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nz-deposita.jpgOn July 16 2013, Kiri from New Zealand deposited 15 mil units of her value into her local bank. In this discussion between Kiri, Bob Wright, Brian Kelly and myself (Lisa Harrison) we go over Kiri’s steps leading up to this moment and the events that have followed.

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Kiri from New Zealand Deposited 15 Million Units of her Value Into Her Local Bank


Thank you to SchnoogiePoogs for this transcription.
The One People – Transcription of Interview with Kiri from New Zealand – July 19th – Special Edition
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“Bank” capitalized for easy reference
[Quotes used throughout to denote spoken text; not a guarantee dialogue is exactly correct] [Note: Some dialogue paraphrased for brevity] [Paraphrasing]: Kiri attempted to deposit her Declaration of Value in New Zealand. Her background researching began 3-1/2 years ago with the child/youth/family social services agencies – the state got involved in her personal family health matter and Kiri began looking for ways to challenge (a) what authority they had over this matter, and (b) what jurisdiction* they believed themselves to have. Kiri names three sources of information: 1- the David [?] Process(?), 2- Mary Elizabeth: Croft: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-confiscatory Agency Known to Man, and 3- Cracking the Code [transcriber’s note: not clear exactly which publication – there appear to be a few with this basic title]. Her goal was to protect her family from these people [presumably meaning: the state agency people]. She also wrote a reintegration program for this type of social situation.
*[regarding jurisdiction: pls. also refer to the very first part of The One People Show of July 22/23 where [partially paraphrased]: Lisa Harrison talks about Heather’s recent info about bringing up “jurisdiction” in the courtroom: “Jurisdiction is a legal word, and if you go straight to asking the judge about jurisdiction, then you have already by-passed everything regarding questions about STANDING, AUTHORITY, LAW, and ACCOMMODATION AGREEMENT and all four of those things will already be assumed or presumed [by the court] if you go straight to asking about jurisdiction. So you don’t even want to mention the word [jurisdiction]. Further regarding Heather’s information, Lisa also says that in dealing with the court, the very first thing to do is get rid of any presumptions you may have; and do not assume anything. And “…don’t assume anybody in the court room is who they appear to be.” Because, ‘[E]veryone in the court room has to establish his or her (1) AUTHORITY, (2) STANDING, and (3) WHICH LAW they’re acting under; and (4) PROVIDE an Accommodation Agreement. Once those four items are established, ONLY THEN do you move forward in the proceeding. Also, as Lisa indicates, until you ask the above listed questions AND GET [satisfactory] ANSWERS from the Judge to those four things, “nothing happens”’.]
Lisa Harrison: “State governments are paid a substantial amount of money every year for every child they take away from their family, and put into state care. The incentive is there for the state to remove the child.”
Kiri: “In New Zealand, they’re paid monthly bonuses for that.”
[Paraphrased]: In her research, Kiri found lots of corruption and learned the Bank […?] they use as compared to the common law and she discovered how money is created, which goes back to the fraud full circle. She discovered OPPT around May/June of 2013; when she found OPPT, and everything she had learned the last few years fell together like a puzzle. She indicated she’s a natural born problem solver anyway, and that the OPPT reconfirmed what she knew at the time she discovered it; and that OPPT opened other avenues. At the time she was working on her own process, which was to secure full control of her strawman; learning that process, etc., and about UCC filings and which documents to get into place in order to secure them.. She already understood the UCC’s role in this.

