Love for our Veterans: 11:11 Portal


Not a coincidence at all= love. love. love.








Not only is today Veterans Day, but also a significant date= 11:11. where this portal opens= bringing tremendous amount of goddess energy for planet earth! [Today] make our intentions be for abolishing human trafficking+ the manifestation of a new financial system that would benefits all+ lets bring all those that have caused much suffering for our people+ our country+ our children, be liable+ accountable+ responsible for their DO’ings+ lets bring the enemy of the people= the media be transform for the betterment for all+ lets bring freedom for our country the United States of America, and the world. So be it. Be it so.










Sending much love for all our veterans that are here with us+ all the ones that passed away. Also we are sending tons of love and protection for our people that are making what is transpiring for a better world, possible. <hearts>

Enjoy the Video:

And because we know you cried after listening this video, just read the meme below so you will feel better. Fun, is it not? Done.









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~ the people


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