Declaration from the People from Planet Earth: All Living Systems

On this day of 11: 11 2017 and beyond, we the people from planet earth: all living systems from earth are calling for the termination= dismantling: the killings of our children: child abduction, = human trafficking in perpetuity by any earthlings, or entities that are from outer planetary systems.

Any Treaty with corporate agents granting the abduction of our people for: to outer, or earthlings entities has been terminated: is terminated in perpetuity. OUR people never knowingly agree for such actions: violations.

We are calling holding those that are committing: committed such of atrocities BE liable, accountable, and responsible for all actions.

We are calling people from earth and beyond consciously unite AS ONE in love for the greatest good for ALL.

We are calling for all being vigilant: protecting each other against opportunistic demons that are destroying the creation: paradise: the earth kingdom directly or indirectly: Covertly.

We are calling for our inherit abundance of our daily needs, and great health for all: All woking together as custodians for our beautiful blue planet, = Sophia, Earth: All living in harmony as ONE family.

Love each other: Honor each other: Respect each other: Discerning what we ingest: Aligning our BE’ing and DO’ing with Nature. Asking our Highestselfcells for guidance!

Love thycells!!

FOR your enlightening, take time for watching these videos. Do not judge the messenger… grasp what apply for YOU and move forward… Do not create more conflicts for yourcells!

Video 1

Video 2

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~ the people have spoken


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