I AM the words, the sound, the song, and the singer

I AM the dance, the motion, and the dancer

I AM the darkness, the light, and the nothingness

I AM the created and uncreated thought

I AM the created and uncreated breath that you take every second

Of your entire life

I AM each and every cell that builds your body

I AM the mind, the brain, the blood, and the heart

I AM life, I AM living, and I AM death

I AM all the elements that keep your body alive

I AM the North, the South, the East, and the West

I AM the future, the past, and the present

I AM the dark cloud and I AM the blue sky

I AM the storm, and I AM the stillness

I AM each and every created creature within the universe

I AM the trees, the mountains, the oceans, the lakes, and the rivers

I AM the currency and I AM the value

I AM the man eye

I AM the valley and I AM the desert

I AM the energy, the motion, the frequency, and the will

I AM the sun, and the sun behind the sun

I AM the moons, the planets, and the galaxies

I AM here, there, and everywhere

I AM above and below

I AM the Uni-Verse

And I AM You


by LFabre








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