BE’ing and DO’ing everyone


From I Am Impower, great Info everyone for those that want to go and “play” with the bank for acceptance of value. Create your own documents using these as examples. These people did a great job on this, thank you all very much!  Do not give up and DO because they are down, down ten feet long, and they (the banks) are scared of us!

Do you know that we can hold them accountable for their actions, for not accepting our values? And do you know that the banks belong to the people, I mean that building in your community call bank belong to us!


If they do no accept our values we will take the bank and open it as a public bank run for the people and for the people, and then we’ll create our own currency. Do that sound like a deal, oh yes!


And by the way watch the videos below about all that is going on worldwide with people creating their own currency, very, very interesting! I think people will get into this big time, especially young people we think. You go and do your  own BE’ing  and DO’ing everyone, we are the power!


Doc example and Call recording Update

The raw call recording is here

Vm P



The three docs below are good ones to include as background information when you go into the bank you have chosen on Friday September 13th, which we are all going to do simultaneously depending on our time zones.

Here is the July 25th OPPT filing mentioned on the call click here

Here is the initial announcement of OPPT

Here is the paradigm report

Doug’s Letter of intent click here

Helen’s Certificate of Value click here

Helen’s CEO I-UV INchange v6  click here

BZ’s Certificate of Value click here

BZ’s letter of intent click here

BZ’s Certificate of Being click here

Bob Wright’s Certificate of Value  Click here

Bob Wright’s Declaration of Being  Click here

Bob Wright’s Intent to Deposit  Click here





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