Heather Tucci-Jarraf and the I UV INchange Explained



We have here the video as well as the transcript. Please take time to read and educate yourself on these new changes.








Essentially this is the synopsis of the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of the OPPT filings and I-UV Inchange . . . and What is happening Today. Heather fully explains HOW the Value system works, did work, and how it will work now. And got that this is a perfect blending of what Caleb wanted to create, combined with what Heather has been envisioning for months, has come to fruition, with more than enough for one and all.


And remember, this is a huge and brilliant global bridge towards liberating humanity’s consciousness, therefore, the reality of this information takes awhile to fully assimilate.


Therefore, this is a must-listen-to specially pre-recorded show, primarily with Heather, as well as D, Lisa and Bob. And it so densely rich with information, I will need to listen to it again! Thankfully, D’s Removing The Shackles transcribers are doing entire pre-recorded portion (about 1hr 20mins total) . . . which will be posted in a day or so here first – http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/ . . . so my notes will be minimal.


But bottom line . . . we will now have the tools to choose to re-purpose the banks into transaction centers to serve us, the people. And stop being commercial servants.


Heather starts synopsis at the beginning, in 2008 and rapidly weaves most of the relevant information . . . so that one can best understand how this is going to happen . . . breaking down entire system and how it works, so that everyone can make the most informed choices, deciding what they wish to do, or not.


You will be able to . . .

1. Fully own your own data.

2. If you want to make it public, it’s fully under your control.

3. And you will have tools for how you want to share your data.


In other words, anyone wanting to do business with you, will have to seek your permission . . . and as they will not be able to even be able see your data, unless you offer it. This puts you fully in a highly secured driver’s seat to bargain with the banks, or anyone now.

And you will be your own bank (and body), fully responsible for ALL of it.


Listen and find out . . .

What you need to know about your signature, and signing with “without prejudice” and what it means is important!

What “people being the Value”, as a fully literal tangible real thing, means.

What are ‘bonds’, ‘contracts’, ‘agreements’, ‘bills of exhange’.

How we can begin to access our Value . . . reminding us how to fish again abundantly.

About all the banks right now, beginning and ending with HSBC.


Some quotes . . .

Project XIII is the first Entity . . . sitting in unit of I.

Gold represents the Soul

Silver represents the Body

Tools will be uniform across the board

The banks will have to rebut it

It’s ALL digital

OPPT, now TOP, is just a set of tools for anyone to use . . . and ‘the movement’ is the energy of it.

We are now going to do some serious creating!


For the pre-recorded part of show only – http://i-uv.com/heather-tucci-jarraf-and-the-i-uv-inchange-7-1-13/


Last half hour of show, hosts launch into some helpful discussions and wonderings, you might have too.


On http://i-uv.com/ website . . .

“We are organizing a Flashmob with helpful tools for people to use to go in enmass to bank in your area, complete with your video camera so you can record it and submit to the I UV site to upload for all to see… and share.

. . . Docs coming and this link will be updated when they arrive from Heather!” – BZ


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What follows is the full transcript of the recorded interview between Lisa, D, Bob and Heather


Lisa welcomes Chris, Brian, and Bob to tonight’s show and then immediately introduces recording of D, Lisa, and Bob interviewing Heather.


Lisa starts recording at 5:18 minutes:


D: Hi, everyone and happy Monday. This is D and I have with me the lovely Heather. We have Lisa Harrison and Bob Wright with us. We’re going to sit down right now and do this conversation and explain EVERYTHING…from the beginning to the end. Right, Heather?


Heather: No pressure.


D: No pressure; everything, from the beginning to the end. As we were just saying that the article that I wrote on Saturday went viral over Facebook and various media sites. We’re going to be seeing a lot of people hearing this radio interview and not really having any basic background. They’ll be hearing this fresh and new, so we’re going to start off with a quick review of the value system. Who has the value? What is the value? The lies that have been perpetrated on everyone on this … I’d say planet, but it goes beyond that … as to what value actually is. So let’s start from the beginning, Heather darling; we are the value.


Heather: Yes. What we have here is … essentially we went in and the banking systems (inaudible) that everyone has seen, in the different news, the different media. They’ve had some problems. In 2008, you saw a lot of bubbles and everything else and just nothing moved. No money moved, because that’s what everyone was told was the value, was the money; currencies, paper, gold, silver. Really they shied away from the gold and the silver and really tried to have people focus on the paper and the coins.


So essentially what has happened is that there was a public trust and it was at one time called The One People’s Public Trust, which was the tool that was used to be able to go in and grab everyone’s value and return it to them near simultaneous to the grab. Essentially, the only thing that they could take was the title and ownership, but through deceptive acts and practices and fraud. So it all boils down to banking. Banking is the one thing that crosses all borders, whether perceived planetary, perceived universal. This, what some call the slavery system, was actually much greater than what everyone saw or had experienced.


That’s really the cap of what occurred up to this point, was that a few of us who knew the system and knew people within the systems, everyone worked together in a collaborative effort; some quite anonymously, some with certain amounts of deniability, but everyone worked very hard to bring this to a close.


So what happened was basically everything runs on commercial … what is called the commercial registry … Uniform Commercial Codes in the US, however all banks, all the central banks … each country actually is a corporation operating under the guise of the people’s governments, from any nation that you can think of. D from Removing the Shackles, American Kabuki, Kauilapele, Brian, Lisa, Bob, Chris – everyone brought that to light; was able to actually show people the documentation and where to go on these purported government sites to actually grab the corporate registries.


D: We will publish that … actually, I’ll go back and backtrack through all of the papers and we will publish all the links again, so that people can go back and refer to the links where all this information is filed.


Heather: So basically I started with that public trust on March 6 of 2011. From there … I can only speak to the experience that I had … it’s been a wild ride. There have been a lot of banker resignations. There have been whole governments that … purported governments … that have resigned after lunch. (Laughs). Lots of Ministry officials, lots of arrests, so you can actually see the movement. If someone were to put all those dots in one place where you can actually see them, you would see the effects.


The trust tool was a huge tool and then it was retired, reconciled actually. Reconciled into what is, which is essentially every being on the planets and actually every embodiment in the universe is value. They are eternal essence. I don’t get into the religions, because those are basically… for my knowledge base and experience in bank, trade and finance…are just tools that were used for harvesting energy, control, management of the actual value and their assets, is that every BE’ing is the value.


So eternal essence … some people call it a soul … but it really is about energetics. Everything is about energetics. All of that value was returned, title, ownership, full custody. It never left the embodiments, but it’s sorta like a house. If you steal a house you either go in and possess it, but it’s always there; you don’t move it. Or you steal it by title and paper essentially, which is what all the banks have been doing.


D: So let’s go back and just a quick review again for people who are brand new to this; we talk about the value. So the people being the value is a very LITERAL thing. If you want to know a little more about this, I want you to go and Google “strawman” and “your strawman account”. The value is apparent in all the things that the banks and the purported governments have done. Such as everything that you’ve pretty much done in your life, there has been a bond placed on you. They are making millions, if not billions, of dollars off YOUR value. You have NO access to it. They lie to you continuously and tell you that you don’t have any value, but within the system they’re trading your value every minute of every day.


Lisa: So, just to interject for a second, this is Lisa. They hid the whole concept that ‘you are the value’ behind this strawman, the corporation version of you that they created and through the account they created in that name. And like you just used with the house analogy, they just went in and stole it through paper. But they haven’t inhabited you, they haven’t possessed you as such, they’ve just possessed and stolen the paper version of you. And that’s what the One People’s Public Trust gave back.


