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Do not get deceived by the presentation of the cooked food at WHOLE FOOD STORE. Allow us to tell you that we have been going to the Whole Food Store for twenty some years, and to our amazements is not what it used to be, and even the people that goes there to eat do not seems in healthy condition! We are somewhere in the state of Florida (am not disclosing store location), and we happen to know just about every employee there. They are the nicest people, and of course they do a great job.


We do not know if you are aware but the Whole Food Store is owned by MONSANTO! Yes you hear right, and is something that they are denying ever since they bought the store years ago. Just about every employee knows this, however they do not tell you about it, or should we say they are not allow to comment on this subject.


I remember in 2011 when I was getting myself some salad at the salad bar, when suddenly I saw within me a whole scenario of what I was about to eat. This was shocking but most fascinating was the fact that my heart was feeling with joy!


I could not eat what I thought I would eat, and my emotions were getting hold of me. This was a warning of emotional discharge telling me that something was wrong, very wrong. I listened to my heart and taking just plain greens I went and sit down until I could feel better.


I then did more research, and of course I always have my body, and my intuition to guide me. I say this because if I ever eat anything that have GMO in it my body cells go haywire! I immediately start getting nervous, have all this fear within me, and get so depress that it takes me weeks to clean myself up! I have learned to detect GMO food on anything I eat through the hard way, and I succeeded, and this is very difficult because just about everything out there have GMO but if you do your homework you can live a happy life by eating LIFE FOOD.


But going back to Whole Food Store, allow us to tell you that if I am not mistaken all their cooked food have GMO any which way. If you read the labels on their cooked food you will read, “Canola oil!” Now everyone should know about canola oil by now, but this does not stop here, as if you read “olive oil” in any thing that look good enough to eat, do not trust it as they will never ever put expensive olive oil in anything, anything! And also bear in mind that all oils out there are mix with canola and/or corn oil. Your best bet is not to use any oil at all. Boil, use steam cooking, and if you like use coconut oil that is organic, but use just a little. Now we are not saying that there not good olive oil out there, what we saying is that make sure that is organic. Other added genocidal GMO ingredients they use are Soy, Wheat and Corn even on mash potatoes!


But if this is not enough, allow us to tell you that most of the salads they serve, like beets, beans, etc, etc, are all premade! Yes I saw it with my own eyes. If you go early in the morning to the store you will see the workers taking out the salads from plastic bags! And please do not touch tofu, beets salad, corn, rise, peas, hummus (which is so good and full of sesame mix oil), and do not let me get started on the bakery, the beverages, the dairies, and the hormone fed animals meat department. And last but not least don’t ever order smoothes with pineapple in it, as the pineapples they use come directly from GMO farms in Hawaii!


Many of their employees quit their job to go and work at Wal-Mart, and the ones there do not eat their cooked food. You have to keep in mind that they do carry specialties items, which we all should be thankful for, however be vigilant, and educate yourself by doing your own research or asking questions! By now we all should have a diet where anything that fly, crawl, or is a mother, are forbidden to eat! And we should know by now to buy fresh food from the local market, and learn to make our own beverages from fresh vegetables or fruits, and baking goods from organic source at home.








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