Sustaining Love



It is so easy for you to feel loving when you are loved back the way you believe you must be loved back, absolutely must be loved back. Even as you know that people can only love as they love, you crave to be the Adored. 

To have once been enthroned on the pedestal only to be thrown off the pedestal you were put on or seemed to be put on feels to you like the greatest betrayal. You were given the brass ring, and then it was taken away from you. This leaves your heart raw. What you once counted on cannot be counted on anymore, and so you are distraught, and so you are bereft. But what really has happened, beloveds? A picture has been taken away from you. 
A pretty picture it was indeed, and it has been removed, taken away, and yet the love from another was never yours to own. It is not owed to you. Love simply does not work that way.

You feel that everything has changed, yet what has changed? The way someone feels about you, and, therefore, how you feel about yourself, as though you have flubbed another relationship and life itself once again. It comes back to you and how you feel about yourself. Be beloved of yourself. 

Thank God for love as it has been given to you. Love was wonderful. You had the illusion of owning it.

Your worth cannot be proved by the love given to you nor can your worth be disproved by love withdrawn. The fault in you is that you looked outside you for your sense of self-worth. No one but you is responsible for your sense of self-worth. I give it to you, and I do not withdraw My love and appreciation from you. But, even with Me, beloveds, as you know, you cannot look to Me to give you everything you want. I stay the same.

My love for you stays the same, and yet, no matter how much I bless you, I do not give you everything you want. Life in the world is not always on your terms. You may do well to withdraw your terms.

You equate so much with love. You may put all your eggs of self-worth in one basket.

Love means a lot, and, yet, love from another human being, is not everything.

It was everything to you, and then you were let down. Love from another is a great shawl around your shoulders, and, yet, a shawl is just a shawl. Love from another is a great thing, and, yet, the love in your own heart is better than love affixed on you from another.
If you want to be starry-eyed, look at the stars.

Ah, the sustenance of love. How do you maintain love? How do you maintain the love in your own heart? Do not let the love in your own heart become a turncoat. 

Your heart is meant to be warm, soft and viable. Your heart is never meant to be hardened. Massage your heart now with your thoughts of how love flows and flows through you. Soften your heart. Make it beat. Make it pliable. Help your heart to engage in love over heartache any day. 
Do not regret for even another five minutes more. Keep your love lively. Love always. 
No one betrayed you. No one wanted to. Is it betrayal for another’s heart to fluctuate? How quickly your own heart has fluctuated. Forgive yourself now so that your own heart can be restored to its rightful state. Your own heart is at the heart of the matter.



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