Heather: Right. On July 25, 2012, last year, everything that was on the commercial registry … everything operates under a commercial registry … everything is commercial …


D: Everything … EVERYTHING!


Heather: From the people who are put under commercial, the purported courts, purported corporations operating under the guise of governments are all corporate, everything is corporate. So everything to your religions, your schools, your hospitals and actually a number of hospitals have their own banks. A lot of universities are heavy into the financial area as well, finance companies. Here’s what I can tell you is that the approach that we took, whether it was the public trust, there were many before us, but the ones that actually went in to close everything – all the purported systems down, so that what is could actually operate absent limit, was Caleb Skinner, Hollis Randall Hilner, and then myself and through the…


D: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.


Heather: Heather Tucci-Jarraf… and through our various backgrounds and experiences, like Caleb’s … he’s got a successful company that does a lot of code writing, program writing … he works in a lot of different areas, because that’s also another sector that has no borders. Then Randall was around … Randall’s older than Caleb and I, so he was around during many different movements and has been in the bank, trade and finance in some fashion or form. So with all of that basic knowledge, we were able to go in … and mine is legal, law, bank, trade, and finance and contracts … which everything is a contract. Every event in your life is a contract, whether you know it or not. They get basically a contract or an agreement. The way that the system, as D had said, is basically they take your eternal essence from birth, because your body is just your vehicle that your eternal essence operates through and what it operates, is actually energy and energy IS the value system.


D: Paper and gold, oil, silver, whatever, Federal Reserve bills, any currency you can name, is just a representation of true value, because the true value is people.


Heather: Right, exactly. So what our approach that we took was number one, just go in and get done the parts that … instead of sitting there trying to teach everyone how to go do it, we realized that it could be done by one, because it’s all the same facts, the same scenario, the same system. Once you know the template, they all are uniform. So that was all closed down and essentially, all this corporate or representations were cancelled, for cause; deceptive acts and practices and fraud. There was a certain way that we did that and No, we did not use the lien mechanism. We actually went in and did it a different way; it’s all in the paperwork. We can go over that later. There’s been a number of interviews on that, so I’ll leave that to the side for now.


Essentially what everyone is wanting to know at this moment is, they have all this value and nothing’s ever been taken from them, but it has been taken by title, by paper


D: …by control.


Heather:…by paper and process and through management. If you look at where they’ve invested all of their time, their money, their efforts, their energy, it’s in controlling the population, the public.


D: Through media, religion, government …


Heather: Schools, hospitals …


D: Schools, hospitals, prisons and they put bonds on you on pretty much every single one of those institutions.


Heather: Well, the way that they go in and from the moment that the body is created; because that’s actually the notice of eternal essence in body … people say embodiments, I say In body, In’bodiment … and that’s when the eternal essence, the soul, whatever you would like to call it, goes in and really it’s about that particular soul or eternal essence being able to use the energy and manifest and create. And that IS the value.


So what they do is they go in and basically the birth certificate is one example where they go in and they take over the body and here you think you’re just registering yourself so people know that you actually are a human BE’ing, a live body. That’s all sent off to the World Bank and IMF and from there, everything you do, you do actually under, you’re a corporation operating under the guise of human. Then your account at the central banks is charged, basically for everything.

All the systems … that’s where all the courts, purported courts, send all their paperwork is up to the central banks. They get credits for every transaction and contract that they do.


D: Every person who goes to jail …


Heather: It’s by consent. No one goes to jail without their consent.


Bob: This is the reason why when if you ever were pulled over by a traffic cop and they wanted to give you a ticket, they’ll almost, or quite often will threaten you with arrest, if you don’t sign that ticket. They really, really … at least in this country … they will emphasize you need to sign this ticket.


Heather: Well, that’s fine, Bob. Here’s the thing; there’s a lot of contracts that people aren’t made aware of. So a contract is where you know the material facts. There’s certain elements to a contract in order to have a binding contract. Then there’s agreements, which legally and factually, conceptually, are different. So agreements, you don’t have to disclose everything. If you can get their consent and it’s an unknowing, unwilling and unintentional consent, it’s still an agreement. It’s really about asking the right questions. So the best thing to do is … if someone comes up to you, Bob, with a contract that has a signature that says Bob Wright, but you know you didn’t sign it and you don’t even know this person, what would you say to them?


Bob: Well…


Heather: If they tried to enforce it?


D: You’d say show me the damn signature.


Bob: Yeah, show me the signature. That’s not me.


Heather: Right. And I didn’t sign that… whatever it might be. So here’s the thing, if anyone makes you sign anything, just your signature is whatever you want to make of it. Okay, it can be an ‘X’, it can be a thumbprint, it can be a squiggly, it can actually be Bob Wright okay! For me what I do is in law and then in legal systems because there’s a difference between law and legal systems. Alright, so what happens is when I go to sign something my signature, because your signature is anything you intend to represent you. My signature is ‘Without Prejudice, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. And I do that because I don’t know what contracts, or agreements; what kind of dealings have been done, so when I sign something I’m just signing “Yes sure, you need this piece of paper okay, but I’m DO’ing it without prejudice”, which means I can’t be harmed, damaged or prejudiced or held to a binding contract that I have never seen and don’t know all the facts to. That’s what ‘Without Prejudice’ means.


So I’ve had, my husband in fact, was in a situation where just out of the blue all these cops show up and he’s in Spain and Spain happens to not think that it’s part of the European Union; it’s Spain, it’s Espana.


D: At least in that town anyway.


Heather: In that town. And so they were like “You have to sign this.” Same kind of attitude that Bob you were just illuminating to with the….


D: … traffic police.


Heather: …traffic police. You know they were like “You have to sign this, you have to sign this!” And they were getting really aggressive, really pushy and my husband’s not small he’s six four, and no he’s not an Ethiopian he’s not actually Moroccan. (Laughter).


And he was like “I will sign anything you put in front of me”. And then when he went to go sign he signed ‘Without Prejudice’ and they flipped out. And all the way from the cops to the lawyers to the magistrate to the judges were flipping out that he signed ‘Without Prejudice’ and he was very respectful and said ‘No problem… you put anything before me and I’ll go ahead and sign it”. But that’s what he signed with and they were all flustered and frustrated but there was nothing that they could do. And…


Lisa: Did he tell them to Google it? Was it that one?


Heather: Yeah because he kept saying that he wanted to talk to his embassy and they were like “You can’t. You have no rights. You’re not Spanish”.


And he was like, “You are part of the European Union right; because I am Italian. I am part of the European Union and he goes “We’re Espana!”


And so he told them to Google things and they told them “What’s this ‘Without Prejudice’” and he told them Google it!


So yeah it was quite an interesting story, but here’s the point. The point is YOU are the value. That’s what BE’ing when we talk about BE’ing and DO’ing which is a lot of… it’s just really simple, it’s really basic… I use those words BE and DO because those are simple.


Lisa: I just want to back-track for a second. Because you said you were talking about the accounts and how everything you do they just take out of those accounts. So when we say ‘Pre-paid, Pre-approved and Pre-authorised’, essentially that is a correct, accurate statement in that everything we choose to do, everything we desire to do, everything we need is already pre-paid and pre-approved and pre-authorised?


