Kavanaugh Charade Gives Cover For Assassination Of Russian Official Linked To Hillary Clinton Money Laundering And Trump Coup Plot








By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An intriguing new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the unauthorized helicopter flight death of Deputy Attorney General Saak Albertovich Karapetyan on Wednesday has been placed into the category of “likely assassination” by the Federal Security Service (FSB) as, just prior to his being killed, he had failed to attend a scheduled meeting with US Department of Justice prosecutors investigating the staggering $1 trillion money laundering scheme currently embroiling Estonia—and whose testimony before these US officials was deemed relevant due to his direct knowledge of the $84 million money laundering scheme Hillary Clinton perpetrated against her own Democratic National Committee during the 2016 US presidential election—but when it appeared likely that Donald Trump would win this election and uncover this crime, then saw Karapetyan directing Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya to meet with Trump officials in order to ensnare them in a make believe Russian collusion coup plot—that was being orchestrated by the American political opposition firm Fusion GPS whose owner, Glenn Simpson, met with Veselnitskaya both before and after her Trump Tower meeting—and whose payment for this operation saw Fusion GPS being paid millions-of-dollars by Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie—whose top attorneys have now shockingly been revealed to have colluded with the FBI prior to the election to bring down Trump—all of which the American people are not understanding is the entire basis for the chaos they see in their nation today, and whose latest example of is the Kavanaugh Charade.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, and unbeknownst to the masses of the American people, Hillary Clinton, her Democrat Party, and the shadow government “Deep State”, all comprise what can only be described as one of history’s largest criminal organizations, but whose very existence was threatened by the election of President Trump—thus necessitating these criminals’ need to throw their entire nation into sustained political chaos in order to protect themselves as they believe they can claim Trump is persecuting them for their political beliefs when he begins arresting them—and when that happens, are relying on masses of leftist mobs to descend upon American cities to demand their freedom, and is exactly what they’re practicing for today with the Kavanaugh Charade.

One such example of the wholesale corruption of this Clinton-Democrat-Deep State criminal syndicate, this report explains, was put forth this past January to Russia’s top three intelligence agency chiefs, during their historic visit to Washington D.C. to meet with Trump’s top intelligence organizations—and where the Americans detailed their full knowledge of how Russian Deputy Attorney General Karapetyan directed hundreds-of-millions of dollars to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that enabled Russia to purchase US uranium reserves—and is known as the Uranium One Scandal.

In exchange for not placing sanctions on Russia’s entire uranium industry for their part in illegally paying Hillary Clinton and her criminal cohorts, this report details, President Putin directed both the SVR and FSB to cooperate with Trump intelligence officials by providing them with information on how these payments were made, as the Americans were solely focused on Clinton’s theft of $84 million—and whose only non-classified details about that are able to be contained in this general report shows SVRassetForeign Minister of Estonia Urmas Paet working with then Secretary Clinton to create a secret account for illegal money transfers at the Estonian branch of Danish Danske Bank—that US Department of Justice officials have now descended upon, and whose shocking discovery shows over $1 trillion having been illegally laundered through there, and that Karapetyanwas supposed to identity Clinton’s accounts, but is now unable to do so because of his assassination.

Foreign Minister of Estonia, and SVR “asset” Urmas Paet (left) with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (right)

Further questions relayed to the SVR by the US Department of Justice wanting to be asked of Deputy Attorney General Karapetyan, this report details, included why he directed attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya to meet with top Trump officials during the 2016 presidential election—and that Karapetyan had arranged for her to do through the efforts of Fusion GPS, whose owner, Glenn Simpson, Veselnitskaya met with both before and after she left this meeting for reasons more classified than this general report allows.

With Fusion GPS being the creator of the made up document known as the Trump-Russia Dossier that’s being used to launch a coup against President Trump, this report continues, the Americans revealed to the SVR, during their January meeting in Washington D.C., that this political opposition research company was being financed by Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie—and whose top attorneys, at the same time Veselnitskaya was meeting with top Trump campaign officials, were holding secret meetings with Obama-Clinton Regime officials in the FBI to finalize their coup plot actions against Trump.

On 14 July, this report further notes, Deputy Attorney General Karapetyanretreated” to his summer dacha in the village of Vonyshevo outside of Moscow—where new FSBreports from obtained after his believed to be assassination describe that his “patterns and practices” were not considered by his associates to be “of normal occurrence”—with it further being described to FSB agents that Karapetyan had become “mentally agitated” after his discovering that President Trump had penetrated Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie to learn their secrets—and two of whose founding partners Trump appointed to be US federal judges in exchange for the information they had given him.

Most stunning (at least to us) about this SVR report is its ending with a reference directing the reader to the appendix of Deputy Attorney General Karapetyan’s foreign travels—most particularly his August-2016 visit to London where he met with FBI Counterterrorism Chief Peter Strzok who was visiting there too—and in whose notes Karapetyanrelated how Strzok was concerned that his “implants” weren’t taking and were causing him to continue failing his FBI polygraph exams.

To what these “implants” were that were failing and causing Strzok to not pass his FBI polygraph exams, neither this report or its appendix explains—but, when viewed in the light of the SVR having reported earlier this week how Judge Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford was working with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to use hypnosis in order to create “artificial memories” in FBI agents, this raises even more disturbing questions as to what is really occurring—and that is now reaching even higher rates of concern with it now being reported that one of Dr. Blasey-Ford’s former FBI hypnotically induced patients, and Ford childhood friend, named Monica McLean has been trying to force Leland Keyser to change her sworn under oath testimony that she didn’t know Kavanaugh, let alone knew of any sexual attack he made against Blasey-Ford when they were teenagers—thus leaving one left to wonder what other types of swamp monsters President Trump will uncover as he tries to survive and Make America Great Again.

President Donald Trump waits for the American people to throw him a lifeline on 6 November



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