Trump, Q, Gingerbread, Stockings and Gitmo. Part 1


Trump, Q, Gingerbread, Stockings and GITMO. PART1.

by u/SerialBrain2, published on Reddit, on December 17, 2018
Today, we are solving the Q2591-Q2599 Gingerbread Express riddle. Img1

What an amazing puzzle! It is designed for all ages and really speaks to you if you pay attention.

First, we learn here the Gingerbread Express was opened on Nov. 17th. Coincidence?

Let’s watch the video.

Did you catch the numbers used by Jared and Bri? We have:

1 elevator, a team of 7 bakers, who worked for 2months, they baked 1200 bricks, they used 400 lbs of flour.

What does this add up to? 1+7+2+1+2+0+0+4+0+0=17. Coincidence?

Now let’s get in the elevator to gather more clues. An anon said: “I SEE a FROG” referring to Bri’s outfit, Q responded:

Q2599 confirmed. PEPE THE BAKER?

Let’s count the number of lime drops on his collar Img2: we find 15. Add the other 2 drops used for the eyes. What do you get? How about that 1 drop and the tree with the 7 edges?

Following JARED and BRI, we can identify several other IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCES. Img3 At 17 s, notice how Bri uses the official hand sign for Q and how 1916 adding up to 17 appears in her sketch at the 24 s mark.

Let’s analyze the duration of the video Img4. It is 84 seconds long. Value for CHILD ABUSE? 84. Value for I AM THOR? Also 84. You know who THOR is right? You don’t? Did you notice THOR=61 and QANON=61? Now you know why Santa holds a hammer in the picture, why it is signed QA= QAnon and what this elevator really means: Q is exposing the pedophiles and the whole point of this elevator transformation is to illustrate his answer to an Anon’s question about GITMO:

Is Gitmo going to be used for US citizens (cabal)?

Q’s Answer: Q2623 (3) detention centers being prepped. Monitor funding. Q

There is an amazing confirmation hidden in the video: if you notice the value for GUANTANAMO is 107, what do you do next? You go to the 1:07 mark of the video and what do you hear Bri say as the doors of the elevator are closing? She says:

“you just have like kind of a moment of being transported into somewhere else!”

And now you know that somewhere else is GITMO.

You want another confirmation? Look at this beautiful equation: Img5

Time to go back to the 52 s mark and let Bri explain that GITMO is about to get real for the Cabal:

“you can tell that it’s real because you can touch the walls and you can see that there is real cookies on the wall”.

Now that the context is narrowed, let’s analyze the capital letters. A GE T TC TSR=113=THIS IS IT. Do you see it? Re-arrange these letters, you get: TARGET CTS. Since CTS=42, Clinton being the 42nd POTUS and 113 being the value for OPERATION, we deduce there is an ongoing operation targeting the Clintons and that it’s over for them. This is confirmed by the HC=Hillary Clinton coded in the H=8 stockings and C=3 colors. This explains everything you are currently hearing in the news. It’s coming. THIS IS IT.

Did you catch the hidden messages in the number of horizontal bricks and vertical ones at 33 and 37 s? Img6 You respectively have 7 horizontal bricks, 6 vertical, then 6 horizontal and 3 vertical. Which can be written 7H+6V and 6H+3V. Since H=8 and V=22, you extract the numbers 188 and 114 which are respectively JUDGEMENT IS COMING and SHE KNOWS.

Let’s go further. At the 6 s mark, we see 8 stockings and the letters B, B and Q are clearly visible. Img7 Stopping the video at different timestamps, we can identify all the letters from stocking 2 to stocking 7.

There is no frame allowing us to clearly see the letters on the first red stocking and the last white stocking. Hence Q asking:

Q2595 How many stockings in total? How many letters used? Logical thinking.

I will give you the answer in part2. It’s fascinating.

Then, Q says this:

Q2599 Think POTUS Tweet re: PEPE

If you go through the Maestro’s tweet archive, there is no tweet directly referring to PEPE. Are you ready to bake with me? Let’s follow the crumbs! What does Q mean here? If you look at the 5 letters B, Q, T, S and A, you see this emerge: STAB and Q. Then, we notice STAB=42 and PEPE=42! Q is saying we should look for the relevant in-context tweets where POTUS used STAB. I found these 3 tweets: Img8

They talk about Ben Carson, a hammer and Bob… What a coincidence…

They were also made on 2015. Triangulation on the year of the tweet: now you know why the baker had 2 lime drops for the eyes and 15 for the collar!