Heather: Right, so that’s why it’s so important to BE and to DO. It’s just a very simple statement. The point is if you BE and DO, especially after what was referred to as the OPPT; the People’s Trust… went in and returned everything to everyone; anytime you BE and DO it is now YOUR. There is no corporate or hidden representation that they can actually charge to because you are a full custodian. You are the sole (soul) custodian of your body, which is your vehicle and your BE’ing which is your eternal essence and that is where the value IS.


D: Okay, so now let’s get into the meat of what everyone wants to talk about. How do we as BE’ings access our VALUE? So let’s get right into it.


Heather: Okay. So first off the value has always been in you. It’s just been a matter of what hasn’t been told. What hasn’t been transparent is number one ‘what the value is’ and now that you all know what the value is and it lawfully and legally has been returned. Is that you’ve always been able to access it. So right now it’s a matter of people… you can either give them a fish for a day, or you can teach them how to fish; and really this is just reminding you how to fish. Cause everything that’s about to be said has always been; which is why they really don’t want people to be focused on knowing themselves or going within and using their tools of resonance. They need you distracted so you don’t think about this stuff.


So when you go in to access your value what is very important is to know this; the tools that are in the ‘financial system’ are the tools; they’re representations, they’re usually a written or a physical representation of the energetics.


Okay. So the financial system as far as the tools and the mechanisms are beautiful. And they are very correct because they needed to use the correct tools in order to transfer and use. The problem was they commandeered and stole things that weren’t theirs. And when I say ‘they’ I’m not talking about the purported corporations operating under the guise of government okay. I’m talking about those who actually use those tools in order to commandeer. Normally people know them as the thirteen families and even within the thirteen families there were many that were trying and have assisted in making sure this all comes out. So I’d really like to point that out. And there are a lot of people within those systems; agents and beneficiaries that also have been working to make sure all of this comes out.


So the tools; typically people are very familiar with ‘the bond’ okay. A cheque; you know the cheques you write to your grocer, or that you write for your gas, or that you write for the school, rent or whatever. Cheques are a bond; it’s actually a bill of exchange. Okay. I don’t like the word ‘bond’ because ‘bond’ is ‘bondage’.


D: Yep.


Heather: Okay, in the value system what they did was they took a part of the value system, put it into a vacuum and it happened when it’s in the value system and it’s whole it actually is the enforcement and accountability; self accountability feature of the value system. When you separate it, it ends up creating a debt system; which is what people today know as the ‘financial system’. So it looks like there’s limited resources. It looks like there’s not enough. And…


D: And that each person has no value.


Heather: … and each person is not the value and they actually have to borrow the value okay. That’s a huge part and so what I have focused on with Caleb and Randall throughout this entire time was not to just give a fish and if something happens to the person teaching how to get a fish, everyone’s kind of screwed.


So really it’s about everyone knowing all the data so that they can BE creative, since it is their value, it is their body, their vehicle that they are DO’ing this to and I love all the DNA conversations and the supreme court in the US went in and dealt with this too. DNA is just a part of your vehicle right… it’s part of your body. And GW Hardin brought up it’s not just DNA, you hear RNA, you hear all these acronyms… junk DNA… that’s going to be an interesting revelation here very, very shortly of what that actually all is.


But what I can say is this; the tools are still the same as far as accessing. But I don’t like the word ‘Bond’. It’s an instrument okay. Like the public trust when we went in to test the different mechanisms on how to return everything to everyone there was an ‘acceptance performance bond’. And that’s a ‘bondage’ right! It’s a voluntary commercial indenture. You’re agreeing to be a commercial servant for whatever period of time for whatever the term of contract and terms and conditions are.


So instead what I would like to do and this is what I’ve been working on for release for today, which will be released today; is giving everyone the data of the value system…the whole. And you’ll be able to recognize the part that was the financial system. And I’m actually breaking it down so you can see how they actually made physical representations of the energetics and they didn’t tell you about the energetics. And the whole value system.


Then also the tools and the instruments; you’ll see how value actually works; which is value for value. And you’ll also be able to see the different tools. Because if you know what the actual value system is you know how the value for value works, like currencies for instance as an example, they’ll say “Oh it’s for instance in Morocco it’s something like eight and a half Dirham per dollar, or eight point two Dirham per Euro. That’s the value exchange. We’ll value for value is one to one unit. It doesn’t matter what the units are because they’re all representations of energy.


So everything is actually standard across the board, I don’t care what representation one chooses to use as long as it’s mutually acceptable. So it doesn’t matter if there are these current systems. What I would like to do is show you the bond that we actually put together for the slavery system actually to use within it because at the time…


D: … it was still standing.


Heather: … it was still standing and those that choose that they want to let other people take their value that’s the tool that they can actually go in and use. And you can see the evolution of to where we are NOW; where it’s basically ‘I’ which is the eternal essence and everyone is eternal essence and everyone controls their value and their body. Then you can see the evolution of how that bond really is just an instrument; it’s a transmitting utility or transmitting vehicle of the energy, of the value that you’re going to transfer. Now it could be in the form of a Federal Reserve note, it could be in the form of a Yen, a Swiss Franc, it could be in the form of…


D: … silver, gold.


Heather: Right, it could be in the form of a service. Value comes in many, many different forms. It could just be a straight energetic exchange as well. Right… energy. And that way people can make an informed choice of how they want to operate their value, operate their vehicles and actually create and manifest and co-create and co-manifest.


That was the approach and I want to make sure everyone knew it was about giving them the knowledge; the actual information. Because in bank, trade and finance the knowledge is the currency. The paper and the coins and the natural resources are NOT. Those are just the booty if you will; from the knowledge okay.


So that’s what the documents will be. And once you know the value system you know what kind of documents you need to have in place. If you think about it when you go to do a credit card application for instance, that’s a declaration. It says “I declare the foregoing is true and correct”. Okay, so the application is actually the underwriting for a piece of plastic that shows up at your door and then the acceptance of the contract, or the agreement really, because they don’t tell you all of the material facts, so it’s actually an agreement, is you using that piece of plastic. And you’re bound every time you use that piece of plastic; so you have multiple contracts going on every time you use that piece of plastic. Your signature is actually the signature on the contract. So, what I wanted to make sure was that everyone had the basic tools and that really it is just declarations and then it’s also deposits.


There are two representations of eternal essence which is what they have been using is business and bank. Every Im’bodiment is their OWN bank. The way the system works is not just planetary it’s universal actually. Everyone has experience with just the planetary and then what happens is BIS was the main one that would actually take things universal. And so a lot of information is going to be coming out about that as well.


We have Caleb who went in and basically created the programming and coding so that tools that we use today that we know as ‘harvesting tools’ such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, My Space… all of these give you free accounts but what people don’t know is all your data is being sold. So they’re making quite a bit of money on your data; even if you have a free account and you’re using all this, they’re selling it over. It’s like your medical records. When you go in and you are with the doctor, if you read the actual paperwork, you’ll see where you give them permission to sell your medical records, sell your data, sell your information. They make quite a bit of money, they get a lot of stipends from corporations, from big pharma and all that data is yours.


So Caleb went in and he called it the VEXS protocols. One is you own your own data. Two is if your data is out in the public it’s always encrypted. And three is that if it’s not in your control then there is an accommodation agreement contract in place; meaning you give them terms and conditions of how they can use your data. So really you now have just made… took all those deceptive acts and practices which make you revenue streams you don’t know about off you and your data and your value and they’re NOW YOURS.


