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“ Good Morning and greetings , I AM Uriel , Archangel of Love , Holder of the Silver and Greyelsha Flame , Bringer of the future and the Now , and I am here with thee today and every day to bring you my Love and Clarity , to bring you my bright silver flame that you can use it to wipe the cloudiness around your brains and minds , to wipe off the fears and the worries and reveal the Truth to you to see through the illusion and the veils , to illuminate your way through this times of chaos and mayhem .

Take it and place in you chakras and see the old energies and the debris and the dusty remnants that are coming up for release , don’t judge them and let them go easily and effortlessly . I have placed my Silver flame into your palms  a while ago , and so I encourage you to make use of it , by holding on into your hands and looking at any situation and challenge through my bright flame, and then see the Truth and find the right action and direction and  making the wisest choices .

Most of you are feeling very confused at this time for much is going on night and day and we see how easy it is to get discombobulated and disoriented and even to fall out of balance , for these are very turbulent times . But you are all strong and very capable to traverse them all , for you have been chosen to be here during these times, for your fortitude and valor and We are here , close to you , ready to intervene as we have promised to you , should you exert your free will to call on us and  it is our wish and pleasure to make your journeys as easy and pleasant as possible .

I am also here to ask you and yes to invite you to travel with Me and to take you to the heavenly warehouse of the Father . I am glad to be able to offer you this gift and then journey with me that you can remember to co-create and bring into manifestation anything and everything that you desire , now and in the future , being that healing , more clarity and peace , joy and laughter , Trust , loving relationships and sacred partnerships and unions , money and feeling of security and abundance and prosperity, you name it my dear ones .

Take my hands and let me take you and show you the way ! For you are all ready to manifest only good and the highest good in your lives and others !

Have a wonderful day !
Farewell “

~Amparo Alvarez





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