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AND we note: Elon Musk is a traitor.

…AND for those that do not know who Tory Smith is, he was a special agent sent here by creator to address the issue of child murdering, = Pedogate. You will need to watch many of his videos for really understand his mission here on earth. Tory had these divine abilities that not too many humans would understand… Tory sadly died in 2016: was killed by the dark forces due the fact that they did not want him around spreading the truth of the matter. Below are a few videos from Tory addressing many of the criminals involved in Pedogate, and also the issue of clones: demons that are here on earth in human form  destroying the existence. Actually, according to his claims there are more demons here on earth than there are humans!

Hard facts to believe, however we are cleaning the planet of all evil, and this takes everyone intention!

For now take care of your children! Do not leave them loose, and if possible schooled them at home, the education system is all infested with demons that do not believe in moral vales. This is why we see sexual immorality everywhere…the destruction of our children. Also try not to take your children to the hospital unless it is an emergency, actually the hospitals are involved in the murdering of our children: human trafficking… Disturbing but true. Further, keep an eye on the pediatrician, he is also part of it, inclusive of your local dentist, and the clergies in your local church! Last but not least, do not allow your children to watch television, it is a trap! Instead, take them to the park, and or read them books, or play games at home… teach them music, dancing… Nature is the best teacher for children!

Also remember that the first seven years of your children are very critical for their foundation for thriving this journey call life. Further, take pride in the kind of food you feed your children with, and the people that are around them… Children are very visual, and they records within what they see and hear.

Being a parent is  24/7 full responsibility full of love… Expend time with your children: precious time, all ways, always.

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