You get to choose who you want to share your information. If you want those revenue streams, then you get those revenue streams. But the point was with taking that, giving you the key to your own account, which usually those harvesting tools they just keep them and that way they can give the information and usually corporation operating under the guise of governments would come in and even corporations, straight corporations would come in and do warrants for your information on your cell phone carrier, your cell phone provider, your internet provider. They go in and serve these warrants and you have no idea that they’ve gone in and actually asked for your data and your information. And so it’s funny because there was that big disclosure about NSA using all of those particular harvesting tools that I’ve named and going and getting your data.


Project XIII which is what Caleb created was a way for them to ‘do it right’. Instead of going to a place where there’s possibly millions of accounts and Im’bodiments sitting there and just grabbing up batches or bulk, they actually now have to go to each person and let them know “Hey, I want your data”. And then you sit and you’re responsible for going in and being confident and…


D: … negotiating the price.


Heather: Yeah and negotiating the price… or saying “What’s this for?” You know just asking the questions. And so I love the concept of everyone BE’ing in charge of their own value. You are your own bank. You run your own body, your own business. You need to be responsible for it. You need the system to be able to do that. So it was really important to also have the law be what it is and that’s why that last UCC filing which reconciled all of the commercial registries so that they no longer exist… they may still have them up and operating, but at the same time nothing that goes in there is valid at this point and hasn’t been for a while.


Lisa: Nothing that goes in there is harvestable in other words.


Heather: No, no. It’s the same as when you write ‘Without Prejudice’ and my name, that’s my signature. And just because they ask me to sign the document doesn’t mean I’m a party to their hidden contracts. Okay. Unless it’s discoverable and unless it’s actually disclosed to you how can you be a party to it.


So even if they are still filing things they are about you Lisa for instance, you’re not held accountable for it. You’re not held responsible for it. Because they’re not disclosing it to you and you’re not signing on it.


D: Henceforth it’s not a contract.


Heather: Right. Okay so these tools, what I wanted to do and what I’ve done is actually disclose the value system and how it actually works. And also show you how they took a part of it and made it what is the past financial system. So that you know the difference and you can make an informed choice; because if you still want to operate in that way… great! They don’t have anything to pay you with (laughing) at this point unless they bring, continue a ponzi scheme and bring others in and use their value to pay you so it looks like they actually have something, or you’re going to have that ‘bond’ for instance, that ‘tool’ that main operating tool…


D: Call it a template?


Heather: Well, it was the template that we used that we were going to go use prior to taking everything to ‘I’. Even before fathoming and following the trail back to ‘I’, back to zero point. And so I would like everyone to see that. Because I want everyone… it’s about absolute data, not one piece missing. They need to see the difference; if they want to work in a compartmentalized financial system that is a debt driven system, or if they want to work in the value system; which is the absolute energetics. And they now can actually work universal at that point. Not just planetary but universal. And then see the tools and how they actually work. How they create their bank, how they create their business and then how they actually do the transactions and transfer the energies. Those documents are what will be released tonight along with the value system data.


Then you can go in, whether it’s Project XIII for instance, that you choose to actually do your banking and your business transactions where you actually own your own key to your own account; which Caleb is, I think it’s an ASA or some kind of a key where the data goes on the server for three days so that people can actually receive it and then he’s actually making it so it’s an RSA key; which means nobody sees it at any moment. Just the people you send it to; who YOU choose. Right!


40-60 mins: Sue


D: And it’s encrypted with a huge mega-encryption process.


Heather: Right. And so you can use Project XIII but I also want to make sure that it’s not limited. Everyone should be able to play and you should be able to make your own choice of who you want to play with. So if you want to walk into a bank or you want to walk into any purported government, corporation operating under the guise of government I should say, or corporation, you should be able to know how it all works so that you can walk in knowingly, willingly and intentionally and say “I would like to play with you under these terms and conditions”. Then negotiate from there if you choose, or just start to play, but have the same tools so they’re all uniform.


So you can walk into a bank and let’s say you do a declaration of deposit; which is just basically a declaration of value. Which was all OPPT the tool went in and recovered basically or set a limit, set an amount I should say, at 10 billion. It was 5 billion for every in’bodiment and then 5 billion extra for anyone who declares they were damaged by the systems. And yet that’s only a fraction of what they actually took, but that was enough to go in and be able to stop the systems from flowing illegally and unlawfully and allowing everyone the chance to breathe and get caught up with what the heck has been going on.


There’s that to start with but there’s actually more and if that’s what you choose then basically you just make a declaration of what it is, and then they would have to rebut it.


D: “I John Doe, would like to deposit in your bank 1 million dollars of my value.”


Heather: Well not 1 million dollars but 1 million units….


D: One million units, I stand corrected …


Heather: Because the Dollar, the Yen, any kind of those current, what they call current funds and I love the word current because it’s all about energy, right? Current funds. And so if you go in, I want to make sure that people have the choice of what systems they want to use, so the tools need to be uniform across the board and when we use the value system they are. Even in the financial system those tools are the same tools, it’s just that you’re declaring and they have to rebut it.


Lisa: So let’s talk practicalities just for a second because you know that’s what I do.


(All laughter)


Heather: Nice wording.


Lisa: Nice wording. I’ve been warned, so I know. So, the education in terms of how the system works and where the value is, that’s here now and more is coming. The uniform paperwork, for myself what I see is certainly the people who’ve been following this whole process for the last six months are very, very excited about moving directly into the IUV Ixchange. Or INchange whatever we’re calling it now.


D: INchange. The IUV INchange.


Lisa: That’s an education process that is going to start now as well, I mean.


D: Yes.


Lisa: Getting the word out. Getting everyone from manufacturers and distributors and retailers and all of these other people to understand that there is a…what can be seen as a new currency in the system; and jumping on board with that. The interim step here is very likely to be people going to the banks with these pieces of paper and offering to credit, offering to deposit some of their units of value into their bank. Minimal amounts I would think, hopefully at first. Just…


D: Yes, yes please.


Lisa: Just enough to, you know, basically see you between here and the IUV being up and running completely, but…what’s the practical, practically what is the step? You walk in and make that offer and give them 72 hours to rebut?


Heather: Well how about I do this, how about I actually walk it through as I believe you could do it.


Lisa: Absolutely that would be great.


Heather: So essentially, I’m going to use Project XIII because what people don’t know yet is Project XIII is actually the first that I know of entity or representation that’s sitting in ‘I’, in the governing law.


So Caleb, the companies that he’s actually running Project XIII through are representations of him. And so those are also in ‘I’. And that’s what people would usually refer to as a corporation. So for instance I’m going to give you an example of how to do my IUV INchange on Project XIII as well as my IUV INchange with tools of the former systems. Okay?


Lisa: Yep.


Heather: So on Project XIII for instance, I go in and I create an account with Project XIII and then what I do is, I do a declaration of representation saying I’m creating whatever representation name you want to use, I can either use Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, I can use BBC Corporation, I can use whatever it is as long as I declare what it is, and I put that declaration of representation so everyone knows it’s there, it’s established and I’m responsible for it. I’m responsible for it with my full personal liability and responsibility for anything and everything that particular representation does because it’s really just me DO’ing. That way I can communicate with any of the old tools that still may be up and running and still haven’t made that switch, so it’s a bridge.


Lisa: Okay.


Heather: Okay? So then I would also do a declaration of representation for a bank. I can call it whatever I want. Again, Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, you know, bank is, whatever. And, but I do a declaration of representation so everyone knows that is a representation of me. I’m fully responsible and liable for anything and everything that bank does because it is me.


