the battle, the sky grow more darker and more violent, and if Horus began to take an advantage in the battle, the light grew more brighter and overcoming the darkness.

And from the forest of Kemis, Isis, Nefte, and Thoth watch the struggle looming in the sky above them. And from the depth of the Underworld, Anubis, and Osiris could feel the earth above quakes, and trembles. And from the holy sun ship of AmonRa, the king of the gods watch the storm brew below him. The light exuding from his ship would either deem or grow brighter, and AmonRa knew why his cycle of life was being challenge so much.

Though I would prefer to interfere, this is not my battle. If Seth wins and my ship’s light grows weak, then that is the will of nature. And if Horus wins and my light eradicate the darkness, then that is the will of nature. Although I cheer for Horus, none may interfere in the fight between Seth and Horus. It is the most important contest that this world would ever know, and it must be settle one on one, Said AmonRa.

Meanwhile, inside the palace, Seth has gone on the offensive, and Horus was without a weapon, and had been reduce to dodging every strike Seth tried to cripple him with. He managed to connect with a few punches and kicks but none of his strikes were capable of rattling Seth. He was not able to hit Seth with his full power while trying to avoid Seth’s powerful swipe at the same time!

Horus knew he was in a very dangerous position, and if he does not make a brazen move to regain the advantage, Seth for sure will kill him.

Horus took a daring chance when the sword hedged closer to him again. He swatted the side of the blade away with the palm of his hands, and grabbed on to Seth’s throat!

Seth choked, and staggered while caught in Horus’s iron like grasp.

His grip is unbreakable..! Seth thought.

With Seth throat in one hand, Horus use his other hand to bash his fist unto Seth’s face over, and over.

Seth wave it like a defenseless puppet but then manage to use what is left off his strengths before it had completely sipped out of him.

He swung his sword again, and when he did, Horus left arm is cut off of his body! Horus released Seth, and screams to the heavens. Seth wanted to kill him then and there but he was too wounded from being choked to continue his assault right away. He took a brief interlude to regain his wit, and then swung the sword at Horus again.

Horus was severely wounded but was still a mighty god. Even when missing an arm, and wrecked with a mobilizing pain, he manage to kicked Seth’s nemesis in the gut before he could deliver the killing blow.

Seth falls back, and his sword dropped away from his hand. Horus picks it up, and stab down, then Seth rolled down of the way leaving the sword to clank against the marble floor.

Seth then wrapped around Horus, and from behind place a choke hold onto his nephew.

No! He is too fast! Said Horus, as he started to black out while Seth strangle the life away from him. He could hear Seth chuckling while he held tied against Horus. Horus struggles to break free but Seth only squeeze harder against every move Horus made.

Horus then let go of his sword not because he had lost the battle. He need it a free arm to unleash Seth from his throat.

The two continue to struggle more, Horus’s one harm against both of Seth’s.

Then when Seth begins to feel his fingers slip, he knew Horus would break the stranglehold, and decided to let go so he can grab the sword that Horus has giving up.

Seth lunge for the sword but when he went to pick it up, he couldn’t. Horus has stepped on the sword after he dropped it, and by the time Seth realize that fact, Horus slogged him right in the face with his only arm. The punch lifted Seth right into the air, sending his body into a tailspin, and when he landed, his body rolled along the palace floor as if it was a pebble that has been tossed from a mountain top.

Horus then picked up his sword and charge at Seth. Seth crumbled to his feet dazed, and attempted to side step Horus’s charge.

Seth did manage to move out of the way but he did not do so on scathe. Seth did not feel the pain right away but when he saw that Horus had cut off his right arm, he ball out a cry of pain that all of Eden heard.

Both Seth and Horus are missing an arm. Blood run down on both of their faces, and neither had any energy left to continue fighting at such of pace. Neither had the vitality to continue challenging each other. Neither had the mental clarity to plan the next move.

Both were spent but the fight between them and the struggle between the light and the dark outside the palace could not end until one had emerge as the undisputed winner.

