Prayer of Forgiveness












During these changing times, and especially during the Spring Season, and everyday, pray, meditate, and spend time in nature like the park, the beach, sleeping outside and or at the porch of your house if you have one so you can absorb the god’s giving energies that are flooding our planet. You might feel a bit tired and nervous, this is when you need to deep breath and Relax, if possible avoid all caffeine, liquor, and meat, as all these can make things worse. In fact, it could be that you might never again intake none of the mentioned just of the fact that your entire system is calibrating to a higher vibration, and Boom, your eating habits are changing for the best.

BE aware that we are going through big changes within ourselves as well as the earth, and all other creatures, so lets not be judgmental of anything-just BE in the moment… feel the bliss around you… And understand that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves matching within ourselves; our hearts the sacred energy that surround us, as if we do not this can bring serious consequences. Start by releasing all old resentments within you, like fear, greed, anger, poverty, health issues…Be forgiven, be love.



Dear Father-Mother God, if I ever offended anyone, forgive me, and I am sorry

If I ever hurt anyone, forgive me, and I am sorry

If I ever killed anyone forgive me, and I am sorry

To mother earth, forgive us if we offended you, and we are sorry

To all the oceans, lakes, rivers, if we polluted you, forgive us, and we are sorry

To all the mountains, valley, trees, if we offended you, forgive us and we are sorry

To all the animals, if we offended you, forgive us and we are sorry

To our skies, our air, our birds, if we offended you, forgive us and we are sorry

To all our vital and divine elements of water, earth, air, akash, if we offended you forgive us, and we are sorry.

Dear Father- Mother God lead us to the path of light, knowledge, and everlasting love on this wonderful journey call life.

So be it be it so

~we the people


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