The Hybrid Babies from the Demonic and Degenerated Scientists that Actions Must Cease and Desist: Juan Carlos Izpisua


What else could the field of insanity, as it is that from the so call scientists within the most prestigious institutes, and or from the most prestigious universities from our country, can come out with, by knowingly and deliberately working on producing human Hybrid babies, as a disrespectful act against our beautiful humanity.

Fucking around, and or tinkering with our human genes is beyond madness by these so call scientists; doctors; physicians that have nothing else to play with within their comfortable, and high paying positions within these supposedly prestigious institutions.

Knowledge comes with responsibility+ and accountability, matters not who we are, and or what title we are honor with.

It is the time, right now for Juan Carlos Izpisua of Salt Institute, be not only arrest, but taking down. And so should be all his accomplices.


Above, picture of Juan Carlos Izpisua

We, the American people, and or our worldwide humanity, do not consent that our genes be tinker with other genes as are those from cows, mice, elephants, pigs, and dogs, etc., etc.

We are vomiting that parasite like Juan Carlos Izpisua and accomplices have gotten away with such of horrific actions as are those of mixing our genes with non- human species, as if this is such of great and outstanding discovery!

It is obvious that these so call “scientists” not only lost their minds; They have not common sense!

They are a threat to our society and most important to our very own species. They thrive at destroying us thus they must first be destroy where ever they may be. And further, stopping all funds going for such of unthinkable actions.

We command their facilities be closed down. Cease and desist.

Let the intention be DONE. So be it. = this posting



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