Horus knew that he was going to have to take a chance, so he charged Seth again.

Seth saw Horus rushing with the sword.

Without planning, Seth charged back at him! Both of the gods were past any strategic point. The fight had devolve into force versus force, and will versus will.

Horus swung his sword but Seth caught his harms, and then twill Horus up off his feet and held him into the palace wall. The sword spun in the air and Seth snatched it out of the sky before rushing tip first directly at Horus.

Horus was flat against the wall but not without his own defenses. He curled up his only hand into a fist, and threw out a punch that was guided by faith. His mighty blow made contact with the sword, smashed through the steel, and then cracked Seth directly between the eyes.

Seth fell flat on his back.

Horus knew that was his opportunity to end the battle but his strengths have left him. He dropped to both knees, then tried to get  up but dropped down again.

What can I do? How can this battle be ended? Horus said.

While Horus is trying to conceive of a plan, Seth pounds back and tackled Horus down to the floor. He mounted atop Horus and began to smash his fist against his beak, breaking it in the process.

Horus started to black out again. Blood covers his eyes, and the pain was sucking out what little will he has left.

Seth is much too powerful a fighter. I can’t remove destruction with destruction. It must be another way, Horus thought.

Seth continue to pummel Horus to a pulp, screaming maniacally at him as he was doing so.

Die Horus! Die like your father. Die the same way I will kill Isis when I find her. Die like all the mortals fools that are at the mercy of my storms. Serve your purpose and die! You were born to be kill by me, and solidify my status as the true king of the gods. Die! Died! Died! Die and take the dim light with you to the Duat.

The light. The light. Those words entered Horus mind…

And then he understood how to truly defeat Seth!

Horus stopped fighting back as Seth rained down blow after blow upon him. Horus is focusing all of his energy and thoughts only on the concept of light.

Then the ball of light that is always shinning on top of Horus’s head ever since he was born, grew brighter and brighter.

What is this? Seth said as he started be blinded by the light. Seth released Horus and started to back away from him.

Horus was too physically weak to stand but the light continue to grow brighter and brighter.

The entire palace begin to glow as one solid white pillar. And the storm that is ravaging Eden outside the palace begun to subside. And the light from AmonRa’s ship started to shattered the darkness, and brighten the suns of Eden.

I feel my strengths returning… Horus said.

And then Horus slowly stood up as the light is pouring over him.

Seth, Horus spoke. If I cannot kill you, then I will have to blind you into submission. The light can repair all including my wounds and all yours errors of judgements.

While glowing in the radiant light, the cells of Horus’s body begun to vibrate. The stump that was his severed arm twitched, then quivered, and then his arm grew back!

And the rest of his wounds then began to recovered, and Horus quickly return to a pristine and godly condition.

Seth did not see any of this. He had been blinded by the light.

Stop it! Turn the light off! Said Seth, shouting.

No, Seth. I will not dim this light until you admit defeat. Announce to all of Eden that you are giving up the throne. If you do I will show you mercy, Horus said.

Never!! Seth shouted.

Then Seth, you will be blinded for eternity.

Seth rose and cried while being drown by the light. He tried to resist but he knew that Horus’s had won the battle. Horus has basted him.

I will never admit defeat! I will rather die than submit!

Seth used his last ounce of power to  summon a last bolt of lightning. Then the storm outside the palace entirely dissipated, and all of the violent energy that was contain in his violent storm collected into one final bolt of lightning that blasted through the roof of the palace and struck Seth.

He was vaporized upon impact, and sent to the Underworld below.

Horus has won.

He had conquer Seth.

Many different things happened after Horus had declare the winner. He announced to all of Eden that Seth had been remove from the throne, and crowned himself as the new pharaoh.

Yet Horus’s reign was short lived. He decided to hand over the crown to the mortals.

The gods will continue to watch over the men and women of Eden but Horus had recognize that the time has come for the people to think for themselves, and also learn to govern themselves, as each individual is unique, and special. Each individual is gifted with special qualities that would contribute to make a difference to the continuance of the creation and the greatest good.

