5GGATE: A Political and Financial Scandal of Epic Proportion


SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé only scratches the surface of what is surely the greatest governmental-corporate scandal and financial fraud in U.S. history.  The sheer magnitude of financial criminality and political malfeasance of 5Ggate is truly beyond comprehension.  Nothing of this has ever happened before.  The depth and breadth of this immense criminal conspiracy has, in and of itself, guaranteed an effective ongoing cover-up.

This was the only way that the criminal government officials and their corporate co-conspirators could have gotten away with the multi-decade crime spree known as 5Ggate—involve as many players as possible so that everyone is, in some way, guilty.  Because the entire enterprise was unlawfully undertaken to treacherously deceive the American people, virtually every aspect of 5Ggate has been carried out in secret and by stealth.

How else could the military deployment of 5G take place except under cover of darkness?  After all, “the 5G technology platform was not tested as required by law for the most basic safety concerns and human health risks”; hence, the perpetrators have had to conduct the roll-out as surreptitiously as possible.[1]  Were the scientific facts and shocking details about 5G known by the U.S. citizenry, they would have already shut it down—FOREVER!

State of the Nation
June 5, 2019


[1] 5G CRISIS: Historic Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC by Municipalities Across the USA


Anonymous submission from the Anti-5G Advocacy Network

Whereas, the present relentless campaign to deploy geobiocidal weaponized 5G wireless networks nationwide is built on a ever-shifting, ever-growing, forty-year foundation of financial and material fraud and conspiracy; specifically, within the corrupt telecommunications industry:

*    Subverting by various means the federal FCC/NTIA and state-level utility regulatory agencies to enable ongoing telecommunications industry deregulation and monopolization, enabling ongoing financial and other fraud/massive profits by constant intensive lobbying and bribes/campaign funding for state officials, inducing favors and massive corporate investments in themselves and in their initiatives;

*     Lobbying corporate state legislators/treasurers state-by-state quietly to invest hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of corporate Wall Street investments in telecommunications corporations and theicontractors. This is done by state corporate governments keeping two sets of books: one, the state “Budget”, representing 1/3 of all revenues being fraudulently released to the public as being all state corporate government revenues for any given year; the other, all actual state revenues – the remaining 2/3 of all state revenues, plus the 1/3 shown in its “Budget” — being found in its unpublicized Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and its related holding funds as being so privately invested.

 *   The total state financial holdings found in/related to its CAFR are generally at least 30-50 times more than those released to the public as its “Budget”. This is what constitutes the “CAFR fraud”, now found, not only in every state of this country, but, with theme and variations, in all countries within the globalist central banking system as well. This gives those state/provincial corporate governments participating in this massive financial fraud and conspiracy the incentive to maximize the return on their investments in the telecommunications industry by unquestioningly favoring its initiatives, while both creating and ignoring vast conflicts of interest never investigated by captured federal/state corporate government agencies, or the equally captured corporate media, in which these federal and state corporate governments and the telecom industry are often also heavily invested;

*     Co-opting non-profit/academic/think tank organizations to advocate for their fraudulent claims by providing relatively large amounts of grant funding to these groups for the past forty years, including for corrupted published research and astroturf community outreach;

*     Buying off corporate media exposure of their criminal activities of fraud and conspiracy by buying large amounts of media advertising, with which they then could in turn further manipulate public opinion;

*    Partnering with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to draft and pass federal and state-based cookie-cutter legislation extremely favorable to themselves, but the opposite for their customers and for their country;

*    Hiring hordes of lobbyists at the federal and state levels of government to represent their interests in/on government legislative bodies and commissions concerning different telecommunications issues, while the consumers they were/are defrauding remain virtually unrepresented by any authentic advocates;

*     Presenting fraudulent claims of intentions to build/upgrade corporate state/regional telecommunications networks of various types, supposedly to create enormous amounts of national/state economic prosperity, while repeatedly doing virtually nothing to perform upon these claims.

*    Varying over the years, this has been the main tactic to obtain government backing for ever more corporate mergers, as being presently proposed just before the planned T-Mobile-Sprint telecom mergerfor ever more monopolization for ever more profits for ever more power since 1992. It is the main tactic now being used in the present criminal crusade for the deployment of weaponized 5G wifi networks in 2019, with this tactic being routinely and fraudulently used in every US presidential administration since that of William Jefferson Clinton;

*     Claiming business expenses on repairs and upgrades to wired networks promised, but never performed, with no accountability demanded by industry-captured, colluding state and/or federal agencies;

*    Manipulating cost accounting to increase customer charges/taxes/fees at least 3.5 times what they were in 1980, while largely avoiding any such taxes/charges/fees/penalties themselves;

*     Redefining telephone networks as “information” in stead of “telecommunications” networks for financial/competitive regulatory advantage against competition, with the collusion of the corrupted FCC/NTIA;

