Blue Eyes




Blue Eyes

One morning when I was coming back from my morning walk, I spotted this young man in the bus stop, which looks very fragile, and I will say hungry. I took a double look and quietly I went and sat on the bench not too far from him. Quickly I said, “Hi!” and smiled. He then lifted his head, and to my astonishment I am seeing in front of me the most beautiful blue eyes, kind of hiding under his blond long hair.

He did not say anything except to look at my face as if he was not interested in having a conversation. Then to break the ice I said, “I am going to get some water across the street, would you like a coffee or a meal?” Then immediately that I said that his face lit up with this big smile, as if what I just said was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Telling him to wait for me, I rushed to get him a meal. And then I ordered the biggest breakfast you can think off, as well as a cup of hot coffee, water, and even cakes!

When I got back to him, he helped me quickly with the package, and telling me to go across the street with him, under a tree where he claims to be his home.

I said, “Okay…”

He told me to sit down on the grass, which by the way was thick and green, and the cool air of the morning sunrise under the tree was most pleasant.

He was very thankful for what I have done for him today, as he depends on people to eat at least a meal a day. He told me that he lost his job, his girl friend, and he did not want to inconvenient his relatives any longer. He also told me that he is an artist. “I can draw anything… I mean everything is art. Creation is art, all is art! If I would have my tools with me right now, I would have drawn you just as pretty as you are.”

“Oh thank you… I would have love that. I mean, that would have been great seeing you doing that. I love art pretty much, too.” I said.

“Everyone has got to love art because art is all that God does, God is art.” He said.

“God?” I said.

“Well, you can say the Force as well. Force or God it does not matter.”

“I like Creator.” I said.

“Oh man, that is even better! All Creator does is creates, he loves having fun with his creations…The man is a sport!” He said.

We laughed.

And it was time for me to say goodbye, but before I left I asked him if he knew who he was? He looked at me long and then said, “I think I know who I am but would you be so kind and tell me who am I?”

I said, “You are an angel having a physical experience and I think that you have forgotten about this, but now that we met, I am reminding you of who you are.”

Looking at me peacefully with his gorgeous blue eyes, he answered, “I know this…I mean, somehow I knew this, and I appreciate you remind me of this. Oh my God, how could I ever forgotten about this? And how come I didn’t figured this out any sooner?”

He gives me a hug and even kissed my cheeks! Then to make sure, I asked him, “What are you?” Full of life he answered, “I am an earth bound angel.”

“Great! You got it. Now I want you to think about this and empower yourself to all possibilities because you are the force, right? Just make a wish and it will manifest, that’s all.”

“Oh my God Yes! But what about you, I mean you are an angel too.” He said.

“Not too worry about me, I Am what I Am, and now I have to go because I have to wake up many more sleeping angels during my earth bound journey.”

He stood looking and waving at me until I disappeared in the distance. And I was thinking that I do not think he will be the same anymore after we met, I felt this in my heart. Many times I meet people in similar situations where all they needed was that little touch in life that can turn their world around, and I think I did just that, I must say. ~LFabre

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