The American Spirit: Winter Solstice 2019, and Merry Christmas

winter-solstice-1-1200x834Happy Winter Solstice of 2019 Everyone: Merry Christmas!

Let us pray and gives thanks to our Sun God for letting us see a brand New Year again that starts for one with the Winter Solstice. Let gives him thanks for the light!

Not many people are aware of our Sun God that believe this or not is watching everything that we do from above. The name of our Sun God is AmonRa, and it is a written fact that AmonRa is the Sun, and the Sun is AmonRa. AmonRa is the son of ATUM= prime creator. However, there is no difference between prime creator and AmonRa, as prime creator is AmonRa and AmonRa is prime creator.

AmonRa is the father of all the gods= he is the one that created all other gods for specific mission here on earth. For example, he created the god of wisdom that name is Thoth, he also created Maat, the goddess of truth+ and transparency. He also created the goddess Sekmet or Hathor, the goddess Basted, and god Anubis. He also created goddess Isis, goddess Nefty, god Osiris, and god Seth. These gods+ and goddesses are still here on earth until the end of this round of creation. And they all have a specific function that ultimately is helping humanity+ and all creatures.

We should continue later on with these fascinating facts for everyone be aware of, as there are much more to learn! For now let us pray to our creator+ and all these vital gods for a New Year full of great events that would benefit our people+ and all creatures all throughout our planet earth.

Let us pray for us all being responsible for having our daily needs met for all,+ and us all being custodians for all the creation.

We pray mighty father, let our country The United States of America be the light of the world. Let our people be with courage, and never, ever let us get rid of our guns, our dignity, our moral values, and our freedom.


Let the Christ light be within our hearts all year long and beyond. Merry Christmas everyone!

Read about this Solstice here:

And enjoy these great musical videos that incline adoring our Sun God. The Christ. The light. ~LFabre  = this posting


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