Florida: All Sixty-Seven Counties Constitute Common Law Grand Juries


“In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain 1904

Of course we all understand how both political parties have seriously ignored our Constitution. Some political and bureaucratic leaders from both parties are publicly brazen with their behavior that is repugnant to the Constitution and at the same time to their oaths of office If we continue to acquiesce , who else will stand up for our Constitution ? Surely no one in Tallahassee or Washington, D.C.

Let’s face it, our beloved Constitution can’t stand up and defend itself.

We have already learned that we get very weak results using the electoral process. Both Senators Rubio and Flake proved that we can continue to invest and work hard to elect Constitutionally centered candidates who, once in office, often succumb to the strong incentives to vote for bigger government, higher taxes, and more spending and reduced LIBERTY.

Of course if we continue on our current course struggling to win elections for candidates that may or may not abide by their oath of office, we are continuing to play the game with the rules the Progressives dictate, or we can decide instead to hold anybody who gets paid from the public treasury accountable to their sworn oath to uphold and defend our Constitution using ourCommon Law Grand Jury (CLGJ). Because our CLGJ is the highest ranking court of record in the land, not even the US Supreme Court can review its decisions. Using this approach, county by county, we can Restore Our Constitution !

This movement is not just about holding our leaders accountable to their oaths, it is even more about putting justice back into our judicial system. Everywhere I go, I meet people who either directly or indirectly have been seriously abused by our judicial system. For me, a critical event in my learning about our defective judicial system was when Chief Justice John Roberts wrote his opinion that Obamacare is Constitutionally valid when anybody who reads Article 1 Section 8 knows it is fully unconstitutional. The lightbulb turned on in my head that the main root cause of almost all our problems is the failure of the judicial branch to hold the two other branches accountable to our Constitution.Since last August, a small group of dedicated Florida Patriots have been working hard to build the foundation to Restore Our Constitution by reconstituting the primary tool our Founders gave us to keep our government centered on our Constitution, our county based Common Law Grand Jury.

Since NY became the first state with all their counties reconstituted, on Saturday March 15th, 2014 we completed our first major milestone in Florida, reconstituting our CLGJ in all sixty-seven Florida counties. Additionally, on the same day both Connecticut and Rhode Island became fully reconstituted. Now we begin Phase 2, which is all about educating the public on the benefits of and how to participate in our CLGJ.

So I conclude with my request: do you want to help Restore Our Constitution ? If yes, the time is now to jump in with both feet to help by registering as either a jurist or a County Organizer on theNational Liberty Alliance website.

Please consider that all the unconstitutional initiatives like Common Core, Obamacare, gun control, Agenda 21, regionalism can all be solved simply by holding our leaders accountable to their oaths of office using our Common Law Grand Juries.

If not now, when? If not us patriotic Floridians, then who ?


Organizers “Reinstate” Common Law Grand Juries in Pennsylvania

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is of a Federal Grand Jury in Deadwood, South Dakota.



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