Isis and Nefty rejoined with Horus after Seth death. And the three of them buried Seth’s temple underneath the sand, and then went about helping the mortals of Eden

There was much work to be done after Seth long reign as pharaoh. And the cults of Osiris and Isis is founded under the guidance of Isis and Nefty. And then, they are honor with faith and reverence from there forward.

Horus will remain as the defender of justice. Whenever his light of truth is needed, Horus would charge into action and defend the innocents from the wicked.

Along with being honor as the god of light, Horus also became known as the god of restoration.

Horus later fell in love with the goddess Hathor and conceive four children with her. Their names are Happy, Inceptive, Quebesenueve, and Duamuteve.

When Seth killed himself and was send to the Underworld. Anubis greeted him. In the Underworld Anubis is far more powerful than Seth, and Seth never raise a hand of rebellion against Anubis.

Anubis lead Seth to Osiris who has become king of the Underworld.

Osiris forgives Seth from his misgiving and told him that if he never steps out of line, then Seth would be giving a special temple in the Underworld.

Seth reluctantly agree to Osiris’s term and hid away in his temple where he never has to see the light of Horus or AmonRa ever again.

Horus has won. He restored balance to nature. This victory opened up a new path in the evolution of worlds. For the first time since the gods had descend down to Eden, the future of mankind is giving directly to the humans themselves. For they are responsible for their own destinies.


We need to understand that these facts are based upon principality= energy= force= frequencies.= the elements= consciousness.= knowing. Do not make the mistake to think that the characters within this history are regular humans, although some facts, and similarities apply, and the fact as well that these gods and goddesses can take any form at will. That is besides the original forms bestowed upon them by AmonRa, as for example, the goddess Maat’s original forms that are those of a feather, and as well that of a regular woman. Further, if AmonRa had Isis, and Nefte working together with Osiris restoring nature, do not think for a second that this apply to the humans making love to their own maternal brothers, and along with their own maternal sisters. Further, it is No where written by the gods that a man is allow to have more than one wife at the same time. People can do whatever they wish but is it moral? And do you think that us would ever dare to challenge an order by the highest God for his own descendants? We think not!

We need also understand that when Osiris died, a new god of restoration need it be born or we all would had perished a long, long time ago. A new phase for the evolution of mankind, and the creation started with the death of Seth as pharaoh off Eden, and the rise of Horus as the leading god. A New Testament is in place, or should we say, new laws are in place that would affect the final destiny of our humanity here within upper Eden, and the Underworld. A new revolution started where this humanity is the only one responsible for it even if we breathe the same air as does all the existence.

We also need with hearts and minds understand that the struggles of Horus finding his own destiny+ and the light within him, apply to us as well. Think for a minute, Horus all along had the powerful light not only within him, but on top of his skull, yet he did not comprehended it fully until he woke up in that blink of an eye moment when his life is at stake by the most evil god ever created, sucking the last drop of life essence out of him. Do this sound like something we can relate too? You bet. We all need coming out from the darkness into the light sooner than later. We all need to cross our own abyss that is full of fear.  We all need our own inner liberation. Which comes to mind, when Horus woke up into the light, and when he became the pharaoh of Eden after Seth’s death, it was not long after that he realized that he need Not be a pharaoh after all. He had a better idea. He decided with his mother and aunt go on helping the humans throughout all of Alkebulan.= all throughout the entire planet. Horus became a real man. A real man does not belong to a nation, a race, a society, an ideal, or religion. A real man belongs for the whole of humanity.