At a One People’s meeting on Wednesday, July 17th, Jenn(sp?), a common friend of both Kiri and Lisa, made Lisa aware of Kiri’s attempt to deposit her Declaration of Value in New Zealand. Kiri had heard about the declarations being done by Heather. Kiri decided to move forward anyway. Her original plan was (1) to separate herself from government and get government to recognize her as a living being, as opposed to recognizing her as a legal entity (strawman); and, (2) to secure her value. She understood that they (the government) used the birth certificate to split the titles and to securitize those titles, which apparently were then traded as bonds, or etc… Kiri wanted to be able to secure everything that had her name on it; everything that was created – she wanted to secure all of it back; so she started researching what avenues, what was available for her to do that.
She believes in a system that doesn’t include money at all. For many years, she has believed in a system where money is not even in the equation and visualized a system that was more similar to an [?] system, that would, if you had a need for anything, you could just go in the store and swipe your card and it would just be produced and available on demand, rather than people having to rely on having funds in the bank to be able to feed their families, which to her was wrong. She also believes that anyone who makes that conscious decision is committing criminal intent by making a conscious decision to deprive someone of something. All of it was part of why she chose to “jump down the rabbit hole”. She was already “bucking the system” at the time she discovered the OPPT filings.
When she went to deposit her value, her relationship with the system was such that they already knew who she was and she had already served Courtesy Notices on all the officials “here in Hawera”. Not only that, but prior to stumbling onto the OPPT, she had already served her own friendly reminder notices to […?] for value, also notices in the courts and agents, of who she was and what she stood for, so they were well aware of who she BE. Also, she’d had a few incidents when policy enforcement officers pulled [meaning pulled over?] high school children with no helmets on a bike, and giving them an $80 infringement notice. So (at that stage?) she served a friendly reminder notice on the officer, and then she informed the boys [presumably the ones on the bike(s)] of the alternative right, asking them if they were already aware that on December 25, 2012, that it was publicly announced that the OPPT has foreclosed on the government, which means they don’t really have any authority or any mandate to force this onto you, and if they are, then they’ll be entering into a contract and they would need your consent for that, so if you deny them consent, they can’t actually issue you the infringement notice. She asked them if they were aware of that, and the boys on the bikes said, “No”, so she told them they may want to ask the then-present policy enforcement officer about that. The policeman was so flabbergasted, he jumped in his car and took off. Kiri indicated there have been a number of incidents where that sort of thing has occurred.. And she also drives around in an unregistered, unwarranted vehicle, and she won’t register or warrant her property because it’s hers. She doesn’t see why she should pay anyone else so she can have her property. She’s very courteous, and always informs(?), so whenever she arrived there in Hawera, (because she’s originally from Wellington), she informed all of the departments of her intention; she was completely transparent and she has been completely transparent with them the entire time, since her arrive at the end of March [2013].
And, she’s had meetings with the Police Chief of Hawera to question him about the OPPT filings, etc., and to also ask him/them(?) some legitimate questions from the OPPT filings and says it’s quite amazing how these people go from being really quite strong-willed characters to really […?] and start acting like little children when you even mention the OPPT filings.
Regarding whether “they” [presumably meaning the police(?) or other “authorities”(?), etc.] there (in Hawera) know much about the OPPT filings, Kiri says they’re really ignorant toward it, but by the same token, they “give away” by mentioning things here and there that reconfirms what she’s asked them, so they give themselves away quite easily. [Also, she mentioned she has a way of extracting the information from them without them realizing they’re taking the bait hook, line and sinker.].
Depositing Her Value
[Paraphrased]: Kiri indicates that the first step she took was to go onto the Personal Property Security Register, which is used in New Zealand to record security interests.

