Let us all Pray: Pray. Pray for our Country: For our People










Heavenly Father Mother God: Divine Essence, we ask that your divine lights energies align with the people’s hearts for us all [cease and desist] the evil infestation that have taken over our country: Over our government agencies. colleges. schools. churches. our communities. our cities…

We ask that all evil clones in human form be dismantle: bury. We ask the lights shine within those that have a heart of stone now! Let love be within their hearts!

We ask for the protection for all our children that are here with us today, and those that are in the womb!

We ask for the protection for all the people that worldwide knowingly+ intentionally are working for clearing the path for liberating us+ our planet from the slavery that we’ve been!  Protect them! Protect them!

Archangel Michael! Archangel Metatron! Thank you. Thank you for being with us, too! We love you. We Love you!

Let us all together bring the shinning lights for all the creation!

Let us all have abundance of our daily needs.

Let us all be responsible for all our BE’ing and DO”ing!

Let us all be custodians for our planet, and all the creation!

Let us all be agents for peace. gratitude. friendships. patriotism. sovereignties.

Let us, where we go one, we go all!

Let freedom reign!

Let Truth reign!

Let love+ courage be the only frequency we navigate this journey call life!

So be it. Be it done!


Enjoy the video!

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~ the people


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