Look at the timestamp: 9:08=>9+8=17=Q. This Carson story is very interesting. I don’t have the space to talk about it here but if you want to look into it, know it has to do with the 16 year plan to destroy America, lobbies and how Hussein’s masters tried to stop Trump during the primaries…

Now STAB also generates BATS. Img9 Look how it connects to Carson through the CNN article and how it brings our gingerbread bricks! As you can see, through another understanding of BATS, the GUANO fertilizer appears. Were you aware there are around 1,200 species of bats? Now you know where the 1,200 bricks come from. How about GUANO? Sounds like GUANTANAMO right? Where is the missing TANAM?

Let’s take a closer look at our 400 lbs of flour and the reference to Pyramids in the Maestro’s tweet about Ben Carson. Img10 This is where you need to expand your thinking. Are you familiar with the MANAT, the Azerbaijan currency? Since we have pyramids and pounds of flour, let’s see how many MANAT is 400 Egyptian Pounds at the video release date. We find 400 EGP=38 MANAT. Bingo! You already know this 38 is our 3 colors and 8 stockings right? We have successfully extracted MANAT from the riddle data set and, since it’s the anagram for TANAM, GUANTANAMO now appears in all its fun and glory. Here is the summarizing image Img11


Let’s go to the 49th second. Img12 Did you notice Tommy Hilfiger’s logo on the boy’s sweatshirt? This connects to our beautiful FLOTUS through the WWD article describing how Hilfiger distanced himself from the TDS designers who called for her boycott.

There is another link to FLOTUS. It’s at the 47th second. Img13 Did you notice the fleur de lis by the Christmas tree? It’s the emblem for French monarchy and was used at the White House State Dinner for Macron. We learn in this article how FLOTUS prepared the event, her place settings and how she chose 1,200 cherry blossoms to line the Cross Hall. Second link to Bri’s 1,200 bricks…

Now question: why would FLOTUS pick a fleur de lis, emblem for French monarchy when the host is President Macron with his wife? Diplomatic approximation? No no no. FLOTUS knows very well what she is doing. You are all aware of this story right? Img14 Value for FLEUR DE LIS? 111. Value for PIZZAGATE? 111! Now you know what FLOTUS meant and why the fleur de lis is upside down on Santa’s hat and why he is holding a hammer. We are now equipped to understand why Q said this about the Q white stocking:

Q2597 Confirmed. ‘O’ made into ‘Q’ More to find over time. Happy Hunting! Q

He’s saying to go from O to Q, you need to stop by P and P is PIZZAGATE!

As you can see, we have 2 links to FLOTUS. Why 2? Because the first one, Fashion, is about beauty and the second one, State, is about love of country:

Will Flotus confirm anything on Hannity tonight?

Q2618 Only her beauty and love of country. Q

Next step? We go and listen to FLOTUS as she is interviewed by Hannity. The beginning of the interview is nuclear. Watch until 1:10. Did you catch it? Hannity says “because while we’re enjoying Christmas many of them won’t be with their families”. You know he’s talking about all those who would go to GITMO right? And FLOTUS responds: “it’s important to show them that the President, I and the country are behind them” which is, in Q language:

Q1897 They never thought they’d be hunted. Q

Do you have doubts? Continue until 2:03. Did you catch Hannity’s reference to the Empire State Building was about its height of 1250 Ft adding up to 12+5+0=17=Q? How about the 5k people capacity and 3k current? This is the connection to our 8 stockings! This whole conversation is about GITMO and Q’s riddle! FLOTUS says: “you see the ship, it’s very small and then when you approach, it’s really big” which is, in Q language:

Q2623 (3) detention centers being prepped. Monitor funding. Q

You know what FLOTUS means when she talks about the airplanes taking off and landing right?

Still doubtful? If you continue from 2:03, you’ll hear Hannity randomly say: ”the cost of freedom is high, very high. We forget sometimes, don’t we?” And FLOTUS answers with a laconic “correct”. That is all the Cabal will get from her. Their time is up.

Q153 Ask yourself an honest question, why would a billionaire who has it all, fame, fortune, a warm and loving family, friends, etc. want to endanger himself and his family by becoming POTUS?

Q153 Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of the world turn a blind eye. Q


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