It is Horus with his entire family that are still here on earth helping us grow, or coming out from our own struggles just as he did. These gods are walking among us every day of our lives. These gods are also within us. These gods are forever here until the end time when we all enter the path of light= knowing. Without these gods here, life would be impossible, and the renewal of the creation wouldn’t be able to reproduce each year. These gods have been our protectors. And No, no other race has ever entered our earth’s spheres. AmonRa would never had allowed this to happened. And No, no other gods had ever been created after all the mentioned, and No, none of them had an elongated skull, or big round eyes, and or head as that of a human, and body as that of a lion, nor is there any reptilian species that disguise in human body. None. What we hear and see are imagination of evil vices=  legions that have taking over the human’s mind.

According to Thoth, the god of wisdom, he warned twelve thousand years ago of the not yet born men from the suppose West with theirs evil minds. We say “suppose West” because the division of the hemispheres are for keeping track of the sun navigation, and the calculations of the seasons during the year, not to divide the species, create wars, and invade foreign lands. The Western Hemisphere consists of the entire continent of the Americas+ the Caribbean Islands, the Western portions of Europe, and Africa, the Eastern tip of Siberia (Russia), numerous territories in Oceania, and half of Antarctica. Thoth warned that all the mysteries of the creation, and the gods be hidden until the right time came for telling the truth, do the disrespect the men from the West would display against the creation where ever they would go. He said that the truth should be spread in form of religion. And thus religions are born mixed with truth and lies about the gods and nature, where till these days is an array of confusion for all humanity. Regardless, Thoth knew that the real truth, no matter what, is imbedded within our own innate body cells, inclusive our hearts Center, and when we all find ourselves in the path of light, all would be reveal to us by the gods themselves. The kingdom of god is within us,= this is not a coincidence.

Now we all should understand very well who is Adam and Eve.= Shoo and Tefnut, the first children of Atum,= the intrinsic principle of male,+ and female form. And who is Abraham?= Osiris that had a wife named Sarah, and had a son later in life= son is Isaac= Horus. Sarah= Isis. This is according to the Christian Bible. Then according to the Muslims, and Jews, Abraham’s wife, Sarah could not have children, therefore, god tells Abraham to commit adultery with his house assistant,= Hagar, so she can get pregnant and have a son for him and Sarah. Sarah approved. And then long after the son is born, there it is much confusion with the family about the son, and his mother, Hagar. The name of the son is Ishmael, or Ismael= Horus. Hagar= Nefte, the sister of Isis. And now Abraham [supposedly] has two sons= Isaac and Ishmael. Then God tests Abraham about his love for him, and ordered Abraham to kill, and or sacrifice his son Ishmael somewhere in the wild.= Thoth preparing Horus= the lamb of God, or the descendant from the gods with knowledge before he confronts Seth in battle. Accordingly, the forefathers of Abraham were from a distant land call Mesopotamia= from the blue ocean sky that name is Nuit. Then Yahweh led Abraham on a journey to the land of Canaan which he promised to his children.= Yahweh= Jehova= Gaef. Canaan= the direct point of landing that name is Eden. Further, Muhammed and his family, we speculate, and if he ever existed, possessed in hands some hidden transcripts, and or manuscripts from the writings, and or the books of Thoth. Thoth always has been the architect= messenger from Atum. They also could have had the history of god Seth+ that of Horus re-written to their liking, either by Muhammed’s team, or someone else. Angel Gabriel= Thoth. Muhammed seems being a mixture between that from Osiris, Horus, Seth, and Thoth. Keep in mind that Muhammed was supposedly a warrior. Keep also in mind that in history we have two warriors= Horus,+ and Seth. Muhammed may never had exists. He very well had been a fairy tale from the real facts, but worry not, Muhammed is not the only one! Further, sacrificial, and or harming any human in any form, and inclusive for any animal has never ever been inspired by the gods, except for Seth that did want to kill his own family, and or anyone that got on his way due the stupidities of his jealousy+ and his violent temper. Remember that AmonRa warned Seth about him controlling his temper.

