As our birth right authority command: Demand for the protection for our children on every corner of this entire earth+ all living creatures.

: For our birth right authority to have our daily needs being met= abundance+ exponential spiritual growth+ harmony worldwide.

: The destroying: Taking down for all those that are doing the atrocities for destroying: Kidnapping: Sacrificing our children for demonic cause covertly+ overly. This include the Royals from England that are the main perpetrators for these hideous crimes. AS we all know they are Jesuits criminals [Queen Elizabeth] that do any thing to cover her= their crimes, inclusive for the latest Royal wedding that was a cover up for what is taking place recently about the seriousness of their crimes being expose for the entire world being witnessing it+ the arrest of journalist Tommy Robinson that was recently exposing pedophilia within England, that of course their Royals are involve+ their counter parts= all corporal thugs+ judges that do not work for the people[+ Theresa May]. Further they are the same perpetrators that killed Princess Diana due the cause that she found out: Could not accept: Be part for the fact that the so famous Royals [Jesuits=Jews that are Not Jews= Demons liars] were: are involve in child sacrifice+ along with the Chinese+ Russians demons are all involve in the destruction+ slavery of the entire planet earth with its inhabitants.

: We are commanding the release for Tommy Robinson Immediately without prejudice+ with prejudice.

: We are commanding that all children that are being separated from their parents be immediately return to their parents without prejudice+ with prejudice.

: We are commanding the liberation of planet earth+ all its living systems from the worldwide demons that have us all enslave= serving them for their own lavish demonic pleasures+ greed.

: For it is our birth right inheritance for us all commanding: Demanding: Proclaiming our liberty. Our freedom. Our abundance. Our happiness. Our spiritual growth. Our health.

~ – = For we are calling the manifestation for a peaceful. Loving. Courageous humanity that is responsible for the betterment for all our living systems for planet earth.

: We are commanding for all the people be aware within their communities [worldwide] for anything suspicious concerning our children be report to all authorities immediately+ getting together and solve the issue if so desire. If you see something say something.

: We the people together we stand against destroying the creation.

So be it be it so


Watch this informative video below from our Timothy Holmseth that has been fighting the criminals ever since him exposing the Pizzagate= Pedogate within this country. He has been going through hell as a journalist for doing this, inclusive being arrested+ being harassed with his own life. The occult mafia= Deep State= worldwide demons do not want the American people knowing their hideous crimes. Unfortunately, it is too late. ~ – = For all are being held liable+ accountable for crimes+ Terminated. Destroy. Cease and desist. Bury.

: Let freedom reign. Let freedom reign. Let freedom reign!

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~ the people


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