Lisa: “It’s in Australia too, it’s the Australian and New Zealand local version of the UCC.”
Kiri: “Yes, exactly. So I went on there and I registered an old checkbook that I had to a closed bank acount with The National Bank of New Zealand, and I registered my negotiable instruments as collateral and registered the numbers on the Securities website, so once I did that, I put a little piece in there – the copy of the Financing Statement. So once I did the Financing Statement, I’d been sent a letter which was the letter to the Ministers [here she names the PM and other individual Ministers], and I asked the [?] to notify Graham Wheeler (Governor for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand), to bring him up to speed on everything because I didn’t have contact details for him. I notified the Ministry of Justice and the Ministers of Police, and Economic Development [respectively]. I was quite clear about my intention and it was just a notice about the foreclosure of the world’s banks and corporations on December 25, 2012 and unlimited personal liability arising from foreclosure of all banks, all corporate governments, and all other corporations (by the/between)(?) UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust. I was completely transparent for all of my actions and I also took full responsibility and 100% liability as well.”
Kiri, cont’d: [paraphrased]: She sent to them everything she outlined quite clearly, per her letter. She notified them that all of the world’s banks had chosen to foreclose upon themselves due to the unrebutted UCC filings of the One People. [Here Kiri reads the letter aloud.] [SEE copy of her letter in Scribd @ http://i-uv.com/kiri-from-new-zealand-deposited-15-mil-units-of-her-value-into-her-local-bank/ Then she included what’s called a “sufficient verified response”, which is just basically the terms and conditions. [Here she reads remainder of her above referenced letter to the Ministers, just to inform them, to be completely transparent and up-front; nothing to hide whatsoever about her true intentions; what she intends to do. As far as she’s concerned, she’s made up her mind and she’s standing her ground and she’s going to stand in her own space with this [?]. If it comes to a challenge, she’s up for it. She feels everybody is playing their part perfectly, whether that’s a good or bad thing, and that everything’s falling into place.
Brian Kelly [paraphrased]: She did the registration with her version of the UCC in NZ, and now she’s sent this letter out to all the people mentioned [in her letter], notifying them of what’s going on in the world under the course of the last seven months to a year, since OPPT was formed.
Brian: “Now, she’s at the stage where she’s ready to walk into the Bank.”
Kiri: “Prior to walking into the Bank, I prepared an offer in regards to depositing my value.”
Lisa: ‘What Kiri registered on the PSSR was her “negotiable instruments” that she chose to use as her representation to access the CVAC systems of assistance until the old slavery systems were completely replaced.’
[Paraphrased: In this case, Kiri says, that happened to be her old checkbook, issued by the bank for a closed account. She basically wrote to the Bank, prepared some correspondence for the Bank and just included a brief letter to them, addressing all the appropriate people, made mention on the letter that it was private and confidential, and that it was for CEO’s and the Executive Team only, and not to be viewed by lower level employees. She indicates her reason for doing this is because she has been observing peoples’ DO’ing and BE’ing, and noticed that the responses that some people are getting with the lower level employees, just by having telephone conversations with them, that the lower level employees don’t have full capacity to deal with something such as this, which is why she decided to bypass the lower level employees and go straight to the top].

So, she walks into the Bank (this is two (2) days after she had already notified all the parties), and she asks the lady (clerk/teller) there to please provide her with an e-mail address that she [Kiri] needed, in order to notify their Executive Team and [here, Kiri names an individual whom she notified also]. Kiri said they apparently don’t give out such details as the e-mail that she asked for, so instead, Kiri asks the clerk/teller if she [Kiri] can bring some correspondence which she then asked the clerk/teller to have delivered to the Bank’s CEO, which the clerk/teller was happy to accommodate. So Kiri prepares all of her correspondence, […?] in [,,,?] and marks it appropriately, then, she hands it over to the clerk/teller, who is already expecting her to bring it, and along with the correspondence, she also hands over the negotiable instruments, as well as her deposit slip.
After seeing all the many zeroes on the deposit slip amount, the clerk/teller became very shaky and indicated that she needed to “get somebody” to help her count [ie: verify?] all those zeroes because the clerk/teller was getting ready to enter it all into the Bank’s computer system. [Here Lisa verifies that Kiri had nothing else with her for deposit, and no cash, especially no cash in the amount of the $15 million deposit of value, and that the clerk/teller was prepared to “knowingly” enter this deposit with nothing else present to “back it up”, into the Bank’s computer system. Lisa asserts that the clerk/teller must have already been briefed on how to handle the situation with Kiri’s deposit. Kiri thinks this is correct because of the way the Bank clerks had looked at her previously whenever she would go into the Bank during her brief excursions delivering Foreclosure Flyers, and that the last time she was there, Kiri laughingly told the Bank clerks that she might be back to serve Courtesy Notices, if necessary.
[@ this point, a previous confrontation comes up in the interview]:

The Food Grant Encounter:
[Paraphrased]: Kiri indicated that it is necessary to be experiencing financial distress before you are eligible to apply for a food grant.