In Christian Bible, the story of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.= Isis, Thoth, and Horus. Remember that Thoth was with Isis as often as he need it be when she was pregnant and after Horus was born. The carpenter, and or the architect= Thoth= Joseph was always by Isis’s side= Mary’s side, is it not? And who is Lazaro?= the resurrected Osiris. Who is Abel and Cain, the brother that killed and or the brother that betrayed his own brother?= Osiris+ and Seth disputes. Who is Noah?= Thoth that took pregnant Isis to the magical land= forest at Kemis after the entire region was sunk, and or destroyed by Seth’s furious storms= the flood. And by the way, where the Mediterranean Ocean is, is where a heavenly Island was sunk twelve thousand years ago by a flood that affected many physical changes worldwide. This Island has been call Atlantis by many scholars, but we call it The Old Eden that connected to the Pacific Ocean at one end, and to the Atlantic Ocean at the other end. Political prostitutes decided later on shifting the location of the “suppose” sunken Atlantis Island to the Atlantic Ocean, due to another convenient project in mind. Keep in mind that the Pacific Ocean with time gave birth to smaller oceans as the Indian Ocean, etc.  And who was Mosses= a scholar, and or spiritual magician born way after the former Anubian civilization that had nothing to do with the descendants from Atum. You would be jaws dropped when we tell you the real story of Mosses, coming real soon! The name “Israel” first appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name given by God to the patriarch Jacob (Genesis 32:28). Jacob= Isaac= Horus= struggling= wrestling with Esau= Seth.= Horus defeated Seth in battle, and it should be the god that would defend the land of Eden according to the gods. Further, Horus, Nefte, and Isis also= Israel.

According to Zvi Koliz (1993), referred to Jacob “wrestling with God”. As a result of the hip injury suffered while wrestling, Jews are prohibited from eating the meat tendon attached to the hip socket (sciatic tendon) as mentioned in the count of Genesis 32:32.= the Jews never would accept the real facts of history, except their own making. But read more confusion. Isaac, in the Old Testament (Genesis), second of the patriarchs of Israel, the only son of Abraham and Sarah, and father of Esau and Jacob. What? Are they saying that Isaac= Horus is the father of Jacob, and Esau? Or that Abraham= Osiris had three sons that are Isaac, Jacob, and Esau? This we cannot make clear in the Jewish texts. The only fact here is that Isaac= Horus, is the second patriarch= pharaoh of Eden after the first patriarch that was his father, Osiris. But there are more blasphemes. Genesis 21: 1-7, when Isaac was eight days old, Abraham circumcised him as commanded by god.= Baby Isaac= Horus got bitten by a snake, and his mother Sarah= Isis with her magical healing powers safe baby Horus from the snake poison! And in case you are not aware, circumcision is against nature, and it is a ritual by the so call Jews to do harm to young males, and to collect the foreskin for cosmetics purpose! AND further, what about king Harrod sending to kill all newborn?= when Seth was king of Eden, and when he found out that Isis is pregnant with the son of his enemy, it is obvious that he wants his son kill, as well as his mother, thus he set up a covert operation of snakes agents to kill the baby and mother where ever they may be. And what about the story of Daniel and the lions?= Osiris is sent to the Duat, where there he is king. We all can figure out the rest, right? AND who is King David, the one that his temple has never been found, and that supposedly is in the suppose State of Israel.= Osiris, the one that his remains+ and temple will never be found by this humanity. And who are Ester, and Rebeca, the Jewish most loved women= blasphemies related to Isis+ and Nefte. And who is the father, the son, and the holy spirit?= Osiris, Horus, and Isis. Or you can say it is= the father= Gaef= Yahweh= Earth+ the son= Osiris, or Horus,+ the holy spirit= Shoo and Teftnet.= (( Amen))= AmomRa= Atum.

The facts are that within the Jewish,+ and the Muslims texts they have depicted the ancients ones as adulterous, lovers of immorality, baby killers, women haters,+ and vicious greedy ones that are on sprees looking for gold,+ and land grabbing regardless of the consequences. Which lead us to the Sumerian Texts= same thing. And so does the Hindu Religion, and the Mayan. They are all derivatives from the ancient Anubian history. In Hinduism, Krishna= Thoth. Arjuna= Horus. Shiva= Seth. Vishnu= Gaef. Goddess Devi= Nuit. Kundalini= Appep. Brahma= Atum= AmonRa. And about the Mormon= vomiting.

