The Jews that are not










The Jew that are not are the Demons destroying our societies.

We are going to send a warning to all humanity to be vigilant of the deceptions, crimes, and genocides committed to our race by the Demons that are on surface earth in human body.

These demons have us so under their control that we do not see them!

These are the demons, the money changers that two thousands years ago Jesus/Yahweh condemned then, and now. These are the demons that are within our government, and in every county of our nation disguised as county clerk, police, and inclusive of the corporate and private judicial system, runs by the fuck tarts judges, attorneys and esquires (that are buried), taking pride in the suffering of our people. They are the ones that take the lawful, and civil rights of our people in whatever way one can think, inclusive of fabricating, and or hypothecating loans that “they” themselves never loaned us, thus making us slaves to pay them the fucking loan that never was, to these criminals. They would, if we do not pay our mortgage loan, put us on the streets, regardless of who you are! And they even have the audacity of disguising as our lawful government, meaning with false pretense when in truth all they are/have is a registration of their business/corporation with the “STATE WHORE” that only cost them $50- 100 dollar to register, something that no one needs, unless we like to pay taxes! Something that under no existing law we, the American people need to pay to any corporation call government.

Taxes is theft.

There it is a courtroom judge in New York City that daily processed thousands of foreclosures with no pity for any family, none. This judge is praised as a “God” by the police, and the former attorneys, and esquires that support and protect him in committing these atrocities. This judge is a Jew, a demon, and so are members of the BAR/attorneys, and all the small demons around them.

Scenarios like this one are happening every day across our country. Further these are the same Jews of the BIG STATE WHORE of corporations that everyone adores, and praise to be a member of, not knowing that in truth one is being control by their system of deception, and at the same time taking away your constitutional rights. These are the same Jews that disguise in synagogues as the real Jews, when in truth they are Maloch/Lucifer worshipers that are trading/ turning in humanity to their god by means of sacrifice/killing/destroying us any way possible in order for their God and them have the surface earth to themselves!

Now we begin to make since of everything around us, now we see the truth as it is, the truth of the killing of our children, and the fact of having us all destroying each other one way or another, even displacing us from our own country, and running like chickens with no heads in places that we do not know, and do not need us.

This is insane!

We have lost our humanity, and we have lost our soul to these demos that are everywhere, inclusive of Hollywood, the media (that is part and parcel of pedophilia, they are the babies blood suckers, and that are covering the truth from the people. Why do you think they are not reporting these enormous crimes on television and news papers? It only makes the obvious a fact); and then we sports, and medical, that includes the BIG Pharmaceutical industry that only goal is to destroy us through medications, prescription drugs, and vaccinations, starting from the day we are born!

These are the same fucking Jews that owns the prison system, where every detainee is being use as a collateral for them to make money, not because they committed a crime. In another way, just about all the people in jail are there for profit, that is the goal, and do not get us started on genocidal agent, Bill Gates, a fucking Jew that should be kill sooner than later, including every governor in each state; and as well the dismantling of the number ONE Jewish mob, the CIA, whose head quarter is in Switzerland. Please link to: to read this important fact that most humanity are for certain not aware of.

WE the people; humanity need to wake up, and have courage to what it is taking place on our planet. We need to protect each other and fight for our survival or we are all gone to extinction. WE need to stop taking order that would harm our children, our environment, and or the air we need to survive, but most important we need to destroy those that are destroying us, and this start with the fucking Jews that are not.

We want them eliminated, and we are united with Yahweh, the Christ that is already born in the flesh here on planet earth especifically to command to their elimination, and for the survival of our humanity.

Meanwhile, we need to stop being whores of our own destruction and navigate the possibility of thinking that we have a heart, and that perhaps it is hope for us to regain it.

We have to have courage.

We have to come to the knowing that Christ is an army of light beings that are of courage, and that under any circumstances they do not take shit from entities that would destroy them. With this being said, lets start the fight for our survival with strategies that they’ll never think are being upon them. We need to boycott Hollywood, Disney World, not vaccinate our children, and do all we can to educate our children at home, as the public educational system is run by pedophiles that teaches sexual immorality, and assist in the kidnaping and killing of our children!

We need to learn basic law that protect us; we need to become our own lawyers! We need to form communities that serve us, and protect each other, not destroy each other.

We need to form ecclesia, or the people coming together in the community to bring about issues that are or are not of empowering us all.

We need to take control of our lives!

BE not afraid to speak up! Be the light! But important as well ask the divine host to guide us. Call upon them to help us all, as they are there to be of service if we are here to be of service for the betterment of all humanity and the planet, not of service to their destruction.

The madness has got to stop.


BE vigilant!


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