Kiri had earlier gone in to apply for a food grant and recorded the conversation, which went as follows:
Food Grant Worker (FGW): “How can we help?”
Kiri: “I need to apply for a food grant.”
FGW: “Why’s that?”
Kiri: “I need some funds available to buy food.”
FGW: “How come you need food?”
Kiri: “We don’t have enough at home, so could you please help us?”
FGW: “Well, you know, there’s an easy explanation for that.”
Kiri: “Okay, what would that be?”
FGW: “Why don’t you go and get yourself a job?”
Kiri: “A job? I have a job. I run an online business and also take care of eight children. So,I have lots of jobs, thank you.”
[Per Kiri, at this point, everyone was “honing in on the conversation”, and, one case manager said she was going “to get the boss”, to which Kiri replied]:

Kiri: “Please do that! Go and get the boss, bring the boss here!”
[Boss/Manager comes over]
Kiri: “Hello, Ross(sp?), come and have a seat, come and join in on this!”
Mgr: “What can we do for you? What seems to be the problem?”
Kiri: “The problem is, I have come in here to get a food grant because I require food, and food is a basic necessity, and a case manager here is committing criminal intent, she’s making a conscious decision to deprive me of a basic necessity, something that I need, to sustain myself. Not only that, but she also keeps quoting these statutes and acts from a foreclosed entity, so now she’s aiding and abetting a foreclosed entity that was, actually in fact, a corporation hiding under the guise of the peoples’ government.”
Mgr: “Don’t come in here troubling […?], it’s just a food grant!”
Kiri: “That’s right, it’s just a food grant! Why do you put people through so much stress? People have enough to deal with trying to make their bills and look after their families, go to work everyday, without you putting more stress on people. As you said, it’s just a food grant, and why do we have to go through such a hassle? I’ve got all the documentation right here in front of me in regards to the foreclosure, so I’ve sent the foreclosure to my government, and they haven’t bothered to respond to any of this, so I am quite happy to send it to you if you need to, and have you rebut all of the notice.”
Mgr: “We don’t need to go that far. Let’s just do the food grant.”
[Per Kiri: Manager was then more than happy to accommodate her, once Kiri started bringing up the foreclosure. She (Kiri) ended up getting $150 of the food grant. She indicates the actual purpose was to research the procedure in this type of agency. Kiri spent $99 of the $150. After the food grant episode, she sent them Courtesy Notices early the next (day?)(week?)/[not clear].

Brian: “Perfect example of knowing your truth, knowing your rights, standing in it, no matter what the response. Potential repercussions may be […?] because you know that legally and lawfully you’re doing the right thing, and you are supported by that. So,[returning to the topic of the depositing of value in the Bank episode]: “So, Kiri walks out of the Bank, with the deposit slip.”
[Partially paraphrased]: Kiri says that she handed the deposit slip over to the clerk/teller and said, “I’ll get you to fill that out”, and the clerk was happy to do that. The clerk/teller then stamped her book, stamped the check, and stamped the deposit slip. Immediately after that, Kiri walks out and goes straight to the machine to check the balance.

Kiri: “It was all there. The account balance read: $15,000,219.96, available balance is $219.96.”
[Paraphrased]: Kiri then leaves the Bank with her deposit slip for $15,000,000, goes home [..?] and follows up all the notices she has sent out; so now she notifies all of the government and all the departments she notified previously about the negotiable instruments that she chose to use as her representation, about the confirmation of the receipt, and acceptance from the Bank of the deposit of value. So that’s the other letter that she sent off.

