We have a friend that recently did some mayor dental work and we were anxious to find out how he managed to pay for all these, I say this because we can not hear enough of the ventures these couple took upon themselves after they lost their jobs long time ago. He and his wife are in there forties and have a daughter that just finished college.

He is available to do any kind of housework even if it is house cleaning, picking up your kids from school, paint the kids room or for that matter paint your whole house, mowing your lawn, do any electrical work (he is an electrician by trade), care for your pet or children while you are on vacation, wash your car or give it a tune up or an oil change, and last but not least do your groceries!

His wife is an artist when come to make any kind of dresses, not only can she make your wedding dress but she can design your own clothes, and any alteration that you need to be done all you need to do is talk to her. In her home she does have this room equipped with all that she needs to do the work with, but wait until I tell you that she can do your nails better than any nail salon you can imagine. Oh, and if you want to celebrate a birthday party, you do not have to worry about you doing any work, they will arrange everything for you, all you have to do is arrive at the party with your guests whether is in a ballroom, a private place or your own home.

When he did the dental work he worked out with the dentist to do some electrical work in his dental office as well as repairing some machines that needed some fixing. That job along cost $3, 000 dollars! He said they agreed to the bartering and it was a done deal. The last time I spoke to them they were in another state doing some kind of repairing job for someone they know in their home, so they said that it would take them a few weeks to have it done and that they are booked for at least three more months after that!

They are well known in their community, family and friends, I mean right now I cannot wait for them to come back because I do have some work for them to do in the house. We love these people and they have our deepest respect, not only that but it makes us feel really good that we can help them have a better life by sharing our energetic value. Also let us remember that community here is the key, community is where we all should look up to each other without bringing foreign entities to do the job that we all can do.

Isn’t this awesome, I mean aren’t we already multi-tasks machines? Think, all that these people do we already can do for ourselves, the only thing I see here is that we like to pay to have things done. Maybe the time has come where we all look up for each other by just sharing our BE’ing and DO’ing.

Copy and use this certificate of value to barter with others. Make this something like a contract to exchange your own energy.

Certificate of Human Value Energy Exchange by Ckm7



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