D: In full transparency.


Heather: In full transparency… and I post that on my Project XIII as well. And then what I do is I go in for each of those, because you have to have some value in there to actually DO, right? Because just as you have value in you, and your body’s the vehicle, well, your bank and your representation which we discussed is a bank and a business, are just representations of you, so you need to deposit some value in there.


So you do a declaration of deposit, of value deposit. And then you choose whatever sum, whatever amount of value you want. Now this is all energetics, okay, but the documents are the written representation of those energetics and it’s what we call in bank trade and finance the underwriting. And it’s very similar to when you go in, same way you actually create a brick, a mortar and brick bank. You first establish it, you go in and incorporated it, in corp, which is in body.


Then you go in and you have to put value or what they call ‘capital’ into that bank, right? Supposedly.


Lisa: Right!


Heather: And then from there you can have customers. You can open your door and then you ask them to please bring their value to your bank. Well, in this particular instance you are the value; anything that you do in the value system you draw energetic units behind everything that you do depending, and it’s in various amounts because it’s value for value, okay?


So what happens is I just declare what value; and for those that who are not too keen or too comfortable or into the energetics of it yet, the OPPT went in and did that 5 billion and that 5 billion. So really out of that 10 in gold and silver, cause gold and silver actually are just representations. The gold and more will be disclosed about this coming up in various different ways, but gold is actually the representation of the eternal essence or what some people call the soul, and silver is actually the representation, the physical representation of the body, the vehicle. And more will be said about that.


D: Yes. More details will be given on that very soon.


Heather: And so, everything; that 5 billion and that 5 billion was reserved in gold and silver, or not reserved but returned in gold and silver because that’s what they all agreed to, would be payments for debt. Debt would be paid in gold and silver, and one of the most famous places to find that is the purported United States of America, Constitution of the United States of America.


And then all the central banks, when they cut their currencies, they have actual dollars sent over by the Federal Reserve, they have FRN’s, Federal Reserve notes, sent over to the Federal Reserve, they deposit it into their central banks and they can cut as much currency for as many Federal Reserve notes as they have.


So they all agreed to that particular debt, shall be paid in gold and silver as well. That was the connection and that was the lineage between all of the purported, or the corporations operating under the guise of government. That’s why everyone has the gold and the silver. I want that to be clear.


You can choose, what I would do is I would go in and say “Okay, I want to make a declaration of value deposit in my bank”, that I’ve done a declaration or a representation for. And I would say “Okay, in this particular declaration of value deposit I’m putting in 100 million in gold and silver”. And that’s what’s in my bank.


Now, I also am subject to audit for any kind of business dealing or dealing that I want to do with anybody else. They have to be able to have access to my records. And we have that in the former systems, or had that in the former systems already. That’s what your auditors, your accounting firms, your banks would supposedly do was go in and audit your transactions every year.


Supposedly in the U.S. for instance, they had what was called the Internal Revenue Service, and that was supposedly their purpose, their purported purpose was to go in and make sure that you paid taxes, made sure that you, your books were clean, and everything else, and there was actually a number of mechanisms for that, your state department was another one, and then you have the international equivalents.


So really the systems themselves were beautifully designed except for the fact that they didn’t tell you who the value really was and that they were commandeering everything. So really the tools themselves, it’s sort of like people say, “Oh a gun kills”. Well, a gun doesn’t kill! It’s the people operating the gun that can kill, right? It’s the same thing here.


These tools are actually great tools if they are done in transparency. If you add transparency to the system, and it goes back and is reunited with the value system, those tools actually operate correctly and you reunite the yin and the yang and it changes the formula, or the harmony, of those particular compartmentalized points and the ones that they don’t tell you about, okay?

So I would go into Project XIII and that’s how I would handle it.


From there, any doing I wanted to do through those representations… and I’ll remind you, for me right now, those representations are a bridge tool for anything that still appears to be remaining from this former system. Okay? So that way they can communicate, I can communicate, everyone’s happy, we can still get lots done. Yet everything I do is my intentions, as far as what I, who I choose to play with, who I engage with, you should all find someone that’s like minded that wants to make things transparent and create beautiful things for the highest good of all, so…


D: And we’re going to be doing some serious creating…serious, and we’re going to talk about that tomorrow, or after.


Lisa: It’ll be on tomorrow’s show.


Heather: That will be after.


D: After, not before, we didn’t want to get into it right now because we want the focus to be on what we’re discussing at THIS moment, but this week we will be going, seriously talking about creating.

Heather: Doing the example of creating, yes.


Okay, so, its’ important that if I can’t, if I won’t use these tools but I’m telling someone to go use them, that’s never been the approach that I’ve ever done, because for me that would be deceptive in itself. So I’d rather go and do this and it can be an example, just an example, one example. Okay because so many people are much more creative than I am. And I would really love to experience their creativity, but I will go in and show, and DO, because I know this, I believe this, and my molecular structure will explode if I don’t… go in and actually do this so people can rely upon it. As far as, this is something she’s chosen to do, she’s standing behind it, she’s standing within it, and that way if there’s any problems; you’ll definitely know, won’t you?


D: Absolutely.


Heather: It’s been usually the tact we’ve taken with the OPPT and everything else. So that’s how I would do that, and then any transaction that I go to DO or play with others, it would be by contract. “Here’s the expressed written terms.”


Now for me it just depends, like there’s savvy investors, or institutional investors in the old systems, and then you have non-institutional investors. Well that’s just a matter of knowledge and database, right?


Lisa: Yep.


Heather: So for me, when I go in to do a contract, depending on the savviness or the commitment of the other person in the energetics, then that depends on how much of a written representation you need of the energetic doing and transfer. That comes down to a trust issue, what most people would say trust in all of the former systems, which are the financial systems which was just a part of the value system, was all based on non-trust. And yet it was because there was no transparency. However when there’s transparency, it’s not even a matter of trust at that point, trust becomes irrelevant because everything’s clear.


D: There is no question, there is no, I’m sorry to say, there is no lawyers arguing in a courtroom about what the specific word means legally, in a contract. Because it’s full transparency. Everything is laid out clearly in ABSOLUTE data, so there is no question.


Heather: I hadn’t even finished law school yet and the judge I worked for, Judge Sypolt…I loved that man. Judge Sypolt asked me, “What would you like to accomplish?” I said, “I would love that nobody would ever need another lawyer ever again”. So, please help me accomplish my goal.


(All laughter)


Lisa: Yeah, we’re right behind you.


Heather: Yeah exactly. So, that’s how I would do Project XIII with my bank, my representations, which I’ve designated or I’ve identified as a business in order to have that bridge, tool between the old tools while they’re closing out, or just redefining themselves to what they really are which is a representation of eternal essence and the IN’bodiment, and then I would just do my transactions.


Then what happens is all the declarations that I’ve put on my account for Project XIII, that’s the underwriting. It’s the same as a bill of exchange, it’s the same as an insurance contract because if someone needs to collect upon that…everything is digital, whether you think things are digital or not, I can tell you everything in bank, trade and finance is digital. The written representations or the physical representations that you have they are still accounted for digitally and they actually are tracked digitally. Those are just for your comfort so that you feel that you have some kind of say over either…you have some security. That you have cash in your pocket or coin in your pocket and yet they play with that every day which is what we saw with the LIBOR scandal. One day you have ten dollars in your pocket and the next it’s not worth ten dollars, it’s worth ten cents.