Lisa: “So what happens next? You don’t hear from anybody for a couple of days?”
Kiri: “Basically, I have given them 20 days to respond. What has happened though, is I already knew that I was going to lose all access to these accounts.”
[Paraphrased]: Kiri reiterates that she followed up by notifying that receipts, everything, had been accepted, and that she sent copies […?] just to confirm and “tie it all up”, what she was hoping to achieve was, she made it their [?] and responsibility to inform all lower level employees in all departments, and also “informed all the CEO’s and made it their [?] and responsibility to inform all lower level employees and departments, “just covering my grounds”, because she knew the police might show up, “something was going to come about”, or “some sort of matter was going to get raised.”

After the Bank, Kiri basically let everyone she had previously notified know that she had made the deposit and sent them a copy of the receipt, and then, two days after, she lost all access to her card and can no longer use her card — just the one that the value deposit was associated with. She lost access to these card(s)(?) on the second day, but they still allowed her to have access to the internet banking.
About the day after she had sent the notification to the government regarding deposit confirmation, she then lost access to her internet account (for internet banking). Her terms and conditions for the $15,000,000 deposit indicated to the Bank that the Bank would receive a one-time discount of 10%, such that of the $15 million, she would receive $13.5 million, and the Bank would receive $1.5 million for the discount fee. So she kept checking on the internet banking to see if the bank had converted that and taken their fee. She is no longer able to have access to that account in order to see what has happened. But, she is still waiting for them to respond, and she had made available to them all of the necessary instructions in order for them to be able to respond to her appropriately.
Kiri says that the day before she gave this interview, she was “pulled up” [ie: pulled over] by the police in public, as per a regular traffic stop (although she indicates she didn’t know how they might have found her in public, except that they were probably already keeping track of her), and the police pulled her out of her car, telling her she had committed fraud; that they had received notification they she had been (or would be?) committing fraud by using checks. When she asked them, “What fraud?”, they replied, “You’ve been using a check.”
Kiri told them, “Well, I have been using my negotiable instruments, if that’s what you mean. The police then told her that that’s called “using a document for pecuniary advantage”, to which she responded, “Okay, whose document was it that I used?”
Police officer: “It was your document.”
Kiri: “So, it’s a crime to use my own document, is it?”
Officer: “Yeah, it is actually.” [Then Kiri says, the Officer quoted some Police Acts.]
Kiri: “Okay, if that’s true, then I would expect that you would be able to provide proof of that claim?”
[Paraphrased]: Kiri says they “railroaded” her.

Kiri: ‘They didn’t want to take anything under consideration that I said because I said, “I have notified all parties, have been completely transparent. I have been completely transparent and all parties have been notified, so if you will either follow me home or take me home, I will be able to show you the documents, to show you that I have been completely transparent about my intentions.”‘ Kiri said the officer just didn’t want to know about it at all.
[Paraphrasing]: Kiri then suggested that the officer contact his Ministers, telling him that his Ministers were “well informed”, and she told him “if you need to clarify anything, you can contact them, because they are aware.” But, she said, the officer(s) just didn’t want to hear any of what she was saying. She indicates that the officers couldn’t make up their mind [transcriber’s note: singular?, as in “hive mind”? lol] what they wanted to charge her with.

