Message to Cabal Agents







Cabal Agents – Fear The Reaper

To: Cabal Agents and/or anyone acting against the best interest of Humanity,
Beware! You have Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide. Everything you had created for evil now works for good.

You will be judged by your own deeds and your heart, and No slick words will save you now.

FEMA Camps? Now these camps will house Cabal, their Minions, and their kind.

NSA? NSA now spies on the Cabal, their Minions, and their kind.

Leaving Earth? Think again! All unauthorized space craft attempting to leave Earth will be shot down in flames.

DUMB? Think again all Deep Underground Military Bases are being blown up, one by one. Do you really think that those out of the ordinary earthquakes were natural? Think again! They were underground bases being blown up.

Life? Think again. Prime Creator is clearing the entire Universe of the Dark-Hearts. All souls who have a “Dark Agenda” have been notified to exit. That means to DIE in case you don’t know. And, of course you won’t see it coming. It is a contract that has now been arranged by your soul with Prime Creator on how you will exit and… you will exit soon. So depending on how Dark Hearted you are, you will be dead soon, by your own making. If you are a Dark-Heart, your soul already knows and has planned your death, but you will not be informed until it is time for you to EXIT this Reality. For all intents and purposes that would make you the REAL “Walking Dead.”

Arrested? If you are lucky. If you are lucky, you will be allowed to stay alive if there is any hope of you turning to the light. But most likely, you are already a goner.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if your Heart is full of Dark thoughts, and your Deeds show it, you will be judged by your thoughts and deeds. Not by man, but by a Higher Authority with final judgment on your Soul. There will be no hiding from, and no escaping from your fate. It was your creation and soon, it will be your time to face the consequences. This is the “End of Times,” Armageddon for the wicked, and there will be no escaping your fate. So, every time you vent your wrath on this site or any other, you put another nail in your coffin. Every time you think a Dark Thought, or act out a Dark Deed, your Exit Time, quickens.

To The Dark-Hearts:

May God Have Mercy On Your Soul. So Be It.

To The Light Workers:

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams
Signed: One Who Believes

“Warning to All Cabal Agents #2” – White Hat Ken – 11.26.16 (excerpt)


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