So, that’s how I would do it, and that’s how I am going to do it, and these are actually the documents that I’m talking about, these declarations, the underwriting which is also the physical asset and originals would be delivered to whoever you’re working with.


Now, there is an interesting patent two actually, one was from Bank of America, the other was from Visa. Bank of America purportedly in 2011 filed a patent for, regarding the universal value exchange.


Lisa: Yeah, interesting choice of words.


Heather: Right, and you know I was working with intel at that time, very closely in 2011 and yet, and there was a period of time when there was like, no communication, it was through Courtsmart, which they would listen through all the different cases as we were in there and everything else. But basically that patent was never disclosed. So, you know, could it have been backdated? Yes. Could it have existed and I just didn’t know about it? Yes.


However, it was very interesting that it was the UV Exchange and that’s when I changed everything to Ixchange, and now I’m just, you know, I’m having fun with it but at the same time really want things to represent what they actually are, which is INchange. Not Empower but IM’power. Not ENbodiment but IN’bodiment. There’s something energetically, that’s taken away when you use the EX or the EN. So really it’s a matter of getting creative, and that’s what I really desire, and am manifesting for everyone else is that they can be creative and know that they are safe, know that they are the power and the value to actually be creative. Okay?


So all of these documents are what’s going to be released tonight, and those actually are the same kind of tools that they use when you go to sign up for a credit card. When you go to sign up for an account at a bank, when you go to sign for a car, or a house, these are the same tools; they’re all declarations. The only thing that’s different is you know who the value is, you know where the value is, plus all the underwriting for at least the 5 billion and 5 billion were done by OPPT.

So I’m going to make sure that on Project XIII there’s an account for ‘I’, with all of the former OPPT, all the filings that were done, that’s all the underwriting for at least that 5 billion and that 5 billion so people can actually point to it.


We retired OPPT, we reconciled it to the ‘I’, and so energetically we need to take down the website but it’s all sitting there, all that documentation is still out there, but it’s in the transition phase as far as me making sure that the tools are out so everyone has them, they can use them without undue influence, okay? And then I want to make sure that all that’s mirrored so you don’t have to have an account on Project XIII to access that. That’s very important, it’s choice.


D: Yeah…freedom of choice.


Heather: Freedom of choice. So now let’s move to, what I am going to do, and this is going to be fun, I love this part.


So you have these former tools right! They appear to still be operating and you can hear me now and believe me later. Some actually have access to this information and are already calling. So it’s a matter of making sure that they can operate a certain DOing is about to be done between Deutsche (Bank) which ends up with not such a good situation for HSBC (Bank), Wells Fargo (Bank). HSBC (Bank) just took over 51% minimum of the ownership of Wells Fargo (Bank), Citibank, JP Morgan and there were a couple others. So, really it’s all just HSBC (Bank).


Yet on the inside since 2009, the insiders have been trying to sell those HSBC (Bank) branches for ever. Then I’ve been contacted, or we at the public trust have been contacted, in 2011 trying to get us to meet with Wells Fargo (Bank), HSBC, the Saudi’s, the Pakistani family was involved that smelters all of the gold. They were trying to get us to meet and nothing was transparent so none of the meetings happened. I bring all of this out because a lot of disclosure will be coming out about those here very shortly and how basically they plan on taking the same ‘girl’ and putting a different party dress on her, and yet having certain banks fall.


Now here’s the thing: if certain tools, if a tool sector falls all of it has to fall. You can’t just say “One of them is going to survive”. Sort of like that bad bank situation that the wonderful purported US Treasury our Timothy Geithner supposedly thought up. He was going to create a ‘bad bank’, and put all the ‘bad assets’ in it and then leave the banks healthy. Right!


D: Cause you know that’s FULLY ‘transparent’.


(All laughter)


Heather: And so this all goes into Basel III. Basel III is a BIS (Bank for International Settlements) tool when the corporations were lawfully, legally, well let’s just say they where existing purportedly lawfully and legally and yet it just took a matter of one person recognizing they weren’t and doing something about it. So Basel III really was a matter of keeping things supposedly in-ground because there’s nothing that they could actually pull out. It was always being pulled out and then gone, taken off planet!


Okay, so for gold, silver, natural resources, everything else, so that was really a way for them to sort of have even more non-transparency. And, actually one of the testers, the Basel III certified testers, I call him ‘Doctor Death’. Esse Segundo released some files within the bank, trade and finance experiences that I had. So people can actually see and have transparency and context, more absolute context to what we are talking about with the value system verses a part of the value system that’s been in a vacuum. Okay, so what happens is that I would like to really go in and make sure that they aren’t putting a different ‘party dress’ on the same girl and then trying to tell you that it is something totally different.


So what I would do is actually take those same documents that I was talking about on Project XIII and I would actually take them into a bank and say, “I want to assist you. But we are going to do this transparently and you are going to do it under the terms and conditions that I deem okay”.


In bank, trade and finance it was known in the upper echelons that you could just take a promissory note, secure it on the commercial registry, take those two documents in and basically you loan money over to the banks. Now the banks are required to convert that, because if they can’t convert that they’re insolvent. Which means they can’t actually be open for business. So, in 2010 I got a lot of calls because guys that were actually doing that and where within the system, or within the ‘club’ all of a sudden started having a really hard time.


Bob: That was me,


Heather: Yep! Couldn’t get there stuff monetized anymore, or converted really is what it was. So in the US they would issue what is called a 1099 OID (Original Issue Discount). So, Heather goes in, does a promissory note, does a security agreement, not even a security agreement but a registry on notice of that value and the bank would send that up to the Federal Reserve and the Federal reserve would have to account for the Federal Reserve notes that they’d have to print-off in order to convert that to Federal Reserve notes for me. You usually had a one to one, but they would do an actual discount so they would make money. So basically that 10 percent we always hear about, them getting 10 per cent interest out of any notes that come out of the Federal Reserve; well that would be your discount. So if I did one for 100,000 then I’d get one for 90,000. You know 90,000 would be deposited into my account.


So it is kind of the same thing here. You go in and say, “Hey I’ll do this, but it should be value for value” and maybe those will be my terms. “Give me 100,000, I’ll deposit value. So here’s my Declaration of Representation, so that you know, these are my representations and it’s something that your system can actually communicate with”.


Then I give them my Declaration of Value deposit and I say “Open me an account and here’s the value”. So I don’t even have to deal with the central banks anymore, I don’t have to deal with Federal Reserve Notes because it’s value for value. But if the bank feels more comfortable, that’s fine.


(Call becomes unintelligible)


Lisa: Okay, we just lost you.


Bob: Heather I’m going to ask you to repeat that last statement.


Heather: Okay, so I would go into the bank and I would say “Here’s my Declaration of Representation, here is my Declaration of Value Deposit. What I’m willing to deposit into your bank… and here’s all of the underwriting”.


So I would probably just use the OPPT underwriting for the 5 billion and the 5 billion until that was either gone. I don’t plan on not DO’ing anything, so I’m going to actually increase that value. However, I can go in and deposit whatever I want in there.


Say, “Open me an account, here’s my under writing, here’s my value”. They don’t even have to go to the Federal Reserve or any purported central bank, because it is the actual value. But if they feel more comfortable converting it and I know the Federal Reserve notes are empty, so what I am willing to do is say, “Yep I will take your funny money, I will take the paper and I will use it as a tool.”