Kiri: “So, they handcuffed me.” She says that she then briefly walked away from them to check on her three children in her car (ages 5-11). She notes that the officers did not consider her children during this entire situation, however, there was, fortunately, a relative parked close by where Kiri had been pulled over, otherwise, her children would likely have been “pretty much” simply left on the side of the road. She indicates that one of the officers clenched his fist and teeth at her repeatedly and that this same officer also referred to her aloud as “little missy”.
Kiri: “They were making all sorts of accusations. I had a lot of answers for them, but I also had a lot of questions myself, and they also asked things like, “Are you angry?, Are you suicidal?, Are you capable of hurting anyone?, and I said, “I don’t consent to contracting with you, and I hereby deny you consent, and you accept that, don’t you?
Officer [not clear which officer]: “Yes ma’am, I accept that.”
Kiri: ‘And I said, “Are you suicidal?, Are you in denial?, Or are you in, etc…, you know, taunting them and standing my ground, I had so much fun; it was lots of fun – they didn’t know what hit them.”
Brian: “At this point, how long did they hold you, and how did you get out? Did you have to get bailed out? Did they have to release you? What was the outcome? And then, if there’re more stories about what happened inside the jail before that, that you’d like to share that will make us laugh, that’s okay too.”
Kiri: ‘They forced me to sign a Notice of Police Bailout, and they threatened me all sorts of ways. They kept making comments like, “You’re not going anywhere tonight, you’re staying here tonight, “little missy”, and I said, “Aw, rubbish, don’t talk nonsense, I can guarantee you I’m gonna be out of here within an hour.”‘
Lisa: ‘Did they call you “little missy?”‘
Kiri: ‘ Yeah, that’s right. And that was actually one cop in particular, now that was the one that came in with the “big [?] honcho” attitude. In my mind I thought, “you must be a part of the elite royal family here that’s been committing all of this [?] you [?].’
Brian: “Did you sign the document that they forced you to sign with the phrase “without prejudice” before your name?”
Kiri: ‘No, unfortunately, no I didn’t, because they were ridiculing me and they were attacking me. There were about four of them, and out of that four, three of them were just ridiculing and attacking me with all sorts of nonsense, and so I actually forgot to do that, forgot to write “without prejudice”. When they asked me to sign, I did ask them, I said, “Are you asking me or are you forcing me to sign that?” And they were like, “Oh, we’re not forcing you, we’re asking you.” I said, “Oh great, that means I have the opportunity to opt out. And they were like, “No, no, you can’t opt out, you have to sign it; we are not going to let you go and you are gonna be staying here with us.” And I was like, “Oh, so you are forcing me.” And they were like, “No, no, we’re not forcing you to do anything.”‘
Kiri: ‘I said, “Well, you must be, because you are telling me that you are going to kidnap me and keep me locked up here if I don’t agree with you and if I don’t sign it.” So, I put up a bit of a battle for signing the police bail for about 10, 15 minutes, and it was kind of funny. ‘Cos I said, “Oh, that’s okay,” when they threatened to keep me. I said, “Well, that’s fine, open the door back up then and I’ll go and make myself comfortable.” And they were […?], “Oh, what the heck, what can we do now?”, ‘cos you can see the looks on their faces; they are all looking at each other like […??]. The copper(?) lady, she grabs the piece of paper and she walks around and says, “Look, love, don’t listen to any of them, okay? You are dealing with me here, okay? Just ignore them, you know, if you’d just sign it, we’ll let you go.”‘
Lisa: “Good cop, bad cop.”
Kiri: ‘She was playing her role beautifully, [etc…]. So, when I signed the police bail, it had [?] “defendant’s signature”, and I scrubbed that out and I wrote “autographed”, and then I wrote “under duress”, so it’s all recorded on my copy and on their copy, so I was planning — when I have to attend there on Tuesday [July 23rd] — I was going to ask them for the Accommodation Agreement. If they were to pull that out [meaning, the “Police Bail” that they forced her to sign] and claim that as the Accommodation, then it’s right there […?] that I was under duress when I signed it.’
Lisa: “So, what was the final charge that they ended up with?”
Kiri: “Okay, so it says, charge code 4571, charge: take, obtain, use document for pecuniary advantage.”
