A very wise man told me once that stupidity is the result of education. It did not take me long to understand what he meant because while I was in college I struggled to accept what it was being taught to me, I could not dig it and I end up being suffocated by this idea of “education”, that we indeed need to make a living with less than knowing anything.

Take math for example, math is something that we learn to deal with by counting rose petals, pebbles in the yard, or for that matter counting falling leaves from the  trees! I used to have fun doing this when I was a child. I was able to figured out that a rose for example had ten petals, and a sun flower had two hundreds (I am using these as example, not that these are correct if you were to check these out today), this led me to understand that each flower or rose was special and unique, and therefore I had this deep respect for each one. I got so good at this I was able to figured out how many leaves were there on a humongous tree! So later in life when I grabbed a math book to read I challenged myself to figure things out by playing with number any which way.

If we were to pay attention to our selves, or the surroundings around us we can find out that in reality everything is about NUMBERS or you can say math. You can start doing this by looking at our own body, for example we have five fingers on each hand which equal to ten, then if we look at our toes we have five on each foot which then it equals to ten, then we have two eyes, two ears, two orifice in our nose, two breasts, two legs, two buttocks, and last but not least most of our organs are in pairs! Then we have this big hole right in front of us we call mouth, which meet its counter part at the rear end call anus, which then is neighboring our sex organs of male or female. You can expend a lifetime figuring out our physical body structure and its functions without ever getting tire of it. And do not let me get started on the energy that it needs to BE that body or vehicle, or temple for SPIRIT to BE ALL THAT IS, which it has to do with esotheric science that believe it or not has to do with the workers/transiting energy that sustain the body functioning. And all these have to do with numbers or math or universal science if you will.

And what it is really striking is that no book ever written will teach you this knowledge, NONE. I mean all sacred books will help you, no doubt because that is what it is, but what it is, what it’s been written is someone else’s experiences, not yours, therefore knowledge is you finding out all that there it is to know about YOU through direct experiences that indeed starts with us being in connection and in communication with all existence.

All existence is alive, and all individual numbers are entities or divinity or energy with a specific function at many different levels within our body, as well as in the material forms.

I once challenged my math teacher to make the digits 1953 to be the digit 9. He was shocked to the question, so I said to him, “THINK!” He got as close to multiply the four digits that it gave him 135, ok now he needed to find a number that will divide 135, which it was 9! But now he got two digits in there that need it to go somewhere, and those digits are the number 15, I mean what do we do with those digits now, I asked. “Well 15 is the qualifier and 9 is the denominator, that’s all. Do you have a better idea?” He asked. I said yes! So I took the digits1953 and added it: 1+9+5+3= 18. Now I added the number 18: 1+8 = 9. I can never forget the look in his eyes and how humble he was after worth with me. In fact for every class lesson he was always eying me to see if I was up to something. Moreover for every math test I always gave him a faster way of finding the real answer! I also made sure I drew some kind of drawing like a cartoon or a beautiful flower on the test sheet!

That was a fun class I must say.

What I am trying to say here is that education is acquiring general knowledge of ourselves and the world around us, and that never, never it should be an education where it would boxed us of our mental capabilities of just to a profession that would block our power of reasoning and judgments of our unlimited potentials. In another way all that we call education it should be in reality ONE science, ONE knowing that would lead us all toward the driving force of our own existence to enjoy fully.



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