And who in truth is Jesus? According to the Jewish texts, he was a descendant from the [suppose] twelve tribes of Israel, but this would be a subject for another day. Jesus in truth is a mixture of Osiris,+ and Horus. Osiris, the one that was crucify in a coffin by his own brother Seth, and then after resurrected from the dead to safe mankind from a very dark Eden. Something that never could had been achieved if not by means of love between a man and a woman. Then he died again the second time by the same brother, only to be crowned after as the king of the living because he was once a ruling king within upper Eden; and then king of the dead because AmonRa+ and Anubis bestowed upon him be the king for the dead in the Duat. Meaning Osiris would decide the fate of humanity after we died as ordered by our own Creator. Osiris is our redeemer, who’s name is Jesus according to Christianity. However, the other Jesus we are referring too is call the anointed one= the successor, or chosen one, or the one that leads. He is also call the son of the Father.= Horus is the one chosen by Atum for leading this humanity after Osiris death. He is also the god of order, peace, restoration, courage, and love along with his counsel+ and wife, goddess Hathor. He is the one that with his sword would strike down the wicked. He is the son of the father= the son of Osiris, the first patriarch, and or first pharaoh that ruled the worldwide republic name Eden/Alkebulan, also known as earth, Africa, Israel, and Jerusalem. Osiris ruled this earth for twelve thousand years until his very own son inherited his virtues and responsibility.

Is everything making sense now? The mystery of Jesus is now solved, and so are all those from all the religions around the world, is it not?

So Osiris= Jesus, and also Horus= Jesus? And who else do you think is Horus? You all should have guessed by now. Alright then, who is that handsome man with a sword surrounded by the color of deep blue sky? And why is he identify with this color? Answer,= he is the grandson of the goddess Nuit,= the blue ocean sky above us! And why should he be the leader of this upper Eden? Answer,= he is the grandson of god Gaef= the earth itself. He is also the great grandchild of Atum= the NUN. Which come to think, responsible family do look after each other, right?

Archangel Michael!











And quote: “At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered. ~ Daniel 12:1

Thank you, we know you knew all along. Archangel Michael= Horus= our commander in chief! Horus never disappeared from earth, and if he ever would have done this, earth would have gone into ashes long, long time ago. Archangel Michael does have an army of assistants that work diligently by his side, inclusive Thoth, and goddess Maat. And by the way, goddess Maat is incarnated right now as we speak here on earth. She is leading the way, and from order from Atum, finishing up the immorality, and corruption after twelve thousands years of wars, famine, genocide, and the degradation, and or the degeneration of the species. All species. Further, she would be bringing prosperity all across the planet as well, by forming for what we can discern it would be a worldwide republic, and or each country individually being sovereign, yet all connected to ALL under natural law. Enough said about the goddess of transparency.

It is written within the book of time that Horus achieved the Diamond Initiation from the gods. This is the highest initiation the gods would grant to their own lineage. Once this initiation is achieved, one is par and par with AmonRa. Meaning, the chosen one can drive the sun ship off AmonRa, and he can take any form that he wishes at will. And according to Archangel Michael, we all have similar capabilities, only though our light force rests within our hearts Center. Remember that Horus= Archangel Michael was born on surface earth just like all of us. Archangel Michael said that he does not need be revere as a god, but as a friend for us all. He also emphasize for us all discern our own Perceptions. Archangel Michael is a very powerful warrior, and he likes doing the right thing. He is the god of justice, and every day he is doing good all throughout the planet! We may call Archangel Michael with any issues we may have, inclusive him cleaning our entire body from any implants that the evil ones may have implanted within us. He may also grant a sword to those that he sees fit for their own protection. Some of us have had many encounters throughout the years with Archangel Michael, and I will like sharing one. For example, I love taking pictures, and my camera is always by my side in my car. I love taking nature’s pictures, and specially the sunrise, the ocean, etc. Anyways, one evening I was driving home, and I do not know what I was thinking but for sure I was not near thinking taking any pictures any time soon. Suddenly, I received a message from Michael where he says if I was going to miss the sunset display? I said, What? And when I looked up the sky there it is almost smack on my face, the most beautiful sunset! I rushed to park the car, and quickly grabbing my camera because the sunset is disappearing by the second! I started shooting in all directions to get the best shot of what it was left from the stunning sunset. Then after, I laughed so hard, and at the same time feeling dumb because I never ever would had missed taking a great sunset shot if I saw it, which is why I think Michael brought that to my attention. I thanks him very, very much! This happened years ago. See picture below:97A3A965-A4C9-4E0A-BB9F-078A37F282EA_4_5005_c

