Mind Your Own Business


603942_490945090959293_1727407818_nWe at home need to put our foot down when come to feeding our family with the right nutritional elements. We do not need to start repeating ourselves by telling you that the food industry is poisoned, yes you hear us well. Many are the information’s that we can find in the net about this topic, so you by now should be well informed of who is Monsanto, but most important know that our country is a United States Corporation, meaning that the bad boys in Washington, the very ones that you think are representing us, are far, far from them doing that.

They only represent and care about their buddies that are spread out worldwide, and that identified themselves as Mobil, Shell, Pfizer, Monsanto, DuPont, McDonald, Starbucks, KFC, FDA, NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, the Education System, Federal Reserve (the mafia), and Federal Government to name just a few, because we’ll need a whole encyclopedia to fill out the names alone.

Which is why this has gotten so far out of hands, and far as we know it must stop now. These bad boys worldwide are like ants competing against each other on which ever ways they can to make more money FROM THE PEOPLE, which are the consumers that deceivingly and cunningly are driven to buy their shit if you will.

We need to wake up to these understandings, to this awareness so we cannot be taking as sheep’s or slaves as they all call us. It is up to us to rise to the power that we are, to the power that BE which is US the people, so then we can bring to ashes these practices by these entities because if it goes on like it is, we’ll perish like dust in the wind.

We will not let this happen to our planet. However the more that joins us, the more power that BE for everyone and the planet. The more the energy will spread out.

Read labels! Eat fresh food, bake your own bread with organic dough, and make your own beverages! Do not allow your child to eat the garbage they serve in school cafeteria, and spend lots of time with nature.



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