*    Making wired technologies look unprofitable by deliberately failing to upgrade/maintain their infrastructure;

*     Putting most (fraudulently claimed) business expenses-claimed/other income into wireless networks;

*     Performing no actual upgrades or maintenance for older wired telecommunications infrastructure, then falsely claiming it as being “obsolescent”;

*     Surreptitiously and subversively using existing designated wired infrastructure, such as now-subsumed state telephone utilities and special access lines, for wireless networks and their backhaul build-out;

*     Actually performing installation of more new optical fiber, but stealthily dedicating it to 5G/4G wireless instead, again with no accountability demanded by industry-captured state or federal agencies;

*     Blocking regional/municipal broadband competitors by multifarious, highly manipulative methods;

*     Generating the “Net Neutrality” controversy as a distraction and cover for the telecommunications industry/colluding corporate government agency financial/material fraud and conspiracy to limit competition – with real non-monopolized competition between telecommunications corporations being the actual source of “Net Neutrality” – not more regulation by corrupted corporate government agencies colluding with the corrupted telecommunications industry for power and control;

*     Inducing the corrupt FCC to use its presumed discretionary power of “forbearance” to enable this monumental financial/material fraud and conspiracy by refusing to enforce its own stated regulations;

*     Shutting off retail copper wire-based landlines as “unprofitable”, using their own financial fraud/neglect of infrastructure maintenance as a false pretext to force customers onto wireless technologies paid for by the customers themselves as de facto investors.  This further enables them to sell bundle service options when their local/state/regional telecommunications monopoly supposedly upgrades or actually shuts off the copper-wired technology. The customers will have one fiber-wired choice – that particular monopoly’s cable, broadband, internet and/or telephone service that can increase its charges, fees and technology at any time with impunity.

*    Inducing the corrupt corporate federal government FCC/NTIA and various corrupt state agencies since 2007-2010 to waive requirements for reporting by the telecommunications industry, and federal requirements for their own reportage, as well as their disappearing records and rewriting of chronological/financial history of their own complicity in this monumental financial and material fraud and conspiracya monumental, treasonous fraud and conspiracy that has over forty years stolen an estimated $7 trillion from the American people and from the economic prosperity of their country, as well as relegated America to third-world status, 59th in the world, in terms of telecommunications speed and access, along with vast negative systemic consequences bred of this loss;

    It is this deliberately manipulated, increasingly wide “digital divide” and financial fall of America from grace with the rest of the world that is in part probably presently provoking this present presidential regime’s relentless, desperate attempts to bridge this gap, using unlawful, dictatorial force that is founded on the aforementioned crimes of fraud and conspiracy.

*     Shutting off the wired lines to also shut off all of their financial, material and moral obligations. This is because wireless service is not similarly regulated for quality of performance; it is, in the twisted logic of the corrupted US Supreme Court and FCC, an imposed contract with “no obligations”, as opposed to a wired telecommunications tariff, which does have such obligations. So customers cannot sue them for malfeasance, being relegated to mere arbitration by their user contracts, nor can displaced unionized telecommunications workers, whose contracts only last so long as wired networks do. All of this can then be presumably done without the informed consent of the public.

*    And wireless is therefore more suitable for stealth implementation of Secret Military Armaments as Residential Technology – the SMART grid – that can be used as community-sited electromagnetic weapons by the deep state at any time against the American people as domestic enemy combatants, such as the federal/state/local government-concealed sudden covert incineration via “wildfires” of several thousand residents of Paradise/Butte County, California in early November 2018 using covert 5G-based directed energy weapons, just as such 5G electromagnetic weapons were covertly used by black operations of the US military/its contracted mercenaries to incinerate thousands of people of Panama City, Panama in late 1989, and in Baghdad, Iraq in mid-2003, whose charred remains were then secretly buried in mass graves, as reported by such mainstream media soon after by CBS’ 60 MinutesThe Christian Science Monitor and the Academy Award-winning documentary, The Panama Deception.

    Therefore, all of those who would so ruthlessly seek to use such criminal financial and material fraud and conspiracy forcibly to impose upon the American people within their communities and without their consent, in violation of the Tenth Amendment of the US Bill of Rights, such geobiocidal technology as weaponized 5G wifi networks during such a long-standing state of national emergency as has existed without rescission since the time of the American Civil War, are in so doing committing treason, as well as potential war crimes – crimes against nature and humanity under the presumed immunity provided by such states of emergency. They are now not only seeking to use we the people as collateral in their malevolently materialistic system of debt slavery, but as collateral damage in their violently nihilistic power games for geopolitical control. And in seeking to do so without our consent, they are also liable, both financially and criminally, individually and officially, as well as morally, for their violation of their oaths of office, as well as of their contracts — commercial, political and spiritual — with the American people, the people of the world, as well as with the Creator of this universe.

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