But I know it is my value that’s in that tool. So I will go ahead and underwrite that tool, but I get the use of it and I determine the use I will use it for. And they have NO say over how I am going to use it, yet I am responsible for how I use it, because if I damage anyone I am going to end up paying someone in whatever tool that I have that’s demanded by the damaged party. I am responsible for that okay.


So here we have this very different scenario with the value system verses the financial system yet the financial system is actually WITHIN the value system. It’s just harmonized when it’s in the whole.


Bob: Here’s a question that I know is going to come up. “What if the bank chooses not to play with you?”


Heather: Well we’re going to find that out aren’t we?


D: (Laughing)


Here’s the thing, I’ve discussed this several times especially over the last two weeks. We know that at this point, and I am low balling this, there is an estimated that 18 to 20 million people who know about the OPPT files right now. So let’s just say that if even just one million people take this and run with this, if even 200,000 people in the USA all walk in tomorrow to their bank and put this down on the counter and say, “Hi, I’d like to deposit some of my value please and thank you”.


What do you think is going to happen? Even better yet, what if everyone gets together and they all decide, “Hey let’s all go to such and such a bank.” And such and such a bank has in the twelve hour period, like I say has 200,000 people all show up saying, “Guess what! We are going to deposit our value”.


All it takes is one bank to play. As soon as Lisa goes in and says, “I went into the Mum and Pop bank here and they did it.” Every single person on this planet is going to be flying into the same bank and saying “We wanna play too.”


Bob: (Laughing).


Heather: Well here’s the awesome thing; when you go in and they say “No!” They just prove that they are insolvent. Because everything you’re presenting to them are actually things that are in their system and that’s what their system ran on. So when they reject it and they say “Oh no, this isn’t valid, this isn’t this or that”. They actually deem their own paper and their own system invalid, because it’s the same paper and it’s the same stuff that you’re doing.


Lisa: So should you demand a rebuttal? In response, in written form?


D: Yep. So they can’t rebut it, guess what?


Heather: Well it doesn’t matter if they reject it, or they don’t, either way it’s screwed okay; because they just invalidated all their own paper. So they’re watching this very carefully.


Let’s say you take the Courtesy Notice tool that had gone out that Chris Hales talks about all the time and Ken and Scott Bartle…I love them so much. They went in and created this tool ‘cause Scott’s gone through a lot of these experiences right? And this is the tool that he came up with.


What I loved about the Courtesy Notice, and before that the OPPT at one point had played around with what’s called ‘The Pledge’. So it’s always kinda the same thing and I think Chris Hales talks about a Bond and a Note, okay? I’m not hip on ‘Bonds’, it’s just bondage for me. They forgot the ‘age’. Right?


And so for me the Courtesy Notices were an excellent tool to go in and on one side show the former systems how awake the people were becoming and I can tell you out of all the countries were given, well not countries, the corporations operating under the guise of governments, were freaking out. Now they weren’t gonna show you that, but it started to come out and all of the same collection agencies, purported collection agencies knew about the Courtesy Notices. People started to report the different kind of experiences and reactions that they were getting. It created a huge tidal wave, because all of a sudden what was beautiful about it was it showed them how many people were not just awake, but they were BEing and DOing. And because of those UCC filings, which even if people don’t understand what happened, the point was the systems DID.


And when you BE and DO they can’t BE and DO. They can’t steal your BEing and DOing. And then on the flip side it was a great tool because it actually helped the people exercise their BEing and their DOing muscles.


D: Yep. It was an excellent exercise in moving forward and taking charge and being accountable.


Heather: Right! So now at this point what’s beautiful is that I never did a Courtesy Notice. I will say that right now, I never did a Courtesy Notice. I did, during the investigations toy around, play with and actually experience certain mechanisms that were similar to it and really it was just a notice. But stuff that’s in the notice, all the compartmentalized points, I had gone into experience and so that’s why I could recommend the tool Chris, Scott and Ken Bartle put together and I was really interested to watch how it actually went and I did go over it and make sure that at least the OPPT filings were in there so that it wasn’t just fluff they were bringing in.


It was actually a beautiful mechanism and so the thing is though, when it’s time, when you decide what you really want to accomplish, the tools may change. They may not serve after a certain point, or they may evolve into something else. For me the Courtesy Notice was great to watch you guys exercise and watch the systems actually have notice of how many people were waking up around the world. Australia was, purportedly the last report from the intel guys was that Australia was freaking them out the most at that point.


D: Australians are rockin’ it I’m tellin’ ya.


Heather: Well you guys had too many ‘movements’ quote unquote, and that’s what I never, never resonated with the concept OPPT was ever a ‘movement’, I only saw it as a tool, and yet I think that the movement is the energy.


Lisa: Yes.


Bob: Well I’ll call it a ‘movement’ because it flushed out a whole lotta shit.


(Laughter all round)


Heather: Alrighty then. So here’s what I would like to say is that when, for me, this isn’t about destroying things, this is about building. And this is about repurposing. So what I would like to do is I know certain plans, which is to basically have HSBC be the sacrificial lamb and with that, because of the mergers that recently took place and the takeovers, is you have a lot of banks in there yet Deutsche Bank is supposedly the golden child which is all the Austrian families and everything else. And they have Clearwire; which is basically like Euro, aaah is it Euroclear? Which is like a clearing house, it’s a digital clearing house and Swift. And basically Clearwire was Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO or Deutsche Bank and someone else, and that’s their ‘in-house’. They don’t even tell you that it’s actually them. You have to do some digging to be able to find that out. So they have their hands in every single part of it which means they can control the distribution. And if one bank is going to fall, legally and lawfully all of them should fall.


And what I’d like to do is you have such great people that have a lot of experience in that sector just like accounting, law, education, medical. Just because someone’s in a field that may have not been operating transparently doesn’t mean the actual people within it are all bad.


Lisa: No, of course not.


Heather: Or all have bad intent. Okay? So what I would like to do is be able to go in and say “Yep! I would love to have your expertise, your experience, I’m willing to pay you a service fee and I’m actually willing to go in and venture with you. Let’s go in and make some money, let’s go in and create”.


I don’t even need to have lineages acts as a custodian ‘cause why? I AM the custodian of my value. But I would like to have some people to go play with. So if they’re willing to play I will go ahead and make sure that they have value in their bank, but they’re going to do things transparently and we’re gonna do it together. So that I know every step that’s being taken and they can grow and they can actually heal all the other intent that’s been operating there.


D: So they look up and there’s your offer on the table?


Lisa: So you’re suggesting at this point that everybody who chooses to go down this path by downloading this document tomorrow and visiting a bank, visits HSBC?


Heather: Oh well, I told you what I was gonna go do. I’m personally am gonna go and HSBC and I have not always had the best relationship.


(All laughter)


You can see in the Paradigm Report where HSBC and those investigations that I didn’t put into Paradigm Report which were Citibank, Pandeet and the Black Ops accounts. As well it was with Villarreal Marcos and things that were stolen by Reuben. And then you have Wells Fargo which was under the guise of Marca Ritso; which was in Panama, a Panama shell company and that’s Knights of Malta and all of that. And so that went all the way up to the directors, they brought it in Switzerland. I didn’t put those in because they were still pending at the time. Yet, here I have Wells Fargo now that is basically HSBC operating by the families. The old man’s taking basically all the banks in and then basically going to let them die, which was part of the ferreting out plan, the shaking it out.


Like Swiss-Indo is just a tool to ferret out all those with certain agendas. The ‘old man’ and a lot of the elders, a lot of people have been working on making sure this all ends! The experiment’s ended and the interrupted purpose proceeds again.

