There is a Place for You



There is the idea in the world that everyone on Earth is to be possessed of certain qualities.

In certain times and places in the world, there is a list of the good qualities you are to be made of. In other times in the world, there may be a list of different qualities you are to be made of and a different list of the qualities you are absolutely not to be made of.

I remind you that I made you as you are.

A lot depends upon how you view your situation. Of course, the world undoubtedly thinks it knows just how everything is supposed to be. When all is said and done, how much does the world really know?

Regardless of what qualities in time and space are seen as masculine or feminine, successful or unsuccessful, or wildly popular or unpopular, you are you, and you are meant to be you. You do not have to meet the world’s changing standards.

You do not have to be like everyone else or even like anyone else. You are meant to grow into the tree I made you to be, not as ordered to, but as you are.

You are growing by leaps and bounds. You are My beloved. You are just right for Me. It is wise to follow your deep desires and not someone else’s.

Some of My children can divide themselves into categories – Clark Kent by day, and Superman by night.

Not everyone can divide himself or herself into categories. Not everyone can be a great mother figure and a strong businesswoman on the same day. Not everyone can be one way here and another way there, nor do you have to be. Some others may be able to, but not you. I say you are to be you, as I gave you to be.

There is a place in this world for everyone.

Softness could be your true make-up and your true strength. You are not to bemoan your softness and, by some decree, be false to yourself and achieve harshness because the world says harshness is called for. Do I call for harshness?

It is not for you to be other than you are. Do not rue your soft heart. Soft-heartedness may well be the power I have given you.

You don’t have to feel that you capitulate with soft-heartedness. Listen, you are a great ship that sails the seas. So what if you are unlike other ships? You ride the waves, up and down. You don’t have to be a battleship, nor an underwater submarine. You are not a shark. Okay, you may be a minnow, yet a minnow reaches places and serves the Ocean in ways that a whale cannot.

If your heart is your strength, your heart is your strength.

You do not need to bump heads. It may well be for you to let go of the world ideas of what you are supposed to be, perhaps as written in this month’s Vogue. You may be a unique kind of Queen or Queenship, or unique kind of King or Kingship.

What if you could allow yourself to be as you are and be glad? What if you are The Quiet Queen or King? What if you are the King or Queen of Ebbing Waters. The King or Queen of Deep Waters. The Almost Invisible King or Queen. The Right Brain Queen or King. The Illusive King or Queen. The King or Queen of Still Waters.

What if you are Royalty in a Canoe? Royalty Who Does Not Have to Reach Shore? Royalty Who Can Drift Along on a Lagoon. Royalty Who Needs No Defense. Royalty Who Need Not Refuse or Accept? Royalty of Quiet Waters. Royalty of Embrace.

What if you allowed yourself to be as you are? If you are not a warrior in your heart, you don’t have to assume the semblance of a warrior.

It may be that you have been at war with yourself in this lifetime. Now uphold your own true nature. Now it is A-OK for you to be you. You are not shabby. Maybe you are not to have sharp edges.

You do not have to hold yourself up by your bootstraps to ascribe to yourself what you are not.

I made you to be you. I did not make you to be a show, production, or on an assembly line. I made you simply you.



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