Explosive Presentation by Mike Pompeo at Georgia Institute about China’s Infiltration Worldwide

Excellent by Mike Pompeo, however, we hope that on the next presentation he would speak about how our country, due to Communism almost lost all its moral values. Just think, China owns the perverted Hollywood that aim at sexual immorality with minors, homosexuality, transgenderism; drug additions, and cannibalism in all forms.

Communism infiltrated our government agencies and just about every politician, and as whores that they are, have slept with a communist agent from China, and or affiliate. Communism also infiltrated our universities, churches and theirs religions, public schools, and even nurseries. And last but not least they owns the propaganda’s lying machine that worldwide goal is brainwashing the human race with false information. They also owns Big Pharma, the entity that teach the guys in white coat false science about our body so they can prescribe their own lethal un-natural so call prescribe medications that never ever would heal the body, such as for blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and etc, etc., instead of homeopathic healing minerals. In fact it was communism that gave us the FDA, the CDC, Fentanyl, Opioid, abortion clinics within each neighborhood of America and the world,+ and vaccines that as prescriptions drugs are aim at destroying our immune system.

Globalism is a disguise form of Communism. Just ask the Teachers Union; the Department of Education, the banking cartel, and or ask any Rabbi that teach/practice the TALMUD= the old version. The Old Talmud teaches Communism= the destruction of the human race by any means; the destruction of our environment with harmful technology, the poisoning of our food supply, and even poisoning of the air we breath. Communism is the sole responsible for the murdering/genocide of our children worldwide in all forms. The sole responsible for the falling of our societies moral values, and as well almost the destruction of our country, the United States.

However, ALL is changing, and those that are still practicing these immorality, they would be accountable for their own actions matters not where they are and who they are. The China Virus and or Communism is at the last stage of its reign worldwide. Any form of government that aim at the destruction of its own people must cease and desist. Our humanity is not for sale. Our humanity are not public property for the few to use as collateral to create wars, and corporations. The party is OVER.

We pray that our humanity wake up, and have courage to speak up, and stands as powerful beings that they are against evil. Silence no more because if we do keep silence, this is a sign of approval for their own malicious doing.

This presentation below starts at the 9 minutes mark. And notice how the host is wearing a mask!  We are thinking that if he is so academic, he should know at least some physiology, or otherwise he would not be wearing the disgusting mask. We are also thinking if he knows what Carbon Dioxide is.  China shill, is it not?

enjoy. learn. share.


http://wetheonepeople.com/explosive-presentation-by-mike-pompeo-at-georgia-institute-about-chinas-infiltration-worldwide/ = this posting



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