So I wanna go in and I would like to have some fun, those that wanna have fun, great! I know that HSBC and I have not had the best relationship, I have no hard feelings with the manoeuvres that they took, especially against my family, although breaking down the door with ten armed men was a little unnecessary with Loie who was on chemo at the time and alone at home, very sick.


Lisa: Somewhat over the top.


D: Just a bit.


Heather: Yeah it was, you know, and then we had the whole Seattle PD and the test site for militarizing your police department. It was just…it wasn’t a good thing. So what I would like to do is go in and clear the air and just say, and transparently so everyone can see what it is I’m going to do. There is no questions. They can see. And when I say there’s no questions, I mean I give the data and do the DOing transparently. For instance, my Project XIII Caleb made public. It’ll just be made public so everyone can see and I stand behind and people know that whatever I post on there I stand behind. I want everyone to be able to see and watch.


You know at that point. So what I would like to do is go in and say “HSBC here we go”. I know it’s the sacrificial lamb, but at the same time it is not acceptable for me to have this ‘pick and choose’ and ‘put a different dress on the same girl’. Now the ferreting out tools have been awesome. And yes, that was a part of the Absolute Plan was used to have the banks basically consolidate and then have it ferret out who was doing what. What was it? Madam Woo was supposed to be the head of Wells Fargo and then that got taken of the table the minute…


D: Real quick.


Heather: … the minute that we started talking about Madam Woo (laughing) being the head of Wells Fargo. So what I would like to do is just go in and say “Let’s go play. Let’s be creative. Let’s be imaginative”.


And I’m willing to go ahead and repurpose things. And if things don’t choose to be repurposed that’s okay too, because I’m just gonna stand by their side as they walk out. As they cease to exist by their own choice. At the same time, for me, this is what I know for ‘me’, within; is that every perceived role played a part in making sure we got here. So for me there is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ there is no ‘evil’ or ‘holy’. There IS just what IS; which is eternal essence is having a simultaneous experience through many IM’bodiments. There’s no, for me, there are perceived galactics, perceived angelic realms and yet for me it’s all ONE density.


So these are just what I know for ‘me’ within, so I’m going to act accordingly. Why would I go in and try to destroy anything? I just want to make sure it’s all transparent and that it is, everyone has access to the same transparency. And then everyone can have fun as they choose. So that’s what I’m going to be DO’ing with Project XIII. All of these instruments, I’ll call them ‘instruments’ or transmitting utilities or vehicles, written representations of who I AM and what I DO. And anyone who wants to play the same… or we can figure out a way we can mutually PLAY together, then great I’m all for it.


Lisa: So by the time…


Bob: You know it would seem to me that the banks, being that they have their ass in a corner right now…


(All laughter)


D: And on fire!


Bob:… it seems to me the banks should be thrilled at the opportunity to play.


Heather: Yeah, well I mean a lot of people have asked me this whole time about enforcement, right! And with the value system being disclosed today they’ll be able to see what I call INforcement. And it’s about the energetics. So really all the banks have not… they don’t say “Boo” without family approval. Because there’s only supposedly thirteen families, but there’s the value, or the energies, the IM’bodiments behind them that actually manage them. So really your families end up being the equivalent in bank, trade and finance of a broker right, or an agent! So what I really strived to do was to make sure that everything was transparent so that all the perceived roles were seen for what they were; roles.


Lisa: Yep.


Heather: You know we’re either ALL ONE and I do and I say and I think ONE, or I’m just full of, excuse my language, bullshit. So I’m not there. I am there for all the perceived roles. I love playing with and then all you guys found that out when you came to Morocco. The Divines, I don’t care whether it’s Divines and as I define ‘Divine’; it’s someone who sees themselves as ‘divine’ and requires something less than divine to support that role. Right! So I don’t care who comes before me, and I’m still willing to play, but it’s gonna be done transparently. And the results have always been wonderful. And I’ve had a great experience; at least on my end, didn’t I? I guess it wasn’t so fine for the others, but you know, I had a great time. And I love each and every one of them no matter what the perceived role is. So I’m gonna go and have some fun, anyone who wants to have fun; let’s do it, but let’s do it transparently.


I’ll make sure that everyone has access to at least the value system and the tools and at least the stuff that I know. And there’s a lot of stuff out there that other people know that they’re going to be bringing out as well. Why; because you guys are willing to BE and DO and you’ve already shown them that. That’s what this whole December 25 onwards has been. You’ve been showing and giving them notice that you guys are BE’ing and DO’ing and it’s not the old adage that the families would use, or that agents would use, “The people are stupid. The people are irresponsible”. I’ve seen such beautiful responsible, such beautiful intelligence, both what people would call ‘spiritually’ and ‘intellectually’. It’s gorgeous. I’ve had such, the best time and I really thank everyone with my eternal energy, my eternal love, peace, gratitude. I’ve had the best time and I would love to have some more fun.


Lisa: Here, here.


D: And with that, I think it’s an hour and twenty one minutes, which was supposed to have been a thirty minute show, oops.


Lisa: Now can I have just one final question though?


D: What was that?


Lisa: Well by the time we play this recording on tomorrow’s broadcast.


D: Tonight for everyone else in America and Europe.


Lisa: Tonight, yeah sorry. What’s going to be online and where is it going to be online?


D: I will have everything, we’ll get all of the, everything that we’ve discussed I will put out on ‘Removing the Shackles’ in probably the next, ten hours or so.


Heather: It will be before the show.


D: Before the show, we will have it all online. It will be copied everywhere. We will have it going viral instantaneously so ‘American Kabuki’ will have it and ‘Kaulipele’ if I can get a hold of KP and Brian and everyone will.


Lisa: 5 D media… it will be everywhere.


D: 5 D media over there absolutely. I’m going to spend this afternoon while Heather’s finishing up the last few bits and tidying up pieces, pulling together all the links so that people looking at this and hearing this for the very first time can go and click on the links and go back and see the original UCC filings and some of the original shows etcetera.


Lisa: Okay.


Heather: And what I would like to see is because the public trust site we took that down so that energetically everything could be closed and the words, the thoughts and the actions were all harmonious, so what I will say is this, I’m going to put these out on the ‘I’ logo. These are documents that I am actually using and that way people can just see an example and they can recognize the documents for what they are in the former financial system. They can actually see those and recognize them from that system. And I really want people to make an informed choice. So I’m not telling people to go and DO anything. DO what resonates WITHIN. But I will put the documents out and the tools that I know, that I’ve used and that I know the value system to be. And then everyone dissect it. Discuss it. Take it apart and figure out what is true for YOU using your tools of resonance WITHIN. Okay.


D: Work together.


Lisa: Thank you Heather. Thank you D. Thank you Bob. Was there anything else you wanted to say Bob?


Heather: You’re welcome.


Bob: No, I’m excited. I’m ready to have fun.


Lisa: Oh me too! Let the games begin.


D: For the next show that we’re going to record we’ll have another call late tomorrow night for you there Lisa. A show talking about the big plans… the big DO’ings. That is going to be super exciting for us! Until then I’m pretty much going to give you that I’m not going to be on the ‘live’ show tonight (laughing) considering my track record for the last few weeks has not been very good at managing to stay awake that long. But everyone knows how to get in touch with me, I’m always around on Skype easily to get hold of. So we’ll talk to everyone later.


Heather: Thank you Lisa. Thank you Bob. Thanks D.


D: By now.


Lisa: Thanks guys.





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