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Change is Good

We need to come to the understandings that the world is changing, and what we mean by this is that in order for change to happens or to manifest, the old must go, must become obsolete. And this applies as well to the way we think. We have to BREAK away from the comfort zone we got ourselves so used too. Just to enlighten you allow us to give you a scenario. By now we think that most of you are already aware of the New Age, well, guess what? If you think that you are going to enter the new age loaded Read more [...]

Mind Your Own Business

  We at home need to put our foot down when come to feeding our family with the right nutritional elements. We do not need to start repeating ourselves by telling you that the food industry is poisoned, yes you hear us well. Many are the information’s that we can find in the net about this topic, so you by now should be well informed of who is Monsanto, but most important know that our country is a United States Corporation, meaning that the bad boys in Washington, the very ones that you Read more [...]