Lisa: ‘So, you’ve used an instrument to try and obtain a financial advantage? So, the definition of “advantage” is “a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.” So, you’ve tried to use their instrument to put yourself in a superior position to them and they didn’t like it.’
Kiri: “Yes.”
Bob: “You reached above your station, love.” [laughs all around]
Lisa: “And, it’s a crime apparently.”
Kiri: “Yeah, yes, it’s, I’ve committed a huge crime, according to the […?].”
Brian: “So, they let you out when you signed that document.”
Kiri: “Yes, they gave me a ride home, they even let me take my jacket I was wearing that had all wooden buttons, etc.
Lisa: “Anything that you could harm yourself with.”
Kiri: ‘Right, but they didn’t do that; they said, “Look, we’re not gonna take your clothing away, I’ll let you take that.” And I said, “Well, I didn’t consent to that anyway, and you […?] so, do you agree with that?” And she was like, “Yes, mate, yep, okay,” because I said, “I told you that before, didn’t I?” And she was like, “yep, no, ok…”
Kiri: ‘Then she [the lady copper] said, “Well, we’ll need to take some finger prints and stuff.” And I said, “But I don’t consent to this, and I waiver that benefit. By the way, remember, we’ve been down this road before and we have had this conversation, so that’s been settled and sorted.” And she [lady copper] said, “Okay, at the end of the day, if we have to do that, then we are gonna do it.” And I said, “No [emphatically], at the end of the day, if you wanna do anything with me, you are gonna need my consent to do it, otherwise, no, you’re not – okay? Or, you’re gonna need to provide me with some sort of proof or authority that you have, or some sort of contract that I have with you that allows you to do that to me.”‘
Lisa: “So, did you walk out of there without having your fingerprints taken?”
Kiri: “Yep, nope – they never took anything of prints, they left me my jacket, gave me a ride home, yeah, they were very nice to me.”
Bob: “Well, at that point you were worthless to them because you signed “under duress”, so they couldn’t use that signature.”
Kiri: “Yeah.”
Bob: “And you weren’t falling for any of their other traps.”
Kiri: “No.”
Bob: They didn’t obtain consent, so there was really nothing they could do with you, besides let you go.”
Kiri: “Right, which is why I was probably released an hour later.”
Brian: “Shenanigans, too many shenanigans.”
Kiri: “Generally, things like that, and especially at that time of the night, you will get locked up and you will be taken [?] and brought before the Judge the very next morning.”
Lisa: “So, you’re due to go to court on Tuesday?
Kiri: “Tuesday, yeah.” [Note: that was Tuesday, 7/23/13].
Lisa: “Now, we did had an emergency Skype meeting last night between [?] myself, Heather, D and Bob. And some documents are being prepared, along with the documents Heather was already working on, which will help with this. So, Bob, can you recall exactly what Heather said in regards to one thing that […?].”
Bob: “Well, first off – they’re acting out of turn, because in any financial transaction, there’s universally a 3-day rescission process. Or a 3-day period in which they can’t do anything. Because you have three [3] days in which to make corrections, or to even cancel, that transaction. So, they didn’t even wait; it was the next day, right Kiri?”
Kiri: “Yes, I think, two [2] days later.”
Lisa: “So, because you made your intention so clear, they can’t prove that your intent was fraud.”
Kiri: “Yes.”
Lisa: “They can’t prove your intent was otherwise, because your intent was perfectly clear in all of the paperwork and all of the notifications you gave.”
Brian: “All backed up — and everything that she gave backed up her entire story and what’s gonna happen? In court, they’re gonna have to follow the paper trail and study all the [?] if they want to actually get anything against you, to be able to convict. They’re gonna have to follow that paper trail all the way back down the track.”
Kiri: “And, what that does, is, it now drags all the Ministers into this.”
Bob: “[…?] Heather [?], what she said was, the reason why they are charging you with fraud was because you used an instrument of fraud. Because their whole system is based on fraud. The fact that you used your instrument — or that check — from the closed account — that is how they’re making the charge of fraud.”
Kiri: “Yeah.”
Bob: “So, in the meantime, she [meaning, Heather] is putting together the correction for that mistake, and she is helping you with that paperwork, if I understand correctly.”
Kiri: “I’m so grateful, …”
