Everything Is Spiritual


If we could innerstand that EVERYTHING is spiritual, life makes more sense. EVERYTHING is a reflection of Spirit.

Some people hold a higher vibration of Spirit or “God’s” Light and some hold less. The bigger the ego, the less one can hold a higher vibration of God’s Light or Spirit. The less one can hold God’s Light, the lower will be his intentions.

Lower intentions vibrate on the level of FEAR.

Fear makes it impossible to see, think, act, feel, know or hear ANYTHING but FEAR.

Love will not make sense.

Love is a very high, fast moving energetic vibration. It is a bright Light. When you see that halo over the head of Jesus, you are looking at a depiction of that Light. We are energetic beings vibrating at the level of our own thought forms. Our thoughts regulate our vibrational frequency.

The higher the vibration around and within a human being, the higher their choices. It is automatic. It is a law of physics.

Love is a FREQUENCY.

So is fear.

Our thoughts create our frequency. Our thoughts create our mentality. Our thoughts govern our view and create our experience of ‘reality’.

Negative or positive.

Fear or Love.

What’s happening on this planet right now and with her people is a shift in frequency. It is ALL Spiritual.

As people say no to fear, they begin to wake up. They shift their energetic frequency. It is NOT an easy process. It can even be painful physically as their mind, brain and body let go of old patterns. It’s like having your hand in a fist for a long time and when you begin to open it, it hurts as the circulation comes back. Fear holds us tight. It cuts off the circulation of higher frequencies from Spirit. It cuts off LOVE. Fear is a slow, thick, dense, oozy energy. It cuts off higher thought and clear thinking. It cuts off the ability to see OPTIONS. It cuts off the ability to see, speak and hear TRUTH.

Because it can be painful, most people choose to avoid the process. They choose to stay asleep. They choose to stagnate. They choose to do the same things over and over because it feels easier. They may try to wake up but the minute a little pain comes as they try and stretch, they go right back to sleep.

Choosing Love, choosing to wake up, is not easy. It contradicts what the world calls ‘normal’. It takes COURAGE.

Love does not exist without courage.

Love demands that you be willing to be wrong. Growth can only come when you can be humble. “Enter the Kingdom as a little child.”

The Kingdom is within you. It is where you live FROM. It is your mentality. It governs everything you do, think, see, hear, feel and KNOW. It allows you to see above and around what your physical world tells you. It allows you to KNOW TRUTH because you’re walking IN Truth. You are walking in LOVE.

This doesn’t mean that you LIKE what you see. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get angry. This doesn’t mean that you are perfect. When you walk as a Light-worker, you ask, ALWAYS:

What are we trying to learn from this?

What am I trying to learn?

Seek to innerstand rather than judge. EVERYTHING serves as our teacher. EVERYTHING is Spiritual. Every thing and every person is on an evolutionary path. All vibrating at different rates. All working towards harmonizing. All working towards vibrating to the Universal tone of Love.

The world is reflecting those areas within each one of us that we are still holding in fear. It is our job to go within and find those places and bring them to Light. As each one does this, we add a little more Light. We raise the vibration a little more. One by one.

Like energy attracts Like energy. This is a Universal Law. It is a law of physics. It is a law of magnetism. We are electromagnetic beings. Our thoughts are electromagnetic and attract like energy.

You are responsible for your thoughts and what you are sending out. Are you adding to the problem or making it better? Are you polluting your environment with your thoughts or are you helping to clean it up?  Are you having good thoughts of your brothers and sisters, or are your thoughts binding them with dense energy due to lack of purity and love being projected to them?  People’s true colors are being revealed.

No one can hide as the light on the planet increases.  People are being exposed for their thoughts and feelings, whether they bind another, or help to free them.  There are laws of karma which create cause and effect.  What we project to others will surely come back to us, and keep us bound in density, or free us to experience the Infinite Light within.

EVERYTHING is made of the same Energy. Just vibrating at different rates. We call this Energy Spirit. EVERYTHING is Spiritual.


Spirits from Nicholas Buer on Vimeo.

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