March 8th Shivaratri: New Moon Vedic Astrology


March, for all of us, and according sacred texts, is a very draining month. March actually represents death. But it also represents enlightenment. Awareness. Anticipation. Magic. It also represents a new pregnancy by Mother Nature.

And it is due the fact, that during this month, Mother Nature is pulling and or gathering all the necessary material for her give birth to New Creation during the following months that are represented by April+ and May. In the Western Hemisphere, April is the month for Easter, and or it is the month where Nature burst like a tidal wave bringing buds flowering trees; new leaves, new weather. Bunnies hoping around after being in hiding due to the cold weather.. Then we have May! Flowers galore; the smell of flowers, chirping birds, etc., etc.

March is also the month for the Celestial Equinox on March 19-20th. Following then by a penumbral Lunar eclipse on the 24th 25th.

However, something more fascinating+ empowering is happening in March. This festive can starts on the night of the 7th of March, and on the 8th and according Vedic astrology, is the actual day for reflection during SHIVARATRI. Follow then by the New Moon on the 10th.

We know that in the Western Hemisphere, there are not that many people that are aware and or adore their own creator+ and destroyer, as it is so important to the people from India, and many more parts around the world.

We are speaking of the mighty God Shiva, that is the Creator+ and Destroyer. But that is as well, compassionate+ and kind.

It is written that on the 8th of March, the moon is in her last waning, and where she becomes all dark thus she takes refuge in the arms of Shiva before she starts her long journey with the new moon on the 10th.

This event on the 8th is symbolize by a cremation fire that takes place at the star Purva Bhadrapada, one favorite place where Lord Shiva sits and meditate. And where this New Moon also is taking place. This star is located within the constellation Pegasus, the wing horse. The symbols for this star are the front legs of a funeral cot, which indicates a strong connection to the element of fire. The two other symbols are, a sword, and a two faced man. This star is concerns with transformation; with awakening beyond our imagination, beyond our body. The important thing about this star, is that we know it does exists, and from time to time and when we are ready, we might get a glimpse of it.

And going back to Lord Shiva, and not known to the Western world. Lord Shiva is, and or govern the elements of fire, which is why he carries the three pointed prong that in the zodiacal realm signifies the signs of, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. And this is very powerful.

It is written that Lord Shiva visits the places of cremation ground and cover his body with the ashes of the dead. He is the Lord of ghosts that gives refuge to them. Transforming them into the light of consciousness, so the fear, and the desperation becomes transformed into inner standing+ and spiritual expansion. ~quote.

Purva Bhadrapada is connected to the Nagas fear Snakes that are deep rooted within the earth. They are the Kundaline forces of the deep earth. They are underground Fire Snakes. One of them is call Ayaicapara (not exactly spelled correctly), anyways, this snake represents Lord Shiva in the form of a standing one footed goat, where it says this goat is in penance for the greatest good of our humanity. Other say that this snake is in form of a human being representing Lord Shiva, standing on one foot, with the same objective.

Lord Shiva is depicted as having on top of his head a crescent moon. This is the moon that takes refuge in him. This is the dark moon that takes refuge in Lord Shiva when she is most vulnerable.

The moon represents the mind; emotions. And just as the moon goes through all these phases, so are we! We are all bound to changes; we are all vulnerable to changes. We are all vulnerable to the ups and down of life.

Lord Shiva is also depicted as having the image of the River Goddess, Ganga or Ganges within his hair. It said that this is so because he holds the power over this river. Because he holds the power over nature. Because he holds the destructive power over nature. By Lord Shiva holding the river waters within his hair, he is able to tamper the waters, and thus making it flow gently for this humanity. Making the waters flow gently for the entire earth and all life. Lord Shiva is as well depicted as in a wild dance while creating and destroying. And last but not least, Lord Shiva it said to be living in the Himalayas Mountains, where he is always in deep meditation.

Are you not falling in love with Lord Shiva yet? Well, you should because this mighty God does deliver to his devotees, and he most certainly would send your heart on fire, where he would cleanse all vices,+ and at the same time empowering your Jesus within.+ and at the same time empowering your Jupiter within. Lord Shiva would make your heart cried out until you kiss the ground you stand. Until you will adore him for all the rest of your life and beyond.

Further, it so happens that during this event, Lord Saturn is also in Purva Bhadrapada, where all this is taking place in the sign of Aquarius. Close to Pisces. So you might as well pray to Lord Saturn so he can guide you well during this earthly journey. Remember that Saturn rules just about all the steps we take. No, no one can take Saturn away from our lives. Never. So we might as well deal with him. Besides, he wants the best for us, only though he is a little tough.

So during this festive of Shivaratri, starting on the night of the 7th, honor your Creator and Destroyer, and ask him for cleanliness from all your mistakes; from all your past lives mistakes, and as well ask him to clear all negativities from your cloudy mind! Ask him for forgiveness. Ask for guidance.

This festive goes all the way till the New Moon, and the energy would go for the entire month. Further, the message from Purva Bhadrapada and this New Moon, is for us become conscious of what it is of true value for ourselves. Of what is of value in our lives. This energy wants us be as authentic as we are meant to be.

It is written that during this festive on the 8th of March, and till the New Moon, all our prayers would be magnified a thousands time! So set your intentions clear, and for your convenience say as long as you can the mantra for Lord Shiva, “ Om Namaha Shivaya,” along with some burning candles in honor. Regardless, get use saying this mantra before starting your day and or before going to bed, and or starting a new project, and or journey, etc. You only need saying it with all your heart, only once, regularly.

Much love. Honor. Prosperity. Transparency. Integrity. Due diligence. Discernment. Detachment. Courage. Bravery. Family. Protection. Harmony. Health. Peace.

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