So just as god Anubis delivered Seth to the redeemer= Osiris; Prince Michael will delivered his people to him, too. How cool is this? It is no wonder that after The New Testament, new laws would also arise. Could it be that Osiris and Michael both will have mercy on us? And if this is so, do this means that we all, millions of years from now would remember the parts we played during Earth bound?  Would we be able to keep the records of our own journeys for eternity? Wow! That would be cool. And we wonder if we could ever apply for a position working for Archangel Michael. Or are we already hired by Michael as a team working together for the greatest good. The answer is Yes! Archangel Michael is the Christ= the chosen warrior. And further, he is the one that will decide the fate for all corrupt governments around the world, and [they] should fear his sword. He is the one that has the corona= the golden crown of light that would spread light together with us to the entire world. The people are the worldwide corona phenomenon= we are the gold= the currency= the power, and those that would fuck with the innocents, will have a painful death. The light= is the truth that would restore all things, and even all errors of judgements. The truth with the facts at hands would bring us together as ONE responsible human race. Horus= Archangel Michael= Jesus?

And Quote:

Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.  ~New Testament Book of Matthew, Chapter 10, Verse 34

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jeremiah 29:11

‘The woman said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming” (who is called Christ). “When He comes, He will tell us all things.” Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am He.” ~John 4:24-26

“As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it, and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace–but now it is hidden from your eyes.”~ Luke 19:41-42      

During the writing manifestation of these facts, the intention was heard by all the gods we are speaking off here, and they wanted to verify who I was. AmonRa appeared to me as a shy military general that wanted to check me out, and when he found out where I was at, he let me know that he saw me, and that I would know that it was him. Atum heard all the noises I was making, and within a white cloud on a clear sky, I saw the most beautiful blue eyes that with kindness were staring at me until they vanished within the white clouds, and he knew that I saw him, and that I would know that it was him. Isis and Nefte came to visit me, and showing me a pair of used sandals. They told me that Nefte is to Isis same as the left shoe is to the right shoe, or the right foot is to the left foot. In another way, they showed me that they are fit for being near each other. Archangel Michael visit often, and sometimes he is not happy with things I should be doing. Regardless, I tend to immediately correct my negligence if he acknowledge it! Goddess Maat appeared to me as a flying feather among a huge multitude of people on a busy street, and she knew I saw her, and I would know that it was her. Thoth is now days, Archangel Metatron, and he knows I love him. The feeling is mutual. Goddess Nuit showed me that this humanity is entering the path of light, and no one would be left behind. No one. This happened years ego. Further, I had a few encounters with Seth, which I will discuss further in another project. Regardless, Seth wanted to check me out this time again, and he appeared to me faster than the speed of light displaying a tiny, tiny storm of dark clouds that he manifested around a tiny portable cooking range I have in my room! He did this to show me that he knows what I am doing, and what I am saying about him. And he knew I would know that it was him. Seth is whom we call from millenniums, Satan.

And we quote: “The supreme guide in life is knowledge.” ~ Ataturk

THE END   ~LFabre

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