Invocation to our Beloved I AM Presence











Invocation to our Beloved I AM Presence:

Beloved I AM teach me how to love as you love us.

Help me to generate a feeling of gratitude towards you, towards the angelic realms, towards Nature, and towards our humanity.

Help me to make of my soul a home where happiness, love, and gratitude always exists, and grant me to be always align with you so all my life existence is base on the principal of love, just like the Master Jesus did!

Take away from me all emotions of limitations and fear of having no money.

Be always watchful that my daily needs are always met, and so be of all humanity on planet earth!

Open your treasure box and with abundance for everyone, keep us all in the path of harmony, peace, and love with all living systems of our planet earth.

I AM the power of I AM! (x3).


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