A Dream Come True




I know how this lady felt on that stage, which is why we post this video for those that aren’t aware of what WAS, and the many changes that are taking place right now.

On December 25th of 2012, the time when everyone thought the world would end something of tremendous impact took place. The OPPT or the One People Public Trust which is Us humanity, erased from the book, from the UCC filings all governments throughout the planet. These governments are the ones that kept us all enslaved for hundreds of years with theirs Statutory law or Maritime law if you will that only apply to their Society and not to civilian or us the people of the land. I say of the land because statutory law and Maritime law only apply to the ocean, or cargo ships going from port to port.

Some people might not believe this is true but your believe does not mean that is not true.

The UCC is a body where all commerce was registered to do business worldwide, however the vicious governments throughout the world abused it to manipulate humanity. Now the UCC stand as an archive, meaning that the laws changed. The new law is the Law of One along with common law.

This was the End of the world. Meaning the end of the Old System and the beginning of a New One. Nonetheless, it is up to us to make it come through in the physical world, which is why you see all these movements worldwide. Which is why we all need to take time to educate ourselves of our God’s giving rights so we can live free in a world where fear does not exist, in a world where we do not need to ask any government for permission and supervisions to live our lives.

Being ignorant of your rights is not a choice.

The Law of One says that each and every one of us is liable, responsible, transparent and accountable for it’s own actions. So if you for example want to drive without a license, that is your choice as in common law that is not required, you are sovereign. However, you have to be responsible if for example you hurt someone in an accident, or whatever any other circumstances may occur.

We are the Value, we are our own Money, so not to worry about money. We are working on a new monetary system where everyone will have more than abundance. Please visit our section IUV Corner on this website for more education. And we are working hard to keep you post. And by the way the OPPT is now IUV IN-change, it changed because since December of 2012 it took a process of time to have everything in place. You can visit their original website for more exciting reading!

And about the lady in this video, we are wondering if she is aware of the new changes because she made us cry, and by all means her dreams came true! Now it just need to manifest physically which is happening as we speak, and it is people like her that are making all this transition possible.



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