New Moon Surprise!


We Woke this morning engulfed in a huge yellow sky coming from the East, where the sunrise is. I wanted to run and get my camera so I could take a better picture but I was afraid the beautiful color would vanish soon enough. Anyways, I did what I could with my phone. But what is strange, was that on the West side, there it was this huge rainbow within a huge purple sky!

And I am thinking, “Well, today is the New Moon!” And we just had the Solstice, and in a few days is Christmas. Perhaps all these are signs of great things coming!

2D723097-6F3D-4B16-9E23-8DBA3557D417_1_201_aAnd suddenly I went on a journey manifesting all that I want for Christmas and or for Easter the latest. I want the cancellation of all my debts inclusive, mortgage, credits cards, students loans, car loan, and etc., etc. Further, I want the issuance of a personal credit card with unlimited credit; unlimited funds so I can purchase food,+ and necessities as transportation, computers, phone, utilities, and housing. And further, and to start, I want the immediate direct deposited in my personal bank account, at least half a million and or a million funds to cover immediate vital necessities.

And I want this not only for myself, but I want these for all our American people. For all the Canadian people; For all North, Central, and South American people.

I want these for all the people of this world. I want this for all the people that are struggling making it through each day pay check- to pay check; and or people that are unemployed, hungry, and homeless.

We are F@#%g tired of the waiting, of the show, and of the BS. We have had enough!!

We are the GOLD itself and the comptrollers know this. Hear us, we want action Now. We want results Now. We want prosperity Now. We want monetary wealth Now.

Let the New Sun and New Moon be our witness.


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