Happy Easter for ALL

Happy Easter for ALL

In the Name of Christ, By the Majesty of Christ, By the Power of Christ, Blissing be upon 

our humanity. Blissing be upon every little boy. Upon every little girl. Upon every man. Upon every woman. Bliss be all with Guidance. Wisdom. Protection. Bravery. Courage. Prosperity. Health. Peace. Infinite Joy. Eternal Love.

Blissing be upon all our animals. Upon all our creatures. Upon all our oceans. Upon all our rivers. Upon all our lakes. Upon all our streams. Upon all our mountains. Upon all our trees. Upon all our plants. Upon all our vegetables. Upon all our minerals. Upon all our elements.

Blissing be upon all the creation on planet Earth. 

Blissing be upon our Divine Mother.

Blissing be upon our Divine Father.

Blissing be upon all the gods and goddesses that look upon our evolution. 

Heart. Heart. Heart. Amen. Amen. Amen.

And so it is.



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