They are Turning us against our own Self, against our own Creator with Covid19: Licenses, and Warnings

D136505B-400C-437D-8DEC-935AC1C8FBDF_1_201_aThe facts are beyond comprehension when comes to the direct infiltration of the Covid19 suppose virus. All is contradictory, manipulated, and dangerous indeed, and the medical field is accomplice to this insanity.

The medical field has led us down, and truly it can no longer be trust it.  Yes, the guys in white coat, or should we say, the black magicians  are taking order from no other than the Jesuits whores from the Vatican and or where ever they may be that grant them their licenses to practice being doctors, and as well to kill. They must do as they are told whether they like it or not, or else they would loose their license to practice their black magic. These licenses starts from the highest to the lowest as it may be that of an X-rays technician  to that of a nurse aid. They also hold the licenses for teachers, scientists, religious clerics, airplane pilots, businesses as that of hospitals, nursing homes, airports, real states agents, banks, and that of your neighboring coffee shop that without a license cannot operate according to them!

In fact they own the entire licensure universe. All issue to us by no other than the STATE that is the Big Whore. And this apply worldwide.

Could they as well hold the issuance of the BAR and ABA membership card? You bet!

Which lead us to think, why are these criminals in charge of giving the American people licenses, and or for that matter issue licenses worldwide? Shouldn’t that be a matter of national security, and or a matter that the people themselves can work out after they had their own education from college?

It is imminent that this issue is for the American people to work it out, not foreign agents that think can keep us tied to their necks through licensing. These control freaks must be bury at once by taking that power away from them, yesterday.

But indeed this has been taking away from them, inclusive of them using our names for human trafficking. Meaning, they were using our names are corporations, doing+ and drawing money with our own signature, and thus we have been for centuries slaves, matter not what cult or color of skin we are.

However, they knew that their days would come, and they would loose their controlling us, and as well they would loose all the fortune that they made through us. Through theirs agents as the UN, WHO, Big Pharma, and governments, etc. And Covid19 must be one of theirs last efforts to harm us any which way, which include inserting up our nose a wand that would collect some sampling of the suppose Covid19, when actually what they are doing is breaking the Hemato- encephalitic septum in the depth of the skull, and that is why testing is so painful. The goal of this in-depth test is to damage the hemato- encephalitic barrier and thus provide immediate access to the brain to be susceptible to any influence! This effect could comes from wearing masks; from bacterias that would accumulate on the masks and easily leads to inflammation of the brain.

The hemato- encephalitic septum is part of the cell layer. It has a border function that protects the brain from toxins and neurotoxins, from vaccines against heavy metals, bacterias, pesticides, and others toxins that do not belong in the human brain. Why it is necessary to push a stick through the nose in order to take a sample, when what can be found in the nose can also be found on the inside of the face, on the mucous membrane inside of the mouth. This serve as well even for genetic tests.

Could it be that the suppose Covid19 was successfully inserted into humans to directly create inflammation in the brain through the nose? Could they had inserted antibodies that are that of a regular common cold, and then after it is impossible to remove it? Or could the cold- like symptoms be due to the quick inflammation of the brain after the invasion? Could they/ are they inserting a microchip into our system? Into our brain?

All are a possibility when fucking around with the house of God, which is the Cerebrum along with the cerebellum, the Thalamus, and pineal gland. STOP exploiting our people for your hiding your own down fall. STOP the invasion and violation of public trust. Stop the fucking testing NOW and worldwide. You are committing genocide right in front of our eyes. Our people are Not commercial public property for sale!

And this is as inhumane as it can be. It is infuriating, and it is heart breaking! And it is nauseating the other things we have to go through as that of when we travel through airports. They make us take tests, and or go to a forty days quarantine if not comply! Not only this, but they take our temperature whether you have a fever or not with a laser thermometer that at the end would cause our auric field to have holes! Do not allow any laser light ever going into your body! And do not use their hands sanitizers, or use breathalyzers, and or never ever allow any vaccine of any kind into your body. We think we have heard enough of the danger of vaccines that are aim at destroying our immune system.

And further, when this entire Covid19 started, all the drama was already ready to play out, inclusive of closing all hospitals, schools, airports, etc, etc because for one, there it was no funds coming from the big daddy, and frankly they do not care about society at all.

They abandoned the sick in the hospital and nursing homes on purpose, and they all died. And many were euthanized! And anyone that went to the emergency room in a hospital, would never came from there alive, nor did they let any family member get into the hospital. And any death that occurred during this pandemic, whether it was an accident, and or stroke, automatically it was/is recorded as Covid19. All medical staff were told to do this, and inclusive for each death they counted with covid19, the more incentive they would get, as for example thousands of dollars for each death. And at the dentist office, they are doing the same thing, by taking your temperature that automatically you will have a very high fever, and wham! you have Covid now, and thus they would also get an incentive.

And they, till this day are killing people in the hospitals, forcing the sick to have ventilators which after they put on them, they for surely die. The hospitals are as we speak a killing field.

The culprits must pay the consequences for their evil actions wherever they are.

Do not go to the hospital unless is an immediate emergency, and never, ever allow for you and or a family member put the deadly ventilators on. And do not volunteer to take a Covid test, let alone put a wand up in your nose! Further, eat healthy balance meals, drink plenty of water, and take a good multivitamins even if it is twice a week!

This is the time for us having courage, and stands for what it is right. It is time for us as well help each other always, and more so during this insanity that we pray will pass. Keep in mind that in order for anything new to be in place, what no longer serve it useful purpose it must be discard.

Eyes open, and home school your children if you want them to be safe. And for older young people, be safe, and walks in groups, if possible. Predators are on the loose!

Pray, be responsible, and fear not, at the end all will work out for the best for all.

~LFabre = this posting


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