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One of the most hideous crime going on on planet earth, beside personal willful identity theft of our names in order for the oligarchs to create revenue for themselves and bring crimes against us, our family and property through deception, and semantic deceits, is the killing and abuse of our innocent children.

This hideous crime for a fact have its roots in this country, in Washington DC which serves as main port of redistribution of shipping and receiving children cargo from all over the world. BUT what it is most disturbing is the fact that this crime is happening right in front of us, within our communities, whereas our local sheriffs that most likely sold their/ his liberty for a bowl of porridge to the corporate oligarchs, and that along with their/his brainwashed corporate police-force are all involve in the crime of children trafficking, which is as well a form of making revenue for them in their respective county; and of course the ultimate goal of doing the job of the deliverance of children to satisfy the thirsty whores of sexual pedophiles, and thirst drinkers of children blood whether they are entities in complete control/possession of a human body and or person, or not.

This is nothing new, but it is beyond comprehension that we the people have allowed this to take place with our ignorance and obedience to criminals and or agencies that disguise as government when in truth they are outlaw violating our rights and that of government officials if there exist one.

There are true journalists that are doing and or did their own due diligence of proving the facts, which will be showing on the video below, as that of the Spanish journalist name Juan from Spain.

It so happens that the child protected services agencies serve as a “prison for profit” meaning they use willful identity theft to bring revenue just like they do when they arrest citizens and charge them with crimes as that of being in front of our home planting a garden, washing our cars, and or just doing daily chore, etc., etc.

The corporate police, in most cases are all with insets computer chips, this is mind blowing in a way that you, the individual is being control by external forces, and so would be anyone that would inserts a computer chip in their body, which to our delight these chips are sponsored by no less than elite Psychopath, Bill Gate and the Israeli mafia, which we forgot to mention just about all corporate police officer, and in order to have a better training of how to kill and or harass the American people, must have a special training (all paid for) in the country of Israel terrorist’s training facilities. Furthermore, the alleged FBI, CIA, etc., etc., (which are all agencies of the alleged United Nation), and a percentage of the military are all involve in child trafficking, and child killing, and if that is not enough so are those so call CEO, congressmen (of the alleged White House), governors, county clerks, and not for a minute leave out the masters of arranging the transaction and or illegal and unlawful paper work by the vermin’s in black suits (corporate judges), and or the BAR Association and or should we say attorneys that to our understanding are the number ONE WHORES to this crime and or all usurpations committed to the American people.

THIS is the lowest of human behavior and it must be cease and desist NOW and worldwide.

We must educate ourselves; deprogram ourselves from the indoctrination we lead to believe. WE must be responsible for our children, our actions, be responsible of the kind of food we eat, and important as well what we think! We must come to the understanding that all we have is each other- our family, friends, neighbors, our community, and our god giving rights- all share in unison to bring peace, abundance of our daily needs for everyone, harmony, and love for everyone and every creature.

We are the power and let no one take that away from us.

This video is long, however make an effort to listen to it even if it is one hour at a time. Lots of great insights for those that are not yet aware of what it’s taking place, and how we must shape our future.

NOTE: Juan claim that Judge Scalia was killed because he approved of Nesara to be released, and the oligarchs did not like that, thus they sacrificed him with his death. He also claims that judge Scalia was involved in child trafficking directly and or indirectly since the 1980, and it so the same way, Donald Trump. Now we wonder, is Bernie Sanders too…?

You can also check Tory Smith on youtube so you will have an idea of what we’re talking about. Some people might not understand Tory Smith work, but if you do your research you will get acquaintance with MILAB which is owned by the FBI and the CIA all over the world and that has to do with child trafficking.


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