The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Must Cease and Desist

0379D05D-6DB9-4CF0-AD26-4CBD066655E9It is obvious the crimes against our humanity by our own so call politicians that have been disguising as our public servants within our government agencies. It is beyond comprehension for anyone that can fathom the severity of these crimes by people we thought we could trust!!

The scheme is understood.

Cancer, heart blood pressure, diabetes,  organs transplants, Knees surgeries, prescriptions drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, and Vaccinations galore for children and adults, etc, etc., are the schemes for making money, inclusive children and adults  exploitation. A predicted $60 billions industry a year by 2020. Now we understand all the made up viruses as are SARS, AID, Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika, Birds Flu, Y2K,  West Nile Virus, Anthrax,  Disney Measles, E. Coli, and latest CoronaVirus!

The fuckwits are the same ones that causes the diseases, and the same ones that want to cure the diseases. And to think they cover themselves with laws that they themselves created in order being protected for theirs own evil actions.

How convenient, is it not?

The American people are furious, and ready to rain on these criminals any which way, inclusive hanging many of them on public view.

Further, the Pharmaceutical industry must cease and desist, and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program must be as well. Let the American people bring to justice these criminals and sue out of them all that they can get, inclusive their last breath. And these includes [ALL] the so call scientists from ALL the suppose prestigious laboratories from our suppose prestigious universities within our nation, and abroad, especially in countries like China, and India, etc., that are very well accomplice to these hideous crimes.

Meanwhile, we advice all families within The United States,  and from all countries STOP vaccinating their children at once! Send to hell any agent that is pursuing you do harm to your own children in order for them fill theirs own pockets. Also remember to watch what you intake! Do thrive to eat a balance meal each day that have vital nutrients for you and your family.

It is time discarding what no longer serve their useful purpose. It is time having the culprits be responsible for their own actions. It is time for the allege corporal USA/US be bury perpetuity, and along their evil laws that are against the creation. so be it! ~Lfabre

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