Brian: [paraphrased] Says he knows her story will empower and inspire many who listen to this, etc. “Such a big development, and this is going to pave the way on a myriad of different levels to where this is ultimately heading, which is what we’re all looking forward to at this point, etc. Thank you for everything that you have done, and standing in your truth, for being so courageous, and knowing your rights, and not waiting for the documents to come out, but just going out there getting it done yourself, hallelujah, girl! You should be proud of yourself (etc…).”
Lisa: “[?] what came out of this conversation we had last night was that they [meaning the police] probably don’t realize what they’ve done.”
Kiri: ‘No, no. And that’s why each of them, when they had me in […?], I was laughing, I was, “Boy, you guys have no idea what you’ve done! You have absolutely no idea what you have just unleashed! Well done boys! Well done ladies! You have played your role perfectly.”‘
Lisa: “And the Banks have, because they’ve exposed their own fraudulent instruments in the process. What’s interesting is what they have charged you with. I mean, the wording of what they charged you with is very, very telling.”
Kiri: “Yep.”
Lisa: Nothing that you’ve done can’t be undone, as Bob said, by Notice of Mistake within the three [3] day period.”
Kiri: “Yeah.”
Lisa: “And in the process, all of this gets exposed, and its beautiful.”
Bob: “It’s brilliant, they’ve literally exposed themselves.”
Kiri: “Yes.”
Bob: ‘Because what they charged you with is exactly what they are doing! You have done exactly what they do! And they are calling if fraud! This is brilliant. Doing something for “pecuniary advantage”; I’m gonna use that the next time I go into the Bank.”
Kiri: “Yeah” [laughs].
Bob: [pretending he’s in a Bank]: “So, you want me to sign that loan contract? Doesn’t that give you a pecuniary advantage? Isn’t that fraud?” [laughs].
Lisa: “So where do we go from here? We have obviously got the paperwork coming from Heather, and there shouldn’t even be a court date on Tuesday, really, if this all happened beforehand.”
Kiri: “That’s right, and that’s sort of how I see it. Because I’m very diligent, I always make sure I follow things up. And I know, because, generally, when you’re to appear before the court, they allow you at least two [2] weeks’ notice, but in my case, they’ve only allowed me, well, two [2] business days really — two business days’ notice. But I understand why they have done that; its because they do know that they’re not just dealing with the average Joe Blow [?].”
Lisa: “Well, they also know they are dealing with a worldwide community of people who are aware of all of this.”
Kiri: “That’s right, exactly, and that’s where it ultimately comes back to […?], [speaking of herself]: “she is now here in New Zealand, presenting for this worldwide group that has brought all this about. And I absolutely love what the One People have done, it’s amazing.”
Lisa: “And the One People love what you have done, I have to tell you.”
Bob: ‘Heather is providing four (4) documents, I believe. (1) a Notice of Mistake — “I’m sorry, thank you for pointing out your fraudulent instrument that I used”; I love the way she put it. (2) A Declaration of Being, and (3) a Declaration of Damage, if you are going for the full $10 billion. And then, (4) a Declaration of Value.”‘
Kiri: “Wow.”
Lisa: “So guys — those of you listening — those will be available very shortly.”
Kiri: “Wow, this is awesome, I’m excited, as I imagine a lot of people are gonna be.”
Lisa: “Yeah, well, I hope people listening to this actually get what’s happened and don’t go into fear, because what’s happened is yet more exposure to the system and to the fraud. Kiri’s gonna be absolutely fine, I have no doubts about that.”
Bob: “And Kiri, next week you have to come back and let us know what the balance on your account is.”
Kiri: “Yes, I will, most definitely. I am looking forward to being able to share the good news. I visualize only good news, so I see it, I feel it, I know it, and I just feel like, as I have said, everyone’s playing their role, so whether they’re good or bad, we’re all moving forward and closer to the ultimate reality.”
Lisa: “Yep, we are, onward & upward. Thank you Kiri, for sharing your story.”
Kiri: “Hey, you’re welcome.”
Lisa: “Soon as you have any news, please let us know.”
Kiri: “I will. Plus, I’ll give you an update and provide a update next week after the court hearing just to let everyone know how we got on. Actually, like I said, I don’t actually think there’s gonna be one.”
Lisa: “Well, it might just be an appearance for them to turn around and tell you the charges are gonna be dropped or…”
Kiri: “Yeh, well, and I am happy to do that. I have no issues dealing with my business. Thank you very much.”
Lisa: “No, you don’t!” [laughs].
[All sign off].


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