Gift Unimaginable: The Power in Thank You


The “Power” in thank you beams from you like rays of summer sunshine. It is Vibrant heartwarming energy. It touches the hearts and spirits of men and angels who return that energy to you in natural and miraculous ways.

The “Power” in thank you materializes every good gift; it never goes unrewarded, never.

The natural benefits for being thankful are joy, peace and happiness. The spiritual benefits are miracles and other Spirit blissing. Thankfulness eliminates depression, sorrow, anger, fear and other abusive traits. It increases inner-standings, knowledge, intelligence and wisdom.

When you receive all things with thankfulness hidden mysteries are revealed, your lower nature is subdued, your higher nature is unveiled and you experience miracles- literally.

Though it rains on the ungrateful and grateful alike, the greatest blissing and the greatest gifts are bestowed upon they who receive all things with thankfulness. If you are not as happy as you would like to be it is because you are not as thankful as you could be.

Ingratitude is the cause of much unhappiness.




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